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  • Brexit Roundup Thursday July 7

    Good morning from London! Just under two weeks ago Britain voted in a nationwide referendum to leave the European Union. The wake of Brexit has begun - the country, its political parties and people are disunited in places, following days of hostility both home and abroad - here's the latest: 

    • Theresa May wins the first round of the Conservative leadership ballot
    • The second round of the MP's ballot will take place today
    • The leader of Michael Gove's campaign, Nick Boles, has been forced to apologise for a text sent to Theresa May supporters urging them to unite against Andrea Leadsom
    • Boris Johnson critcises government for failing to highlight Brexit positives, and calls pro-EU protestors of "hysteria"
    • Jean-Claude Juncker accuses Farage and Johnson of "abandoning ship" 
    • Nicola Sturgeon, Socttish First Minister calls for "immediate guarantees" on residency rights of EU citizens living in Scotland
    • Former PM Tony Blair says UK should "keep options open" on Brexit
    • Post Brexit vote rebound sees FTSE 100 set for biggest weekly rise since 2011

    More as we get it!

    by Elliott Haworth edited by patrick.atack 7/1/2016 7:30:30 AM
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