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    Beauty: Look Fantastic October Beauty Box Review

    Look Fantastic Beauty Box*

    It's that time of the month again! It's time for the new beauty box from Look Fantastic. I am loving the new packaging for the boxes too. This month's box is a real treat and I think this is one of there best boxes they have released all year. I love all the products in this months box, there's some real good ones in this months box. One thing I love about the Look Fantastic is the beauty boxes are £15 and don't have extra P&P fees as some beauty boxes are up to about £5 extra in postage!

    Look Fantastic Beauty Box*

    As you can see from the photos that this months box it's full of treats. I think that if you're looking for a mid week pick me up, or a present for a friend this month's beauty box is for you.

    Look Good Feel Better Eye Shading Brush

    I have tried out a few products now from Look Good Feel Better. I love the beauty sponge they do and so I was excited to see an eye shadow brush in this months beauty box. I've been searching for a new eye shadow brush and this was has come into my life at the right time as I'm loving doing a brown natural (but still glittery) eye for my make-up at the moment!

    Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream

    I'm obsessed with hand creams but I've gone off using them a lot lately. I hate how they always come in 100ml sizes and nothing smaller and so it always takes up a bit of room in your bag. This Nuxe hand and nail cream is only 15ml which makes it perfect for handbag carrying!

    Elemis Hydra-Balance Day Cream

    I've tried quite a few Elemis products from beauty boxes but I've never tried out the hydra balance day cream. I've heard a lot about this product and I'm excited to try it.

    Murad Exfoliating Cleanser

    I have heard so much about Murad products and the full version of this on the site is £34. I've tried this product already and it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft.

    Monu Firming Moisturiser

    Monu products are absolutely amazing. I love the primer which they do. It's so great on my skin and leaves my make-up on all day. I would repurchase the primer regularly if it didn't cost too much! I am really excited to try out the firming moisturiser when I'm doing my cleansing routine.

    Percy and Reed Volumising No Oil

    All the beauty youtubers talk about Percy and Reed products all the time and I am yet to try out a product by them. I have always been a big fan of oil products on my hair as they seem to work really well so I'm excited to try out this product!

    Balance Me Radiance Face Mask
    This is actually my favourite face mask i've tried in the past year and I'm so glad another one has appeared in this months box! I have never actually bought any Balance Me products, I've only ever tried them from magazine freebies and beauty boxes and I've loved every single product I've tried. This is my favourite of the Balance Me products I've tried and I'd 100% recommend this!
    What do you think of this months beauty box? Are you a fan of the Look Fantastic beauty boxes?

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    Fashion: The Weeks High-Street Picks #58

    Camel Ribbed Polo Neck Top - New Look
    Rust Ribbed Polo Neck Top - New Look
    Mustard Button Front Midi Skirt - Pretty Little Thing
    Sleeveless Belted Burgundy Coat - Topshop
    Slipper Shoes - Topshop
    Metal Fan Necklace - Topshop
    Rust Stripe Shirt Dress - Missguided
    I'm absolutely loving so much on the high-street right now. I love how the colour rust/orange is well and truly here to stay and how burgundy, camel and mustard are such popular colours to wear right now.
    I'm having a bit of moment with polo necks. I think they're so easy to where and they are so versatile too. I love wearing them with faux fur gilets, oversized coats or with just a waistcoat on top. Next on my wish list is definitely this one.
    I love wearing shirt dresses. I think they've been a massive trend all year and it's time to invest in another shirt dress which will last you through Autumn/Winter. This one from Missguided is perfect to get you through next season.
    What do you think of this weeks high street picks? What are you loving online and on the high street at the moment?
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    Lifestyle: My Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

    I have to admit it, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to photo editing apps for my iPhone. When I'm bored (or have no service on my phone) I edit some of the latest photos on my phone to just try out some new settings and filters. I'm trying to up my Instagram game (you can follow me here) and so I thought I'd share my top 5 editing apps I like to use before I upload a photo.

    1. VSCOCam (Free)

    I love the variety of filters that VSCOCam has. I think over the past year or so (no idea how long I've had this app) I've ended up buying some of the extra photo packs as I use the application so much. I love upping the exposure on the filters and my favourite photos to use are O5, A5, A6 and F2.

    2. Enlight (£2.99)

    Enlight is an app I don't see being talked about a lot on blogs but I absolutely love it. I can't remember where I discovered it but it is well worth downloading. I like adjusting the image and using the 'vivid' filter. Clarity is also a great setting if you want to sharpen the photo or brighten it. I really like the filters this app has and my favourite are Mimesis, Russet and Fuji.

    3. Moldiv (Free)

    Moldiv is a photo app which I've only recently discovered. I have used pic frame for years but this app has so many different frame options. This app is perfect if you want to create a collage or just make an Instagram photo look more interesting.

    4.Afterlight (£0.79)

    So you have all probably heard about Afterlight by now. It's been one of the most popular photo editing apps for a while now and it's a great one at that. This app is great for brightening photos, clarifying them, saturation and contrast. There are so many filters on this app to use. I love the 'seasons' filters when I want to make an image look more summery but my favourite filter is on the 'guest' setting and the filter is called russ.

    5. Faded (£0.79)

    If you're a fan of Afterlight you'll love this app. Faded is a bit like Afterlight in a few ways but it's also very different. If you click on the 'clean' setting they're are so many filters to choose from. I could literally spend hours on this app editing photos it's so quick and easy to use as well.

    What are your favourite photo editing apps for your phone? Let me know what your favourite apps are!

    Beauty: Cohorted Black Edition November Beauty Box

    I've heard so much about Cohorted Beauty Boxes but for some reason I'd never got round to buying one and OH MY GOD THEY ARE AN ABSOLUTE TREAT. My first Cohorted beauty box came in the post a couple of days ago and I'm obsessed. I'm so used to beauty boxes not including much make up (not that that is a bad thing) but sometimes It's nice to see some make-up in a beauty box! In this months Cohorted Black Edition Beauty Box there is not one but TWO beauty treats from big beauty brands.
    From October 1st the format of the beauty box has changed so now it's available as a monthly subscription service (yes to all beauty box lovers like me out there!) With a box value of £71.50 you're guaranteed Cohorted Beauty Boxes won't disappoint now what's into this months box!
    Gucci Premiere Perfumed Shower Gel (RRP £7.50)

    I've always been a big fan of the perfumed shower gels and they always leave you smelling so good after the shower! I've smelt this one by Gucci and it smells so nice! but until my other shower gel runs out I won't be using this one.
    Molton Brown Bath and Shower Gel (RRP £10)

    Molton Brown products are so so nice. I love using them and they always feel like a treat as they're in the upper price range. I'm definitely sorted for shower gels for my next few holidays as they are travel size products!
    Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil In Walkyrie (RRP £19)

    Now here's the exciting part of the beauty box I've always wanted to own a product from Nars as I've heard nothing but good reviews from Nars products. I have seen so many fellow beauty bloggers and beauty youtubers talk about the velvet matte lip pencils ad this colour is 100% perfect for me as I wear lip shades similar to this colour pretty much everyday.
    TheBalm Eyelid Primer

    I've heard so so much about products by TheBalm, especially the Mary Luminiser highlighter! (Which I still need to try) but I was so excited to see now one but two TheBalm products in this month's box.

    TheBalm Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette (RRP £35)
    I pretty much screamed when I saw this palette inside the box as I've always try an eyeshadow palette from TheBalm. This Nude Tude palette is absolutely gorgeous and the colours are so pigmented. My favourite colours in the palette are 'sultry' 'seductive' and 'silly'.
    Overall I absolutely love this box by Cohorted, At £35 it's a little more on the expensive side but I definitely think this box is worth it!
    What do you think of Cohorted? What's your favourite product in this months box?

    8 Things you learn having a Cat

    Believe it or not I've had my cat Aerys for over two years now. Named after the Mad King from A Song of Ice and Fire she certainly lives up to her name sake. Absolutely mad, sharp claws and has a mean streak in her. I never really talk about her on the blog, infact I think I've only ever mentioned her a few times so you might not even know I have a pet!

    Aery's is a blue grey Tabby. She's actually half blue Persian half ginger Tabby, her Mum was a prized Princess pedigree yet she was the only grey kitten out of a litter of ginger Tabby's. The woman who had her said it was an accident so I think she was a unwanted mistake, but I was more than happy to welcome her into my family.

    Me and Jon did this shoot a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking of how I could incorporate the photos into a blog post so I thought I'd share 5 ways h

    1. Being a biased mother, I think A is genuinely the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. However, when you have a cat you learn that no matter how cute your kitty looks in real life, as soon a you try and take a picture of it looks like the devil has reached into it's soul and is about to come and attack you. Me and Zoe always laugh at this photo of Aerys where she looks so fat and derpy... we call it her awkward teenage phase.

    2. Bonding with a pet is weird. As I never really had a connection with my previous Cat so I never experience a pet human bond. It might be weird to admit but I wasn't a huge ~animal~ lover before I got a cat. I like them a lot but I never really felt emotionally attached to one. I almost had to give Aerys up earlier in the year and I cried and cried and cried. As Im not really an emotional person I couldn't believe how upset I got over the fact I almost lost her. No matter what happens I could never give her up and I love her so much I couldn't even explain!

    3. Cats either love you or hate you. Never both. I grew up with a cat called Cat and she was a right ol' dame. We never really interacted as she was always my brothers pet and she simply adored him and ignored me. Aerys on the other hand likes me sometimes and hates me sometimes. She'll play up to me sometimes and come cuddle and pander to my need to be loved but others she'll avoid me and not even come up to me in a day!

    4. If you have a cat/dog/child you will never ever pee, poop, shower or bathe in peace again. I cant remember the last time I was at home and Aerys hasn't come with me to the bathroom. She'll sit there throwing shade at me judging my every move. I'd never go stare at her while using the litter tray so I don't get why she enjoys it so much. I remember once I was really violently ill with a gastroenteritis once and she still sat there giving me the side eye, although I do think she was trying to be comforting in her own way.

    5. When your cats get that doe-y wide eyed look it is not cute, it means attack is imminent and you should run and hide right that second. Tummy rubs never ever end nicely either - one minute they'll be all snoozy and cute and in 0.01 seconds your hand will be ripped to shreds.

    6. Even if there is food in the bowl they will still want more. I feel like cats have no concept of actually finishing a meal. Even If the dish is half full they will complain by meowing and hollering loudly and making sure you're aware that they hate everything about you.
    7. Nothing is more satisfying than falling a sleep with a cat perfectly curled up on your bed. Aerys sometimes come up and snuggles next to me and it's one of the best feelings ever! It's like having a real life self heating cuddly toy. But on the other hand there is nothing worse than a kitty loudly scratching at your door wanting to be let out at 4am!

    8. Cats are seriously sassy beings. They have natural resting bitch faces and will happily stare you out if you do the slightest thing wrong. I never knew sass until I met A, Her face when I drop things, do the dishes or even fold my clothes is worse than when I had the watchful eye of my mother. I feel like I could take a lesson in sassiness from her!

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    Travel: Amsterdam Photo Diary

    About two weeks ago, shortly before I returned to University for my third year, me and my boyfriend decided to take a weekend break away. We booked it as a 21st birthday gift but wanted to go in September as a last trip before I went back to Uni. It feels like ages ago now since we went but we had the best time.

    I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam and it's a place I've heard so much about. I even got to ride around on a bike for the day (like what most of the people in Amsterdam do) and It's so tiring but I suppose that's how you stay fit over there. I thought I'd share with you all a photo diary of some of the things we got up to while we were there. There will be a part 2 to this photo diary including an outfit post!
    When we arrived it wasn't the sunniest of days in Amsterdam but at least it wasn't raining. I couldn't help but get Ben to take a photo of me next to the Amsterdam sign.
    After we checked in at our hotel we went on a wander to find the local train station near to our hotel and we found a massive bike park next to the station it was so weird seeing so many bikes.
    When we got into the centre of Amsterdam we ended up in the Sex Museum which was only about €4 which was pretty cheap to get into. It was actually really interesting going around the museum and it was certainly a different experience. We did see only a few disturbing photos but I suppose it's interesting seeing what people got up to in the 1940's/1950's and before then.

    A lot of our time in Amsterdam was spent exploring. Me and Ben loved the fact you could get around the city so easily and the bikes helped us get around super quick! I loved just people watching, seeing all the landmarks and soaking up the culture. I also just HAD to get a photo of this girls outfit she looked amazing and I totally want to give the brogues and socks with cropped jeans style a go!

    One thing I loved about Amsterdam was the houses. I loved the colours of them and how they were so long and narrow. Me and Ben went on a boat tour while we were there at night and it was amazing I'd 100% recommend. They told us that when people move into a new house they get all their belongings up to the house by using rope and hooks. Imagine your sofa coming through the window?! crazy. I loved all the super cute magazine and bookshops Amsterdam had as well I could have spent hours in there!

    Have you ever been to Amsterdam?


    First Impressions : Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

    Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - £29.50*

    Im not scared to admit that I’m a total Charlotte Tilbury Fangirl. I ABSOLUTELY adore her. She’s one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met when it comes to makeup and all things beauty and thats a really endearing quality in a person. I love her style and her look and I just… ah I LOVE HER. Im not even ashamed to admit that.

    A few days ago Im opened some of my post and I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation waiting for me. I'd heard so much about the stuff and it's been on my list of products to try for so so long. The Magic Foundation is a full coverage, demi matte and designed to cover everything from acne scarring, redness and discolouration. Sounds like the dream right? While I haven’t given it a full trial yet I thought I’d do a first impressions (which I actually recorded on camera in this vlog).

    As a full coverage girl who has a lot of scarring from spots - I need a bit of extra coverage. I found this foundation to be build-able rather than instant full coverage. I tried the foundation it on a particularly bad skin day, I had a rather large duo of under the skin spots on my cheek as well as a nasty breakout along my jawline so I knew testing the coverage would be perfect. On first buff it evened out my skintone and gave me decent glow covering the scarring and blurring my pores. I needed a good stipple on my problem areas to cover that and even then after a while it faded on the spotty areas. I felt like the foundation meshed with my skin well and blended in for a really seamless look without that mask like finish. While it felt a little tackier on the face than I’d like, it was nothing that a dusting of powder couldn't fix. The finish was really dreamy too, that lovely soft lit from within glow while also being pretty and matte. Longevity was a little hit and miss, I wore it on a day where it was pretty warm so I was a bit shiney throughout the day which again I had to powder.

    Im going to keep using it and see how it goes, like I said I don’t hate it and have a good feeling abpit the product. I do think it’s nice but I think I need to figure out how to make it work on my blemishes or maybe exclusively use it on "good skin" days. I will do a proper review in time but I do think it's interesting to see what people think of first application. I know I've tried products for the first time and absolutely hated them but then tried them again and grew to love them! Believe it or not I used to actually HATE Laura Mercier Silk Creme and I now lament it's discontinuation!

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    Beauty: Choose Your Own Birchbox October Review

    Birchbox October Beauty Box Review*
    I'm officially a Birchbox convert. I've always been a fan of the style of the boxes and now I'm using the products in the box more and more. When these two boxes arrived at my door I knew I was in for a treat. This month you can have the option to pick either Stylist 'Guest Editor' Box* or the Back to Basics Box*. I love the design on the Stylist box and I've already been using it as a box to store my make-up bits!

    Birchbox October Beauty Box Review*
    Birchbox is one of the cheapest of the beauty boxes out there which is only £10 a month with £2.95 postage. I love the bags the Birchbox products come in as they are SO handy. I love using them to transport things especially when I'm running out of space in my hand luggage when I go away.

    Birchbox October Beauty Box Review*
    I love the concept behind this month's beauty box and that you can pick your own. I definitely think Birchbox has upped there game on the beauty box market and they definitely do stand out. The Back To Basics box is about mastering the beauty basics and getting the most out of beauty products and this box is full of 6 products which will really work for you as well as discover some new beauty essentials.
    Regenerate Enamel Science Toothpaste (£10)
    Finding toothpaste in this month's box was definitely a beauty box first for me. The formula of this toothpaste protects against cavities and boosts original whiteness and I can't wait for when my toothpaste runs out so I can give this a go.

    Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner in Black (£12)
    I've been becoming more and more of a fan of eyeliner at the moment. I love eyeshadows and wearing different brown/natural eye looks and eyeliner really makes an eye make up look stand out. I've heard so much about the Eyeko liner but never actually given it a try until now and this eyeliner doesn't disappoint.
    Bioderma Hydrabio H20 (£10.20)
    I'm probably the only beauty blogger who has never tried BioDerma.I'm a massive fan of drugstore micellar waters including the Nivea and Simple ones and I think I'm going to keep this sample until I next go on holiday!
    Beaver Professional Shampoo (£11.50) and Conditioner (£12.50)
    I'm always up for trying different shampoos and conditioners and what I love about beauty boxes is that you get to try out expensive brands before splashing out on the full size.
    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (£9)
    What I was most excited about this months Back To Basics box is there was a full size Seche Vite top coat inside. I absolutely LOVE this top coat and my current Seche Vite top coat has nearly run out as well. Now onto the Stylist 'Guest Editor' Box.

    Birchbox October Beauty Box Review*
    Your other choice for this months Birchbox is the Stylist 'Guest Editor' Box. These products have been chosen by The Stylist's Associate Editor (Beauty) Joanna McGarry.

    When Travelmate Sheet Mask (£25 for pack of 4)

    I've never been the biggest fan of face masks. I find that sometimes when I try them they really irritate my skin and make me break out! This mask is apparently really good (I've read some reviews online) It's supposed to help moisturise your skin when you want an alternative to your moisturiser and is great before you go on a long flight or have a super long day.

    Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel (£8.50)

    After reading Vivianna Does Make-up's blog for years I've noticed she always raves about Rituals products. I've looked for Rituals on the high-street before but have never seemed to be able to find it! In the summer I hopped onto a plane to Greece and their was Rituals stores EVERYWHERE. The only problem was I wanted to buy a few pieces but I had no room in my resealable make-up bag in my hand luggage (boo). I'm really excited to try this out after my current shower gel runs out.

    English Laundry No.7 Signature For Her (£60)

    With this sample I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't a bigger size as this fragrance smells so nice! I do love these sort of samples of perfume as they're great to carry in your handbag when you're travelling on the go.

    Parlor By Jeff Chasten Smoothing Blowout Spray (£17)

    I'm always excited to try out new hair products and I've never actually heard of Parlor. Any product which claims to reduce frizz is a winner for me. I can't wait to give this a go and hopefully have sleeker (de-frizzed) hair!

    Bioderma Sensibio H20 (£10.20)

    In this Stylist 'Guest Editor' box there was another sample of Bioderma. This one is more tailored towards a normal skin combination and this is the version you see on all the beauty blogs!

    100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze (£19)

    This 100% Pure Fruit Lip Glaze is a product I've never really seen before. It's 100% natural and 100% vegan which I've never seen from a brand before. £19 is a bit expensive for a lip gloss but it's definitely good value for money in this months Birchbox! The smell of the lip glaze is gorgeous and it's great for when you don't want to wear lipstick and it's very moisturising.

    Overall If I had to pick one of the Birchbox's to get I would 100% pick the Back To Basics box. The Back To Basics box is more relatable to my typical make-up and skincare routine and I'm all about making the most out of your beauty products but also with this box I was able to try out some new products too.

    What do you think of this month's Birchboxes? Which box would you choose?


    Fashion: This Weeks High-Street Picks #59

    Ribbed Funnel Neck Top - Topshop
    Striped Drape Front Blouse - Topshop
    Contrast Longline Blazer - Missguided
    Oxblood Waterfall Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
    Bird Print Long Sleeve Shirt - New Look
    Leather Look A-Line Skirt - New Look
    I've been loving so much on the high-street lately. I don't know what it is but this time of year I feel like I need a whole new wardrobe (If only I could afford it!). I am loving browns and stripes at the moment. I really want to invest in a camel coloured polo neck as I think this would go well with so many outfits. I love how stripes are making a comeback for A/W and this shirt is absolutely gorgeous!
    I realised looking in my wardrobe lately that I'm lacking on the patterned tops department! I think for the next season I need to get some new floral print/patterned shirts and tops. I fell a little bit in love with this floral shirt from New Look and it's a complete bargain at £20!
    What are you loving on the high-street this week? What are you loving wearing at the moment?
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    Beauty: Love Me Beauty October Box Review & 20% Off Code!

    Love Me Beauty October Beauty Box*

    I've been a massive fan of Love Me Beauty for a while now. Ever since I was introduced to the brand and their beauty boxes I've never been disappointed when I've received a box. If you've not heard of Love Me Beauty they're a beauty box subscription service and they have a way which makes each box more tailored to you. Once you sign up you can log on to 'The Boutique' where you use credits to pick your own products.

    Love Me Beauty October Beauty Box*

    So for instance if you sign up to the £10 subscription you will get 60 credits (which are worth £42) to spend on beauty products so each month you'll receive 6 items in each box (winner!) and this month's box was full of treats!

    Lottie London Nail Polish in Icon-oholic

    In this months box I received 2 nail polishes and who doesn't love a new nail polish?! First I was really excited as both Lottie London and Ciate are amazing brands too. I've actually come back to my university house without picking up a red nail polish to take back with me and so I'm so glad I now have this!

    Lord and Berry Sheer Lipstick

    A brand I never seem to try enough of is Lord And Berry. I've tried some products from Lord and Berry from beauty boxes before and never been disappointed by them. I love the colour of this sheer lipstick and when it's applied it looks like a dark lip balm which I actually really like.

    Monu Skincare Illuminating Primer

    I've tried this primer a few times before in other beauty boxes and I've absolutely loved it. It's just a little too out of my price range to purchase normally but this primer is so so so good. I love how I now have a new bottle to add to my make-up collection and i'll definitely be using this after my current primer has run out.

    Ciate Mini in Pepperminty

    I really like Ciate nail colours. I think they last really well on the nails and I adore the cute names they give to each nail polish too. My favourite thing is peppermint tea so I love how this polish is called 'Pepperminty'!

    Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Serum

    Comfort Zone is the only beauty brand I've never heard of in this months Love Me Beauty box. I am becoming more and more interested in skincare and trying to get better skin so this product has come at the right time for me!

    Love Me Beauty Eyelash Curlers

    You can't beat a good pair of eyelash curlers right?! I love how each month, Love Me Beauty personalise their beauty boxes with a branded product of their own. I really like how it says 'Love Me Beauty' on the inside of the curlers as well. I can report that these eyelash curlers are awesome too. I use them all the time and if I don't use it I end up using the curlers in a blog photo for a flat lay. Make-up's definitely got to have more than one use!

    What do you think of this months Love Me Beauty box? What are you loving from this months box?

    Also if you're loving this box (like me) you can enter the code 'BECCA20' for 20% off at the checkout!


    Return of the Patterned Trousers

    Somewhere in 2014 I became obsessed with patterned trousers but my love wavered this year but my yearning has still been there at the back of my mind. It was mainly spurned on when I picked up these trousers as part of a collab with Topshop, I was reminded how much I love the way they look! I wandered into Topshop while I was in London a few days ago and these really caught my eye. Now that I've looked them up online to link them I adore the way the girl on the website has them styled. I think a pleather jacket would look so awesome.

    My favourite look at the moment is this huge oversized Zara jumper (which is from last year but you can pick up similar ones from ASOS atm) paired with these open toed boots. I actually wore a little less patterned look over on my channel in my Fall/Autumn Get Ready with Me video! I dont know why I like this look so much, I think then jumper oozes winter and then the shoes are kinda hinting that summer is over but not quite (well I guess officially it is over but im gonna cling on to it as it's still pretty warm here in the UK)

    Looking at these snaps the pattern is almost hurting my eyes but IRL they are much less confusing!

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    Dress To Impress - What To Pack For Spain

    Oxblood Zip Detail Faux Leather Mini Skirt – Missguided

    Lace Skater Dress- New Look

    Floral Print Shift Dress-Asos

    Beige Floppy Hat –River Island

    Lace Up Pumps-Topshop

    It may be autumn but I always like to have a fully stocked holiday wardrobe so I can jet off with a moment’s notice. I often look for last minute deals on Secret Escapes as they usually have good discounts on luxury hotels. Or if I’m going away for an extended period, I like to go self-catered and rent somewhere via Airbnb or HomeAway. I often get asked for style tips so I thought I’d put together an affordable style guide for those figuring out what to pack in their suitcase for a Spanish getaway.

    Pack a pair of ‘wear with everything’ shoes. A staple pair of nude pumps will complement all of your holiday outfits and won’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase. There’s nothing worse than excess luggage charges and it’s always tempting to include too many shoe options. I love lace up pumps and there are some really gorgeous styles in Topshop at the moment.

    A floppy hat is your best friend when it comes to holiday style. This neutral shade from River Island’s latest collection is perfect for casual beach days or relaxed strolls around the city.

    A shift dress is a great holiday option as you can dress it up or down. This floral shift dress from Asos would look just as stylish with flats for a shopping trip as it would with the wedges for a meal at a Spanish restaurant. Versatile pieces that are simple to style are always welcome in my suitcase.

    Every holiday wardrobe needs a skater dress and this lace one by New Look is a stress free style solution. Throw it on with heels and add a clutch to complete the look. I’m loving burgundy right now as it’s the perfect transitional shade for the season but it still works with a holiday wardrobe. This dress is such a bargain and the lace makes it a great option for the day or the night.

    If you’re not much of a dress person, this faux leather skirt and lace up top combo like this one from Missguided is a glam alternative for a nighttime look. This skirt can also be styled with other tops in your holiday collection making it a versatile space saving option for every season.

    Do you have a Spanish holiday on the horizon? What’s in your holiday wardrobe?



    Beauty: Spectrum Make-up Brushes Review

    4 Piece Pom Pouch Set - Spectrum Collections*

    Thanks to Boohoo I've been introduced to Spectrum Make-up Brushes and I'm a little bit in love. Being a massive Real Techniques fan I've never really ventured out when it comes to trying out different make-up brushes. I see so many reviews of different brush brands and after hearing about Spectrum brushes I was SO excited when this set came into my life.

    4 Piece Pom Pouch Set - Spectrum Collections*

    As soon as I received these brushes I was a little obsessed with them. First of all I loved the case they came in and that there was a pink pom pom attached! Inside the case was 4 brushes and these were a Flat Top Buffer, Domed Buffer, Angled Blush and Small Angled Shader.

    I really like the design of these Spectrum brushes and they are so soft! I think these brushes are so pretty as well (I didn't want to use them at first!) This one is the Domed Buffer brush and it's quite a dense brush and it's best for using with powder, bronzer or to buff in contouring products.

    The Flat Top Buffer brush is best for applying liquid foundation and buffing in powder. I'd say to use this brush with a medium coverage foundation for the best application. I love how soft the bristles on the brushes are and the finish you get when using it.

    Next up the Angled Blush Brush. This is probably my least used of the brush set as I don't tend to use blusher but I sometimes use it with bronzer to sculpt my cheekbones a bit!

    One thing I'm obsessed with at the moment is Eyeshadow. I've just got two new eyeshadow palettes including theBalm Nude 'Tude Eyeshadow Palette (the colours in the palette are gorgeous) and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette which I am really loving at the moment. This small angled shader brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow, blending and shading the crease of your eye. I really enjoy using it!

    Overall I really like this brush set and think it's well worth trying out. I know Real Techniques are more accessible to get (I think Spectrum Brushes are only online) but the reviews don't lie these brushes certainly do not disappoint.

    Have you tried Spectrum Brushes? What other make-up brush brands do you like?


    Travel: Amsterdam Photo Diary Part 2

    Coat - ASOS
    Black Poloneck Top - Topshop
    Striped Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
    Scarf - New Look
    Handbag - Ted Baker (find it on ASOS here)
    Shoes - Topshop

    Here is part two of my Amsterdam photo diary. If you haven't seen part one you can check it out here. Looking back at these photos makes me want to go away again asap! I'd do anything to go back to Amsterdam right now with my boyfriend and have a lovely weekend away. Third year of university is far too stressful for my liking!

    One thing I really liked about Amsterdam was they had so many cute cafes and restaurants. I had an open club sandwich and it was so yummy.

    We did some sight seeing and went (on our hired bikes) to the Rijksmuseum. We loved wandering around the museum and finding out a to about the history of Amsterdam and seeing all the artwork and learning about the history of Amsterdam's famous artists and figures.

    Coat - ASOS
    Black Poloneck Top - Topshop
    Striped Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
    Scarf - New Look
    Handbag - Ted Baker (find it on ASOS here)
    Shoes - Topshop

    When I was in Amsterdam I tried to go for more layers when I was packing my clothes. I wasn't sure how cold it would be for September so I packed my reversible scarf from New Look which I adore. As you can see I'm wearing my new coat which I pretty much live in at the moment and I think it's the perfect colour for Autumn.

    Coat - ASOS
    Black Poloneck Top - Topshop
    Striped Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
    Scarf - New Look
    Handbag - Ted Baker (find it on ASOS here)
    Shoes - Topshop

    As you all know I absolutely adore stripes and these striped trousers from Pretty Little Thing are my favourite at the moment. They're so comfy and easy to wear and only £15 too! (bargain). Teamed with a black polo neck this a casual yet stylish outfit. Perfect for a day wandering around Amsterdam!

    On our last night in Amsterdam we decided to go on a canal tour at night (with wine) and it was so lovely and romantic. It was great to see Amsterdam at night and do some sight seeing with a glass of wine in my hand with my boyfriend. I would 100% recommend going on a night canal tour in Amsterdam!
    Have you been to Amsterdam? Where's the next country on your to visit list?
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    Charli XCX for Impulse

    This post is SPONSORED by Impulse

    Throwback... Tuesday? So last week I was invited to the Charli XCX for Impulse launch. When I got the invite I was instantly thrownback to the most iconic celebrity fragrance of my youth - Impulse Spice Girls. Most definitely the scent of my pre teen days! What I would do to smell that bad boy again! Now shoot forward to 2015 and the IT girl of the moment Charli XCX is stepping up to the game with her own branded Impulse body sprays.

    Charli is one of my favourites at the moment, she's super cool, fun and v. sassy. She's gone from strength to strength over the last year and when I met her back in January she told me her year plans (to write and tour) but she's ended up partnering up with so many brands and doing so much in such a short amount of time. She really is the "cool girl" of the moment and it's 100% deserved.

    The launch of Charli XCX for Impulse was packed full of celebs and media types, with some fancy (and delicious) cocktails, a classic photo booth and light up cotton candy (which was impossible to take a photo of!) and I couldn't stop laughing at the fact in the photo booth it was trying to green screen Zoe's hair so she looked like she was bald. Genuinely one of the funniest things I've seen in forever! I'll treasure my bald Zoe photo forever. You can kinda see it in this vlog but my stupid camera didnt focus. Charli also played a few of her hits including Boom Clap and Break the Rules (my personal favourite!) All in it all it was a lovely bash which I had loads of fun at!

    Charli XCX teamed up with Impulse and has designed two exclusive limited edition cans of some of Impulses most iconic fragrances - Vanilla Kisses and Rock & Love. Vanilla Kisses is something I've spoken about before on this blog, It's such a old school OTT vanilla and peach concoction which is super sweet, girly and fresh. Vanilla Kisses was relaunched last year exclusive to Superdrug, but it's still retaining it's iconic 90's-ness on 2015. Charli's version is packaged in matte white with a smack of lipstick to give it's a much more modern update from their usual offerings. Rock of Love has a pop art inspired look - matte pink with a black nail design this scent is a more of a deeper mix of amber and orange blossom. It has a effortless, sassy and perfect for on the go. I actually love the packaging of Rock & Love, it's kinda 90's and simple but the bold shapes and colours really draw the eye in.

    Vanilla Kisses is an awesome fragrance which whenever I smell it I think of the 90's and PE changing rooms at school. Despite it's youth focused roots it still feels fresh and modern and I'm proud of tweenage Lily for being able to pick a decent signature scent!

    Available from Superdrug and retailing for £1.99, it's a budget friendly boost of fragrance in some super cool pop art inspired packaging.

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    Trending: Saddle Bags

    Topshop Bag, Topshop Skirt

    I've really been digging this Saddle bag that I picked up from Topshop recently and it's quickly taken over my old double pocked bag as my new go-to bag for autumn. The reason it caught my eye initially was because of it's nod to the Chloe Drew, which is prtty much my dream bag if I could afford to drop that much on a handbag. Spoiler - I cant. At a cool £ this bag doesnt break the bank, and I personally think it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. Surprisingly it's a decent size and fits all my essentials in (including my vlogging camera!)

    The saddle bag has come back into being "in" no thanks to the 70's trend, plus the classic crossbody style never really stops being on the fashion radar so it makes sense the practical shape and style would be. However thanks to Chloe and a bunch of other brands toting the crescent bag it as the shape of the season the High street has followed with their own take on it. Tassles, animal prints, mixtured textured and neutral colours seem to be the go-to design features which works well for me as Im loving a warmer more neutral based colour palette compared to my usual black and white!

    This is the one that I have but in my little shoppable section (which you need to have ad block turned off for!) you can see a bunch that have caught my eye.

    Like I said Saddles bags are huge for fall and winter so it's worth getting your mitts on one. Plus it's just a classic no-nonsense bag that works all year round and pretty much goes with everything. Definitely something you should keep a look out for in stores!

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    Fashion: This Weeks High-Street Picks #60

    Longline Trench Khaki Coat - Missguided
    Jersey Nude Mini Skirt - Missguided
    Black Ribbed Polo Neck Top - New Look
    Grid Check A-Line Skirt - New Look
    Faux Suede Khaki Pinafore Dress - Pretty Little Thing
    Petrol Blue Cut-Out Jumpsuit - Pretty Little Thing
    If there's one thing I love about Autumn/Winter seasons It's the fashion. When it comes to this year I feel really inspired to update my wardrobe. Missguided have some gorgeous pieces online at the moment including this khaki green coat. I think khaki is the perfect colour this season. This coat would look amazing with a pair of black jeans and a striped top!
    A trend I love that's appearing back in trend at the moment is the midi skirt. I was obsessed with this trend about this time last year and wearing them with converse, a jumper and a leather jacket on top. It's the season of the polo neck again and I'm forever searching for new ones to expand my polo neck collection! New Look and Topshop have so many Poloneck tops in at the moment and I'm really loving the patterned ones they have in at the moment.
    One retailer that always gets it right is Pretty Little Thing. With the new collection launch by Lucy Mecklenburgh, Pretty Little Thing are seriously killing it at the moment. I'm loving how many faux suede pieces they have online at the moment and how the majority of the clothes on the site are burgundy or khaki green!
    What are you loving on the high-street at the moment? Let me know what trends you are loving at the moment!
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    Lifestyle: My Current Homeware Wishlist

    Wine Glasses - House Of Fraser
    Copper Finish Wall Clock - Asda
    Its Just The Little Things Cushion - Tesco
    Nap Slogan Duvet - Matalan
    Copper Effect Salt and Pepper Shaker - Asda
    Alphabet Mug - Marks And Spencer
    Copper Effect Lampshade - Asda
    Bohemian Biscuit Tin - Marks and Spencer
    Tea Retro Storage Jar - Marks and Spencer
    Sugar Retro Storage Jar - Marks and Spencer
    Homeware is a funny thing. I used to go round places like Ikea, Habitat etc with my mum and think those sorts of shops were quite boring, but now I'm older I love them. I think especially when you move out (or go to uni) you get more interested in homeware and making your room or home look nice. I'm all about finding cute homeware pieces but without breaking the bank at the same time.

    These wine glasses from House Of Fraser remind me of the wine glasses Olivia Pope uses in Scandal and that's my favourite TV show! I love how she only drinks wine out of massive wine glasses and I totally need some like it in my life so I can live the Olivia Pope life!

    One place which has become more popular lately for homeware is Asda. I would have never thought to have looked at Asda for homeware but the Lampshade and Clock and Salt and Pepper shakers are all from there and nothing costs over £20. Bargain!

    A guilty pleasure of mine is Marks and Spencer. I love the food in there but also the homeware is always on point. I'm definitely picking up this Alphabet Mug the next time I'm in a M&S store and I love the Tea/Sugar/Coffee storage jars as well.

    What are you loving from this homeware wishlist? Where do you like to buy your homeware pieces?

    Lifestyle: Win A Luxury Holiday With Joules

    Fancy winning a luxury forest holiday worth £5000? Well look no further then Joules' latest competition which invites all budding designers and wellington boot lovers to design their own wellies.

    The winner of the competition will see their design being put into production (with all the proceeds going to charity Joules) and will win a luxury forest holiday worth £5000.

    It's such an awesome competition and as you will probably know, Joules are well known for their prints and their printed wellies are amazing! This is a great competition for any budding textile designers/print designers or anyone who's got a creative streak.

    The winning wellington boot will be put into production and available in Joules stores and online at 10 runners up will each receive a £250 gift card!

    You can enter the competition here.

    Good Luck!

    Lifestyle: 25 Autumnal Blog Post Ideas

    Whenever I do a blog post like this it always goes down really well. I haven't done a blog post like this in ages and so I thought I would do an Autumnal themed one as I've seen lately that loads of bloggers are obsessed with all things autumnal. Hopefully this will give you all a few ideas when you're stuck for inspiration.

    1. Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

    2. Top 5 Autumn Skincare Products

    3. Top 5 Autumn Beauty Picks

    4. Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

    5. Favourite Candles for Autumn/Winter

    6. Autumn Beauty Wishlist

    7. Autumn Fashion Wishlist

    8. Top Autumn/Winter Fashion Picks

    9. 5 Things You Love About Autumn

    10. Autumn Skincare Routine

    11. Autumn Make-up Routine (FOTD)

    12. Autumn Blogging Photo Props

    13. Healthy Snack Ideas (as in Autumn you always comfort eat)

    14. Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    15. Autumn Homeware Wishlist

    16. Halloween Make-up Ideas

    17. Halloween Wishlist

    18. Your Goals for Autumn/Winter

    19. Tips for saving money in Autumn/Winter

    20. Ideas for when you want to have a cosy night in

    21. Autumnal Cooking Ideas

    22. Autumn/Winter Coats Wishlist

    23. City Guides/Town Guides of where you live (what to do in Autumn/Winter)

    24. How To Wear Burgundy (Tips and Tricks)

    25. Top 5 Vloggers To Watch This October (Vlogtober)

    Hope these ideas have given you all a little bit of inspiration! If you have any other ideas of what you would like to see on my blog this Autumn/Winter let me know in the comments!


    Lost Direction

    A little nod to mod with this outfit. I've been obsessed with this check bomber jacket for a few years and it always fits so seamlessly into my year round wardrobe. I paired it with a crisp white shirt with a twist in the form of a unique eyelet cut outs on the collar. I have so many white shirts in my wardrobe but this one just caught my eye when I was browsing one day. I never really shop in River Island but Im glad I popped in and saw the shirt!

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    Fashion: This Weeks High-Street Picks #61

    Longline Striped Shirt Dress - Pretty Little Thing
    Arctic Faux Fur Gilet - Boohoo
    Navy Ribbed High-Neck Top - New Look
    Pussybow Swing Dress - Missguided
    Camel Textured Boyfriend Coat - New Look
    Dark Red Boots - New Look

    We are well and truly in the Autumn/Winter season here in the UK. I don't go out my house at the moment without wearing a scarf! This time of year there's so many pieces on the high-street which I'm loving at the moment and I really want to update my wardrobe with a few new pieces.

    If you follow me on Twitter (follow me here) you will have read that my camera is being fixed! Fingers crossed it's okay but they're won't be any new blog photos for about a week so bare with me on that!

    But back to this weeks wishlist... I've fallen a little bit in love with the gilet trend again this year. I think they keep you so warm and look amazing with a simple polo neck and pair of jeans and this one from Boohoo I really want to add to my wardrobe this A/W.

    I've noticed the 70's vibe is still around for this season and this dress from Missguided is absolutely gorgeous and doesn't break the bank at only £30 as well. I'm still yet to add an oversized camel coat into my wardrobe and this one from New Look has caught my eye. It's under £30 and I'm super tempted to treat myself!

    What are you loving from this weeks wishlist? What have you got your eye on on the high-street at the moment?

    "You Smell SO Good!"

    I have a hell of a lot of perfumes in my stash, seriously way wayyyy too many. I tend to stick to the same sort of scents (holla at you Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess & Versace Crystal Noir), However I’ve recently been really drawn to the Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamon Perfume. Every single time I’ve worn this perfume I’ve had someone comment on how good I smelt.

    I know perfume descriptions can be a bit fluffy but here’s their take on the scent:

    “A new bohemia await. Mists of honeyed, golden Mimosa float about the spiciness of freshly crushed Cardamom. Creamy Tonka and smooth sandalwood woven under powdery heliotrope and Damask rose picked at dawn. warm, ethereal, mesmerising.”

    I don’t think it’s actually supposed autumnal scent (Im always SO unseasonal with my fragrance!) but it’s really warming and comforting so suits the current weather really in a odd sort of way. It’s an unusual scent, I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything like it before or have anything remotely similar in my scollection. It’s sort of fresh, florally and spicy all at the same time without being heady or too youthful. Think warming spice rather than peppery spicy and crisp floral rather than old lady floral. The notes of Mimosa, Cardamon and Tonka Bean blend really nicely together and perfectly compliment each other really well. It has a sweetness thats complimented really nicely with the deeper tones. It’s a really modern and exotic fragrance at the same time and just works as a good all rounder scent.

    Prices range from £42-£85.

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    Green on Green

    ASOS Coat* (old, similar here), Topshop Dress, ASOS Boots, Topshop Bag, Topshop Hat

    I know this looks like a Starbucks ad but I promise it's not. We'd just gone for a wander around Hove and I was gasping for a coffee and it was the closest place. I do generally try and avoid Starbz these days as the coffee is legit terrible and so over priced for what it is. None the less, sometimes you have to go full "basic white girl" and cave.

    Im really digging green/khaki at the moment. Im not really sure where this has come from but it's a colour I keep being constantly drawn to when Im shopping or looking for clothes online. Maybe it's the fact the colour theme for my desk is green and I spend 90% of my time staring at the hue that it's imprinted itself on my brain. I love the way it looks with my hair colour and skintone - It's just super flattering. The dress Im wearing in these shots is really flattering and easy to wear, but it is a little bit on the long side for my personal taste so I think Im going to have to get my sewing kit out and do a little DIY job on the hemline!

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    3 Minute Makeup Challenge

    I thought I'd give a oldie-but-goody Youtube Tag for one of my videos this week and do a 3 3 Minute Makeup Challenge! I think I did a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself! I think if I had a few extra minutes I could have perfected the skin a little bit more, blending my foundation in a little and adding some extra concealer to my spotty areas but apart from that... not bad!

    I dont always post my videos here on my blog but I've been on a roll recently and doing 2-3 videos a week pretty consistently for a while now so if you're interested in videos of get ready with me's, hauls and other sorts of stuff then subscribe to my channel! Press the button above or head over to my channel here and click the subscribe button. It'll notify you every time I post a new video so you can keep up to date with all the latest goings on!

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    Things I’ve Learnt Since Starting a Youtube Channel

    Youtube is booming. It’s the place to be seen these days and audiences are flocking more and more to the online video sharing site. It’s currently where the industry seems to be going in my opinion. I’ve noticed a huge shift in the last two years with brands approaches to blogger outreach. Less and less am I asked for blog related collaborations, instead Im more often than not asked for two things- Instagram and Youtube videos. Not that I think blogging is dying I just see the online marketing market (?) shifting a bit.

    For me starting a Youtube channel was much more daunting than starting my blog. I went into my blog blind, with no experience of outside view of the medium. I just did and didn’t think. However I’ve only been making videos consistently on my channel for about 2 years and I still feel like I’ve not quite found the place I want to be in. I’ve gained a great bunch of subscribers and made some awesome videos which Im SO proud of. But being a Youtube comes with its own set of problems that are unique to that platform.

    Always have backups

    Memory cards and batteries. Its a weekly occurrence for me that I sit down to film and bam I have half a battery and I just KNOW it won’t last. Same goes for memory cards. Im forever having to delete stuff off the cuff because Im filming and don’t leave enough space. Picking up a few batteries and memory cards as well as a hard drive are are an absolute must if you’re getting into Youtube! I got some off Amazon for super cheap and they work really well. If you’re really into it then maybe get a AC adaptor for your camera to avoid batteries running out ruining your filming zen!

    People are picky

    I’ve never had anyone openly critique the way I run my blog. I’ve never had anyone tell me this is wrong or they didn’t like the way I did a post within the comments. Where as on Youtube I don’t think a video goes by where Im told the way I made the video wasn’t right or how they wanted it to be. I don’t really know why this is the case but I’ve just noticed that people tend to critique (critique being the operative word here, not hate) the way you make things. I don’t know if it’s because Youtube has become a serious game changer and people expect a certain quality or what. I just find it very odd being told how I chose to make something is wrong!

    It’s more personal

    While blogs are personal to some degree I find Youtube to be incredibly different. Words don’t come out the same when you write them down as when you speak them out loud. You can say one thing and mean another. Unlike with blogging you can’t go back and clarify or change things if they don’t come out your. While editing is a life safer, if you fluff your lines too many times and you can’t use the footage the meaning of what you’re trying to say is lost. Vlogging is incredibly invasive and personal and I’ve had a lot of my friends not want to appear in my Vlogs because they don’t like the idea of people they don’t know seeing them online!

    Editing does take ages

    Same goes for Filming. While a standard video might be 10 minutes final edit, you might have anywhere between 30 to and hours worth of footage to go through and edit. But for example if Im filming a GRWM this would most likely take me 1-2 days to film and edit and these videos come out at about 3-4 minutes long. Straight up talking to camera videos can take about a day to finish and polish off (with breaks for tea and refreshments, obvi). I always seen people say “Youtube doesn’t take that long” but in reality I spend more time doing my channel compared to my blog because it’s simply a lot harder to do.

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    Teaming Your Phonecase With Your Outfit

    So first of all I feel like I need to address where I've been. Let me introduce you all to the third year of uni and deadlines (believe me they do take over) The past few weeks I've found myself blogging whenever I can and living in the University library. Also it's been a bad time for my camera! I've had a bit of an accident with it and the screen is currently off being fixed so being camera-less with a blog isn't the most ideal situations. Everything should be back to normal in about a week though! (yay)

    But anyway back to the post! I received an email from the lovely people at Case Station and I was so excited about this collaboration. (If you know me you know I love changing phone cases all the time!) and they've challenged me to co-ordinating my phone case with my outfits for a week. I accepted as who doesn't want to look on point 24/7?! (it's all about that matching life)

    I think everyday (aside from day one) I've been wearing a polo neck!

    The whole process of Case Station is super easy. I'm a convert already and I can't wait to create phone cases for gifts too. You can pick your phone case and what sort of case you want (I recommend the tough case if you're clumsy like me) and then you can choose from patterns on the site but also you can add your own patterns and photos. I love how you can add text to your designs as well. Case station also offer Next Day Delivery which is really handy for if you're a last minute shopper!

    You can do this online or you can visit them at The Gadget Show, Westfield up until the end of October to make your own.

    A recent study of by Case Station revealed that:

    Two thirds of 25 to 34 year olds (59%) are tempted to follow in the footsteps of celebs such as Kylie Jenner, Caroline Flack and Pixie Lott by dying their hair - with red, purple and blue topping the poll as their favourite colours to experiment with

    17% of women put the desire to change their hair down to the season, while 15% stated they would do so to turn over a new leaf after a relationship break up. Other motivations for changing hair colour or style were losing weight (14%), seeing an unflattering photo of themselves on social media (9%) or getting a new job (9%)

    After fashion, changing hairstyle is the most popular way for women to express their style and individuality

    Rebecca Alford from Case Station said: "We are starting to see a huge surge in young adults wanting to unleash their inner designer, and make a real statement of who they are through individual personalisation. Whether that be through fashion, hair, or even mobile accessories, they want to be the ones who start the conversation, that the rest want to follow. We believe that the trend of personalisation will continue to gather momentum rapidly, and consumers will be increasingly looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd when it comes to their individual style. This is the ethos that what we built Case Station on; allowing consumers to create enviable cases, designed by them and built to last from high quality aerospace grade material, so you can even defy convention with your case!"

    Which phone case is your favourite?

    This post is in collaboration with Case Station*

    Weekend Get Ready With Me


    I made a Weekend inspired Get Ready with Me video inspired by the outfit I wore the previous weekend when Matt and Dal came down to visit me. Im obsessed with printed trousers and I've already blogged a similar outfit here but I did a full look including hair and makeup over on my channel if you're interested in checking it out! Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to subscribe if you havent already (:

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    Beauty: Cohorted White Edition Fragrance Box Review

    Cohorted White Edition Fragrance Box*

    Ever since Cohorted launched their beauty box there's been a huge buzz about the brand through-out the blogosphere. They've definitely gone above and beyond with this beauty box. I think this is a great box if you're obsessed with perfumes and if you're looking for new perfumes to try out.

    Cohorted White Edition Fragrance Box*

    The white edition box showcase box high-end and unique perfumes and the value of this box is £119.50 yet the box retails at just £35. If you're a person who only likes certain types of fragrances this box may be a bit hit and miss for you. But if you're a person who loves all fragrances, it's well worth investing in this box. This white edition fragrance box features brands including Guerlain, Versace, Boucheron and Annick Goutal.

    Boucheron Place Vendome Eau De Toilette – Mini Bottle 4.5ml. Worth £10.00

    I've never actually heard of Boucheron before and I was pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. I think this a great fragrance to wear day or night and it fits safely in your handbag too as it's only 4.5ml.

    Versace Crystal Noir – Mini Bottle 5ml. Worth £15.00

    This is a quite dark and sultry fragrance. I think this is one for people who enjoy a bolder scent, as it seems to be quite spicy as well. This is definitely a fragrance which is more to be enjoyed in the evening.

    Annick Goutal Paris Grand Amour – Sample Vial 1.75ml

    This is a perfume sample I wasn't very keen on, but for those of you who like unique and different scents this may be one for you. This scent is very floral and reminds me a bit of the smell you get when you have a bouquet of flowers. It's a very small sample so I don't feel too bad about not being keen on this one.

    Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial – Full Size 100ml RRP £94.50

    This was a sample I was probably most excited about. I absolutely ADORE the packaging of this perfume. This perfume is inspired by a love story of Shah Jahangir and his wife, Mumtaz Majal who built the Taj Mahal in her honour. This is definitely a fragrance for people which like bold scents and with notes such as Jasmine, Iris and Rose.

    Overall this box is a real treat for people who are perfume lovers and like bold scents. It's definitely worth it if you're looking for new scents to try or just for a gift for a friend.

    What do you think of this Cohorted White Edition Box? What do you think about perfume boxes?


    My Favourite Liquid Lipstick

    I've been sitting on this review of the Jeffree Start Liquid Lipsticks for what seems like forever even though it's been love since I first swiped them onto my lips a few months ago. I bought them on a whim one day after I saw it on some instagrammers profile and decided that I 100% needed them in my life. And boy was I pleased when I got them. As a kid from the Myspace gen I'm super familiar with Jeffree, he's been a icon for so long now and it's awesome to see that he's still relevant years after the platforms downfall.

    100% Vegan and CF these Liquid Lipsticks are probably my favourite of all the ones I own. Super pigmented, they pack an awesome punch of long lasting colour. On the lips they are smooth and easy to apply and dont give that tacky/bitty inner lip thing that some liquid lipsticks do.

    Anna Nicole is a bright orange red, which I absolutely adore. It's very similar to Hourglass Riviera or Kat Von D A-Go-Go but I find myself reaching for this one over those at the moment because of it's formulation. It's just leaps and bounds ahead of the others. I genuinely think it's my favourite formulation of liquid lip lacquer that I've tried so far.

    I have the shades Celebrity Skin, Posh Spice, Anna Nicole and Red Rum but I really want to purchase Unicorn Blood, Dominatric and Abused. To be honest I love all the shades but I wear this shade and Celebrity Skin the most.

    I bought mine from his official shop for $18 (shipping was really quick) or you can buy them in the UK from Cocktail Cosmetics for £14.

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    Fashion: This Weeks High-Street Picks #62

    Monochrome Striped Faux Fur Scarf - Pretty Little Thing
    Pink Check Belted Shirt - River Island
    White Stripe Mesh Colour T-Shirt - River Island
    Fitted Denim Dress - Missguided
    Nude Tie Waist Tunic - Miss Selfridge
    Dark Red Heels - River Island
    Beige Stripe Shirt Dress - Pretty Little Thing

    For this season I feel like it's all about layering. I've seen more and more faux fur scarves (like this one) on the high-street at the moment and I really want one to make my simple outfits that little bit more glamorous. I've noticed the checks are making a come back at the moment and aside from loving stripes I do love a good checkered print.

    Denim is a big trend right now and I've seen so many bloggers wearing denim dresses. I love how Amy and Olivia have styled up denim dresses (if you're stuck for inspiration that is!)

    I'm very much into wearing casual but oversized clothing at the moment and this top from Miss Selfridge hits the spot. I think this would look amazing on a night out styled with black jeans and some strappy white or black heels.

    What are you loving on the high-street right now? What your favourite outfit from this weeks wishlist?
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    New Classics: Plaid Shirt


    I think it's about time I do a bit of a run down of the items that I think that every girl should own. While Im definitely not an advocate for the capsule wardrobe, I couldnt deal with the lack of choice. None the less I do think there are a bunch of absolute staples that all girls should have in their wardrobes. So over the next few weeks Im going to be going through some of my favourite wardrobe staples and some of my top tips on how to style them.

    The check shirt is a must because it's easy to wear, super casual and perfect for dressing up or dressing down a look. It's an item which has soared in popularity the last couple of years being championed by street style and celebs alike. Theres nothing comfier and warmer than an oversized baggy shirt, skinny jeans and your favourite pair of boots. It's instant chic!

    Think about the colour
    Plaid comes in so many colours these days so it's worth thinking about what colours will work in your existing wardrobe colour palette. For more traditional look, go for more muted colors like reds, navy, or greys with white. But I've seen things like neons (!!) and purples and rusts coming through recently which looks really fresh and stylish. I personally love green and red check because they are simple and classic (& go with pretty much everything!).

    Try different materials.
    In cooler weather opt for lightweight sheer cottons and then come winter pickup thicker flannel shirts. Depending on layering you can wear both regardless of the weather! For example a thin plaid shirt layered over a denim dress and a high neck crop and then a leather jacket on top will produce a warm yet stylish layered look.

    The Fit

    Often plaid shirts are grungy and boyish but you can get more fitting flattering styles. While I personally love the oversized lumberjack style I find that if I go too oversized it can look like I'm being drowned in fabric and I loose my shape all together. You want something flattering and oversized but not TOO figure hugging as shirts bursting at the seams are unflattering and can feel uncomfortable.t! Don't go too small though--longer and slightly oversized plaid tops are adorable, too.

    Borrow it

    I personally LOVE worn in shirts, they just have a quality to them which is hard to get off the shelf. If you cant find the perfect vintage offering then raid your Dad/Brother/Boyfriends closet. Nothing says boyfriend fit like an actual mens shirt! It's also worth looking round the mens section of shops to find the perfect masculine shirt because they are often cheaper and come in way more variety.

    Style it out

    Try pairing your plaid shirts with leather trousers and heels for a casual night out look. Or if you want to keep it casual wear pool sliders and leggings. Neutrals work really well with most plaid colours. too. Denim and leggings are also incredibly easy to pair with plaid. The only thing I would say to avoid is wearing cowboy boots... unless you really want to go for that cowgirl country look! It can look a bit costume-y if you style it like you're about to go to a rodeo!

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    Where I Buy Prints From

    Grand Budapest Print, Leopard Flats Print, Checkmarks Print, It's Okay Print, Jacket Print, Portrait Print, Triangle Print

    Ever since I moved into my new flat all I've wanted to do is fill it with awesome artwork. It's actually something that I've dreamed of doing for years and years and was something that I was really excited about doing. As a bit of a Graphic Design and art nerd it was something that I knew was going to play a huge part of the decor going on in my flat. I like monochrome prints most of the time but I do have a few select coloured ones

    Society 6
    This is probably my favourite place to buy prints from. It's basically a website where artists can sell their work and get it printed on pretty much anything you can imagine. I have so many prints from there but some of the ones I've got are pictured above are linked. There is so much work on there it's really worth trawling through looking for the style and look you want. I currently have about $500 worth of prints in my basket at the moment waiting to be ordered! Be warned you will be charged customs on large orders, which is obviously dependant on how much you order. There are tons of online calculator to predict how much tax you might be charged though so it's worth factoring that into your budget.

    This is another place for artists to sell their work but this time it's purely stuff thats produced and sent by them. It's worth searching for printables too which (if you have a printer, obvz) you can print out at home to save you even more money. I search for things like "minimalist prints" "typography prints" or "XYZ (for example a film) prints". Stuff like that just pops up. It's worth browsing for sure!

    & The Frames...
    Pretty much all my frames are from Ikea. I personally like the Ikea Nyttja frames purely because they are lightweight. As they dont actually have glass so they are thin and light. Therefore attaching them to the wall with contact strips (I use these ones) or blutac works well and doesn't leave holes in the wall.

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    Lifestyle: 25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

    Read my Spectrum Brushes review here

    I'm all for making lists at the moment. Being in third year at university it feels like my whole life is one big to-do list right now. I find myself blogging whenever I can as I just couldn't dedicate the amount of time to it like I did in the summer.

    Living in my student house, cooking, cleaning etc instead of having my lovely parents cook and driving my car it's been a struggle trying to fit everything in at the moment on top of long days in the library. As you can probably tell that over about the past year I've really been loving beauty blogging. Today I thought I'd share with you all some of the ideas on my recent list for ideas for beauty blog posts!

    So here it goes...

    1. Top 5 Beauty Favourites

    2. Top 5 Haircare Favourites

    3. Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

    4. Top 5 Winter Nail Polishes

    5. Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

    6. Beauty Haul

    7. New In Beauty Launches

    8. Beauty Christmas Gift Set Guide

    9. Top Beauty Advent Calendars

    10.Top 5 Holy Grail Beauty Products

    11.Top 10 Products Under £10

    12.Top 10 Products Over £10

    13.Current Beauty Favourites


    15.Beauty Dupes

    16.Products Worth The Hype

    17.Products Not Worth The Hype

    18.Beauty Wishlist

    19.Top Beauty Websites

    20.Beauty Gift Guide

    21.Ways To Save Money Buying Make-up

    22.Latest Beauty Offers

    23.Your Top 10 Beauty Tips

    24.Top 10 Beauty Hacks

    25.Beauty Tips For Autumn/Winter

    Hope you all feel a little bit more inspired to write your next blog posts! Are there any posts you would like to see on Fashion-Train? Let me know!


    Beauty: Introducing Lottie London

    Thanks to last month's Love Me Beauty Box (use the code BECCA50 for 50% off) I was introduced to make-up brand Lottie London. Even though I was first introduced to this brand just a couple of weeks ago I knew from just looking at the nail polish i'd received in the beauty box that this was a brand I need to buy more products from! Lottie London only launched earlier this year and they are a fashion forward but affordable make-up brand.

    When I checked out the brand online all I saw was bright coloured make-up brushes, nail polishes and quirky accessories and I knew I wanted to try out more products from Lottie London. When the parcel arrived at my door it was beautifully packaged too. (Who doesn't love a bit of good packaging?!) and little did I know the brand is available online at ASOS and Superdrug.

    The prices of the products vary from £3.99 for a pocket mirror and £20 for a make-up brush set. I can tell you now these brushes could easily rival the Real Techniques brushes and don't forget you can get beauty card points at Superdrug and if you're a student you can 10% off Superdrug products too (bargain!)
    Lottie Look At Me Mirror*
    I was delighted when I received this pocket mirror as I like to keep one in each of my handbags (girls got to fix her make-up!)
    Lottie London Tress Ties*

    This type of hair tie I've only just gotten used to using. I love the colours of the hair ties in this set and they don't look too bad being worn as bracelets either!
    Lottie London Treasure Tattoos*

    These tattoos are perfect for events such as festivals, or anything summer themed! I think they look stylish and would add a trendy vibe to any outfit. I can't wait to dig these out next year during festival season.
    Lottie London Grey Polish*
    I've got this nail colour on my nails right now and I absolutely love it. It's a great shade for this time of year too. I've worn it for about 3 days now and it's still not chipped so it's a winner for me!
    Lottie London Blue Polish*
    This is a colour I'd try out when it gets a little bit colder. I always associate dark blue with winter and I think it's an absolutely gorgeous shade.
    Lottie London Pale Pink Nail Polish*
    Finally I have a pale pink nail polish! It feels like a lifetime ago since I was able to find a pale pink nail polish I liked on the high-street without being too 'barbie' pink.

    (from L-R Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Angled Shadow Brush)
    I am so excited about these brushes. I absolutely adore the colours of them and what I like about this brand is that the brushes they do are the basic ones you need to create a make-up look. I don't know about you but sometimes all the long (and confusing) names for brushes put me off a bit and it's good to just get back to basics. These brushes really don't break the bank either so it's a win win for me!
    What do you think of Lottie London? Will you be checking out the brand when you're next in Superdrug? Have you tried any Lottie London products before?

    Beauty: Look Fantastic November Beauty Box Review

    Look Fantastic November Beauty Box*
    If there's one beauty box I'm always excited about receiving it's the Look Fantastic beauty box. At £15 a month (including P&P) It's a great value box and the products you receive inside are always a great variety.

    Look Fantastic November Beauty Box*

    Since interning there for a little while in the summer I've become an even bigger fan of the brand. I know how much work goes into putting these boxes together each month and I love how this month there's a booklet included showing you all about the products inside.
    REN Youth Vitality Day Cream RRP (£28)

    From fellow beauty bloggers I've heard a lot about REN products so I was super excited when I found the youth vitality day cream in this months box. The full size of this product is £28 so to have a good travel size version in this months box is an absolute treat.

    Dr Paw Paw Tinted Ultimate Red Lip Balm RRP (£6.95)

    Dr Paw Paw products are a complete life saver for me. I love the original version of this and I use it when I have patches of dry skin on my face as well as it's a multi-use balm. This tinted lip balm works perfectly for when you're going for a 'no make up make up' look.
    Bella Pierre Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby RRP (£11.99)

    With the vegan phenomenon at the moment there are so many beauty brands around which are 100% vegan and Bella Pierre Cosmetics is one. I love the shade of this red lipstick and it's a perfect shade for winter.

    Kebelo Enriching Masque RRP (£13.95)

    Everyones hair gets dryer in the winter and so products like this one from Kebelo are a dream. I'm really excited to try this out and see how it works on my hair.

    Korres Guava Showergel RRP (£8)

    Korres is a brand I discovered when I was on a recent holiday to Crete with my boyfriend. I noticed there's Korres stores on pretty much every corner and i'm gutted I only had hand luggage as all of there products (that I saw) were over 100ml.

    Ole Henriksen Empowering Foaming Milk Cleanser

    Ole Henriksen is another brand I've heard a lot about through other beauty blogs. I'm always looking for a new cleanser for once I've removed my make up with micellar water (as I know micellar water doesn't take off every bit of make-up) and so I'm really looking forward to giving this a try.

    What do you think of this months Look Fantastic box?


    Winter Topshop Haul

    For Sundays video this week I posted a lil' Topshop Haul of some of the things I picked up recently from my favourite store. Im really trying to update my winter wardrobe a little bit and try a few things that I don't normally wear. Muted colours seem to be playing a big part of my autumn winter wardrobe as well as a lot of shades of green which has surprised me! Watch above and give it a lil thumbs up if you like it!

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    Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

    Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette -£43*

    Another year and another Vice Palette holiday offering from Urban Decay. While the Naked Palettes seem to be the queen of eyeshadow palettes in the beauty world the Vice Palettes offer a great all rounder of complimentary shades and colours and some unique finishes so you have all the options you can think of.

    Twenty new and limited edition shades housed in a sleek black palette with a sort of shattered glass effect on the front. Eleven shades have micro glitter so if you’re not into sparkly shades this one might be worth skipping. While a little louder than the Naked Palette is has a much larger variety of shades and is a better all rounder option if you like to switch up your makeup style and play with different looks and colours. Quality is in line with other Urban Decay shadows I’ve tried although I found Grip, Low and Delete a little harder to work with compared to others. But on the whole the shades are deep, richly pigmented and blend out well. Theres some nice jewel tones, easy to wear neutrals and a few pops of colour if you’re that way inlined. I reckon there some awesome options for smokey eye combos too!

    My favourite shades from the palette have to be Bitter, Flame, Bones and Pandemonium. Bitter is a beautiful burnt matte orange shade which is right up my street for everyday. I also adore how large the mirror is within the palette, it's absolutely huge which is ideal for putting your makeup on while travelling! The double ended brush is similar to those that came with the Naked Palettes (which I personally really like and do use) so on the whole it's a pretty awesome palette.

    If you have any of the previous incarnations of the Vice Palette it might be worth checking back and looking for overlap as shade wise it’s very similar to previous editions. None the less it’s available now for £43 from Debenhams, John Lewis & Selfridges.

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    Beauty: Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Limited Edition Palette #UDXGWEN

    Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Limited Edition Palette*
    If there is anything that can cheer a girl up it's a new make-up palette. I came back from a busy (and stressful) day of University yesterday to this gorgeous palette and my day was made. I'm a big fan of Urban Decay and I've read teasers about the Gwen Stefani collaboration and seeing the palette in person my expectations didn't disappoint.

    Gwen Stefani has always been known for her striking make-up looks. For this collaboration, UD spent hours with Gwen creating the perfect shadows she's always longed for in her make-up collection. The 15 shades in the palette are named after her influences, album names and even where she grew up. The packaging for this palette is gorgeous, I love how it's got a gold theme and has a unique look to the palette.

    This palette has an insane range of neutral shades and a few jewel tones this is the go to palette to create Gwen's most iconic make-up looks. Compared to the Naked palettes, this palette by Urban Decay is a real contrast. I love how I now finally own some bright (but very pigmented) eyeshadow shades.

    I think this palette will become a make-up staple in my everyday routine as you can easily create daytime to nighttime looks with this palette. My favourite shades are 'Steady' 'Zone' and '1987' I think these as great shades for Autumn/Winter.
    I love the fact that this palette is one you can wear anytime of the year as there is some light neutral shades as well. Overall I think this is an absolutely gorgeous palette and it would suit all skin tones. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and the colours are perfect to create daytime and nighttime looks.
    Here's a sneak preview into the Lipsticks from Gwen's collaboration. My favourite colours are 'ex-girlfriend' and 'rock steady'.

    What do you think of this collaboration with Gwen Stefani?

    The palette is out on November 22nd and the RRP is £40 so I recommend snapping this palette up fast!

    Lifestyle: Win Your Own Personalised Phone Case

    You may have seen my recent collaboration with Case Station here. I was so excited about the collaboration and the quality of the phone cases I received were incredible. I love how you can personalise your own case with lettering, photos and even chose the type of case you want for your phone. I'd recommend the 'snap' case or the 'tough' case.

    Today I'm excited to announce that you can win your own phone case from Case Station. All you have to do is follow me via Twitter and Instagram and follow Case Station.
    You can enter here
    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    You have a week to enter and I'll announce the winner on Twitter!
    Good Luck!

    Budget Berry Lips

    Rimmel's recently launched a lipstick line called "The Only 1", claiming to be "the only lipstick you'll ever need". Although Im dubious and hyperbole claims I thought I'd give these two seasonal shades a go.

    I have the shades Under My Spell (deep dark purple, Im wearing it in the photo) and One of a Kind (Red berry). I personally love both but Im drawn to Under My Spell due to the fact it's deep, dark and really flattering on. I love how gothic and seasonal it looks paired with my usual makeup. Such a small change can make a huge difference to a makeup routine!

    The formulation is nice, but very wet/glossy on application. I originally found it quite tricky to apply but one you get your head around the application they do feel lovely on. The scent is quite overpowering and to the point of being a little TOO strong. None the less a few minutes after application the scent and flavour goes away. The finish is glossy and comfortable on the lips and incredibly long lasting. Theres nothing worse than wearing a bold lip colour and it rubbing off halfway through the day.

    The Only 1? Nah, not for me. Theres pros and cons to the lipstick itself but I do like it just find it a little tricky to work with. None the less if youre in the market for a seasonal lip on the cheap it might be worth checking out. I think The Only 1 Lipstick collection currently consists of about 15 shades so theres a lot of wiggle room!

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    Fashion: My Current Favourite Pretty Little Thing Picks

    Monochrome Stripe Belted Dress - £25
    Striped Faux Fur Scarf - £15
    Grey Tartan Longling Waistcoat - £40
    Khaki Faux Suede Trench Coat - £50
    Burgundy Crop Woven Trousers - £18
    Blush Cross Front Trousers - £25
    Rose Print Midi Skirt - £15
    Black Cut Out Crepe Jumpsuit - £25
    I've definitely been more into beauty blogging lately, I think it's due to constant new launches around christmas time an the fact that at the moment I'm just living in jumpers, jeans and oversized coats. With my boyfriends christmas work party (I haven't found the perfect dress yet) and christmas in general coming up it's an ideal time to update your wardrobe for the coming months.
    As you probably know (if you're a long-time reader of my blog) Pretty Little Thing is one of my favourite online stores. The brand is currently offering a 20% Student Discount which is a total win!
    I've had my eye on a faux fur scarf for a while, being a total coat addict I love changing a simple outfit by adding a statement coat. I love typical oversized scarves but I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing scarves like this one and I absolutely adore it.
    Long line coats and waistcoats are an obsession of mine right now. You'll have seen from my previous outfit posts that I've been loving taking outfit photos wearing waistcoats as I find they can update any outfit so easily and look great for not just night time but day time looks too. You can definitely see why this tartan one caught my eye!
    What are you loving from Pretty Little Thing? Which pick is your favourite?
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    How I Edit My Instagram Photos

    I've recently changed up my Instagram theme, opting for something a little darker, bluer and cooler. I've never really thought that much about my feed, just posting what I wanted when I felt like it but for some reason I've recently been drawn to more curated feeds featuring beautiful, well thought out imagery and I wanted to give it a go.

    For my Instagram "theme" I went for a dark theme mixed with some clean whites and very cool toned images. I look out for blue things to photograph a lot to keep the look coherant and flowing nicely. Im really happy with it anyway! It's a bit different from the usual bright or white themes going round at the moment! Anyway I show you through the process of editing my instagram photos in my mid week video! Hope you enjoy!

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    Beauty: Falling In Love With Urban Decay

    I'm a massive fan of Urban Decay Naked Palettes but I haven't actually tried out some of the make-up products from the range. Ever since my box of Urban Decay goodies turned up on my doorstep I haven't stopped wearing them. I am a little bit obsessed with this brand lately. You can check out my post on the recent collaboration with Gwen Stefani here.

    One thing I really love about Urban Decay is the overall look of the make-up. I love how each product is packaged so well and looks A LOT more expensive then it is. I think Urban Decay have overtaken MAC when it comes to my 'treat yourself' make-up brand. I love the value of the products too, I've had my Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette a couple of years now and it's a palette I still use all the time.

    Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm*

    I've read a lot about the Naked Beauty Balm on other beauty blogs and beauty youtube videos and so I was so excited to have this in my make-up collection. This is a great product to use before you add foundation to your skin as it blurs your skin and covers imperfections. I think this a great 'go-to' product for when you don't want to do a full face of make-up and you want to go for more of a natural beauty look.

    Urban Decay Subversion Primer*

    I've noticed in Boots and Superdrug that there is a lot of mascara primers arriving on the high-street lately. I even picked one up in this months Elle magazine! I felt like I was pretty sorted when it came to the mascara front as I'm one of the people who always end up using the same one as that what suits me. I was intrigued when I received this primer as sometimes I feel like my mascara doesn't make my lashes look full enough or long enough and this product answered my mascara problem prayers! I can see a difference when I use this in my make-up routine!

    Urban Decay Naked 1 Basics Palette*

    This palette and the Naked Smoky Palette are the two Naked eyeshadow palettes I don't actually own from Urban Decay. I was so happy to receive this as it's a great basics palette. I'm a massive fan of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette and I love how these shades are my neutral to create a daytime look.

    Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Complexion Prep Spray*

    I've never actually used any sprays before when it comes to finishing off my make-up looks and I am officially obsessed with this preparation spray. It helps set my make-up but also to feel fresh and hydrated once I've finished my make-up routine.

    Urban Decay Naked Flushed Compact*

    If there's one product I've always loved using it's a bronzer. Considering how much I love using bronzers I haven't tried many 'high-end' bronzing products. I've tried the Benefit Hoola Bronzer which I've always been a massive fan of, but when it comes to the high-street for bronzers they are normally pretty good.

    I've been converted and this Naked Flushed Compact is a new favourite of mine. I love the pigmentation of this bronzer and how easily that this product can be layered. The highlight shade is very subtle and buildable which makes this a great highlight for when you want a dramatic look but also for a subtle daytime look.

    What do you think of Urban Decay? What are your favourite products from the brand?

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    Beauty: Birchbox X Skinny Dip November Beauty Box Review

    Birchbox November Box*

    Birchbox are known for there collaborations with there beauty boxes and this months box featuring Skinny Dip is one of my favourite collaborations yet. If you've not heard of Skinny Dip you need to get yourself online now as they do trendy phone cases and they don't break the bank either.

    Birchbox November Box*

    One thing I do love about Birchbox is the boxes are always super trendy and style of the boxes is completely on point. If you fancy taking a look at the last couple of months boxes you can check them out here and here.

    Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream (Full size from £8)

    So on with this months box! I was so excited to see that in this months Birchbox there was a Cowshed product inside. I love the brand but it is super expensive! I have only ever used Cowshed products from magazine samples and every single product I've used I haven't been disappointed. I've tried this hand cream before and it smells amazing! I used it till it ran out and it's the perfect size to fit in your handbag.

    Lord and Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner (£9)

    Lord and Berry is a brand I don't think receives enough credit. I have tried a few of there eyeliners and lipsticks and they've all been of amazing quality and one of my favourite lipliners is by Lord and Berry! I've used this lipliner a few times already and it's great for outlining your lips when you want to wear more neutral lip shades.

    Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Cream (£25)

    I've heard a lot about Living Proof and how good (apparently) there hair products are. First of all I love the packaging of the product and who doesn't love a hair treatment?! You can use this repair cream on damp hair or dry hair when it just needs that extra bit of TLC.

    English Laundry Notting Hill Femme Eu De Parfum (£60)

    English Laundry are known for there strong smelling fragrances. I have used one of there fragrances before but I thought it was a bit too strong smelling for me. Since sampling this fragrance I actually quite like it. It's feminine, bright with fruity notes. I think if you're a fan of mens fragrances but want something more feminine this is a fragrance for you.

    Ren Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial (£32)

    Ren is a brand I see talked about A LOT by beauty bloggers and youtubers. Like all skincare brands, I'm never normally 100% on them from reviews as everybody's skin is different and I would hate to spend a lot of money on a skincare product then for it not to work for me. I'm trying to get more into skincare products so I'm super happy to be able to try this out and see how it works for me.

    Trilogy Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm (£19.50)

    I've never heard of Trilogy before. This product seems to be quite a natural one, with a blend of mango butter, rose hip and coconut oils you can see how this product is seen as a miracle on dry skin.

    Also, If you want to upgrade your Birchbox for £4 extra you can get a limited edition Birchbox X Skinnydip phone case. Birchbox are giving you the chance to win loads of Skinnydip London goodies this month! All you have to do is tag your real-life squad (All your BFFs) in a photo and tag @BirchboxUK #BirchboxUK in a photo to be in a chance of winning loads of beauty treats and Skinnydip goodies!

    What do you think of this month's Birchbox? Which product would you most like to try?

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