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  • Caring for Dry Hair

    I currently coming out the other side of having the most dry, unmanageable hair known to man. So I' thought it was about time I talked about some ways to look after such an unruly hair type. Dry hair can be caused by a variety of things - Straightening, Blow Drying, Teasing, Colouring and over processing can all make the hair look a little dehydrated and dull. It's fairly easy to tell if your hair is this type because it's very noticeable (and common!) hair type.

    Conditioning the hair is the most obvious and important step when your hair is feeling a dry. You should smother the ends to the mid lengths of your hair with a good, nourishing conditioner. Avoid using boiling hot water on the hair as this can also damage it further. Using a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week is also recommended. I like to use the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser when my hair is dry. I pop it on with a shower cap and leave for anything from 30 minutes to overnight. The longer you leave it the more time time it has to penetrate the hair.

    When styling you probably want to use as little heat as possible. However with the modern lives we don't all have time to sit around waiting for our hair to dry. Mine can take upwards of 6 hours when left alone. However the downside of this it can leave to breakage when hair is dry. I'd recommend using heated styling tools on their lowest heat setting and always using a heat protectant. Also try using brushes which are designed to be gentle on the hair like the Tangle Teaser.

    Out and About:
    Things like chlorine, salt water, UV sprays, hair dye and chemical treatments can all damage the hair further. So where possible to make sure you protect against these things. By either keeping the hair covered or trying out sprays and protectantss which you can use on your hair to protect it from the elements!

    It's important to remember that what goes into your body does impact the health of your skin, nails and hair. Remember to drink lots of water as this can also effect the dryness of your hair. You can get supplements to help with hair glossiness but I havent tried anything personally. Im always skeptical of things like that as I think the best way to get in vital vitamins and minerals that will help grow your hair!

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  • Lifestyle: London Photo Diary - Lee Stafford Breakfast and Pretty Little Thing Event

    This time last week I hopped on a train just before 7am to get to London (mad I know) but it was for a bloggers breakfast with none other than Lee Stafford. I've loved his hair products for what feels like forever and the hair regrowth mask (you know the one in Boots) has literally saved my hair! I always love trying out new Lee Stafford products as I know they actually work on my hair and make a difference. I absolutely love the argon oil range too. We had breakfast made by Lee Stafford and chatted all things hair and we were introduced to his latest products. I loved meeting Georgina, Jodie, Laura, Amy and Elise couldn't have asked for a lovelier bunch of bloggers to spend the morning with!
    We were introduced to Lee's latest products and I couldn't wait to try them. The blondes range I'll give to my mum to test out and report back! I've absolutely love the argon oil range from Lee Stafford and this night repair serum is an absolute life saver and I've only used it a few times. I can't wait to stock up on this when it comes in stores at the end of August. I then headed over to the other side of London for an event with Pretty Little Thing. I'm a massive fan of the brand you can see previous posts featuring Pretty Little Thing here and here. There's so much coming online for Pretty Little Thing and we were given a sneak peek into next seasons stock. There's so many gorgeous bits coming online soon.
    After the event with Pretty Little Thing I then met up with one of my best friends from university Myfi who was in London for a few days. We caught up, had some retail therapy on Oxford Street and went to The Diner on Carnaby Street. We had mojitos and a chicken and covered fries and they were so good!
    What do you like doing in London? Are you excited about Lee Stafford's new products?
  • Fashion: 5 Ways To Re-Inspire You When You Hate Everything In Your Wardrobe

    Credits - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7
    We all have those days where we open up our wardrobes and we hate everything we see. It tends to happen every few months for me and I am always searching for ways to reinvent my style. I love to try new trends but I'm still finding out what suits me. So I thought I'd share with you all my tips and tricks of what inspires me, where to shop and just tips for developing your personal style!
    1. Keep an inspiration folder on your Laptop/Phone/Ipad
    The amount of times I come across images on Pinterest (you can follow me here) Tumblr, Instagram of outfits I love I decided to make a folder. I look at this folder when I want to do some online shop, need some inspiration for outfit posts on my blog or just want some outfit inspiration for the day. The ASOS personal stylists are great to follow on Pinterest I recommend following Megan, Isabella and Gamze for some style inspiration!

    2. Follow your favourite brands via social media
    This may sound silly as most of us will already follow our favourite brands on social media but I find that each brand comes across differently on each social platform. I love Pretty Little Thing's Instagram when I'm stuck for inspiration, New Look's Twitter as they always retweet bloggers/customers wearing their clothes and Toyshop's Facebook page as it's full of albums of photos of girls looking seriously stylish!
    3. Buy Magazines
    I know magazines are now getting more and more expensive but I still love buying them. I've learnt so much about fashion from Elle magazine and I love buying it for street style inspiration and fashion edits. My favourite magazine you don't even technically buy and that's ASOS magazine. If you're a premier customer you get these monthly in the post and each issue really inspires me and I cut out my favourite images to make a mood board or stick in my notebook for inspiration!
    4. Aimlessly browse your favourite fashion sites and add what you love in the 'save for later' basket
    This tip is my favourite, especially when it comes to purchasing clothes on ASOS. The amount of times I've loved something on ASOS, didn't want to pay full price and a week or so later it's been reduced (win!) but this is great for generating ideas for outfits and ways to re-inspire you as you may have a similar item already in your wardrobe you just need a new idea for a way to wear it!
    5. Get rid of a some unwanted clothes
    It's so easy to hoard clothes nowadays. With 6 years of fashion blogging I have hoarded so many clothes in my time and it's still hard to let go of items of clothing! I've said to myself when I decide I won't wear something again (i.e holiday clothes cause it doesn't even feel like summer in England) I'll add them onto Depop (my username is @fashiontrain) It's not because I don't like the clothes I just don't think i'll get as much wear out of them when I should! Also this way means you can totally justify that purchase of those new jeans in River Island cause you sold some old clothes!
    Hope you like my tips for ways to re-inspire yourself when you're hating your wardrobe!
    What ways help you when you are stuck in a clothing rut?
  • Reading Festival Tips & Advice

    So festival season is well and truly in the swing of things. Admittedly I haven’t been to many this year however now that August is ticking over the countdown to my personal favourite festival Reading and Leeds is getting closer and closer. Over the years I feel like I’ve become a bit of a festival expert. I’ve been to so many there is no way I could even count how many bands I’ve seen in that time.To me festival time is an excuse to get away from the city and the real world and live a little bit hedonistic!

    I thought I’d write a little guide on how to survive Reading and Leeds festival as I’ve been there twice before but admittedly haven’t been since I was 17 (and Im 25 now!) I’ve learnt a few things along the way about how to actually function like a human at a festival since! Here’s my low down!

    Camping & Tents

    Always bring a pillow. Trust me, you will thank me for this one! While it might seem like an annoying thing to carry there is nothing like having something soft to lay your head on once you get back to your base. Rolled up clothes just don’t cut it!

    Also bring a roll matt. There is nothing worse than ending up in a duff spot and having to sleep on rocks. You can pick these up super cheap and they are really lightweight! If you’re feeling fancy then a airbed would be a good idea but they are heavier and you have to go through the effort of blowing them up!

    Blankets as well as a sleeping bag is a good idea. It does get pretty cold on festival evenings so always bring an extra blanket or too. You’re inevitably going to be with someone who doesn’t bring a proper sleeping bag too so be prepared to share!

    Think about where you’re going to camp. Most festivals provide a map of the campsite beforehand so so some research and think about where you want to stay. Avoid being too close to the arena and any main walkways if you want to get any sleep at night! Make sure you’re also far enough away but not too close to the toilets!

    While they are expensive never underestimate the powder of a good tent. Honestly you don’t want something thats going to fall apart after a day or leak horrendously.

    Food & Alcohol

    Always pre-purchase some alcohol at a local supermarket before heading to the camping site. Festival alcohol is notoriously expensive and you don’t want to waste your budget on it. Remember to avoid glass (pop spirits in plastic bottles) and always bring a hip flask just incase.

    Water. Always bring a big ol’ bottle of water to the festival with you or one of those snazzy fold away water lung things. Reading has taps on site so you can refill but you’ll save a lot of money if you bring something to put water in rather than buying it bottled. It’s always important to keep hydrated!

    Shopping - Do not bring a whole bunch of food to the festival. In my experience it’s best to bring things like snacks, crisps, cereal bars and something for breakfast/lunch and then keep about a tenner a day back for a meal in the evenings. Festival food is notoriously bad (although it has improved in recent years!) but having a hot meal in the evening will keep you going on alcohol fuelled evenings! Honestly though I’d avoid things like noodles or beans unless you actually HAVE a camping stove as there no point buying one just for the weekend. More fancy food I’d recommend bringing would be pitta breads, hummus, brioche, jam some fruit and juice.


    When it comes to money I’d try not to bring too much or too little. It’s hard to really estimate how much you might spend but I’d say £250 is the absolute maximum you might need if you aren’t bringing your own booze and food. I generally try and stick to the £150 mark averaging about £30 a day which is mostly spend on arena beers!

    There are cash points on site but charge a bomb and the queues are always ridiculous. If you can (and trust yourself) bring it all with you rather than trying to use your card.

    Always keep your money with you as unfortunately there are people who will knick things at will if they have the chance! While bumbags might not be the most stylish option they do help at keeping your pennies close to you!

    General Tips

    Embrace Festival life. Festivals are a strange thing, it’s like a weird no-rules type deal where you escape from the real world for a bit. Don’t worry that your hair’s greasy by day three or you smell like a butt, let it slide for a bit and enjoy the ride.

    Toilets are always going to be gross, there is no two ways about it. HOWEVER Reading and Leeds are offering up some fancy swanky toilets this year for an additional fee which if you’re Princess enough to need to use then I’d check ‘em out.

    Portable chargers. If you don’t have one then Im not quite sure how you’re functioning as an adult in 2015. Bring more than one if you’re an excessive user!

    Bring a camera, even a little disposable one if you’re worried about a nice one getting pinched!

    Don’t waste your time. While sitting around camp is fun there is always so band new bands to go see and people to make friends with. Wander around the site and see who you might meet along the way!

    I’ll be at Reading Festival over the Bank Holiday (August 28th-30th) weekend so if you’re around do come say hello! Mumford and Sons, Metallica and The Libertines are headlining the main stages so theres something for everyone! Personally Im looking forward to Saturday the most as Metallica, BMTH and my all time favourites Alexisonfire (although I went to their “last show ever” like three years ago!) are gracing the stage with their presence. Other bands I can’t wait to see are Refused (although clashing with The Libertines) The Bronx, Moose Blood, American Football, Kendrick Lamar, The Maccabees, Panic! At the Disco and of course Baby Metal.

    Check out the lineup here and you can still purchase weekend tickets from the site as well as day tickets! Come party!

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  • Beauty: Look Fantastic August Beauty Box Review

    Look Fantastic Beauty Box*

    It's that time of the month again! I always get excited for the start of the month now as that's when the Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrives. This month's box is an absolute treat. I'm so excited to try out all these products and what's more is that next month it's the 1st anniversary of the #LFbeautybox which means all the subscribers are in for a real treat!
    Eve Lom Cleanser
    I'm excited about using this summer ready complexion cleanser. I've been really into using cleansers lately and so I'm looking forward to trying out this new one. This cleanser removes daily dirt and impurities and exfoliates the skin.
    Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara
    The only mascaras I ever seem to use are Rimmel mascaras. My all time favourite mascara is this one and I use it everyday. I haven't yet tried this mascara by Rimmel, it's with vitamins and cucumber aswell and the mascara wand is really thick so i'm sure it'll work well on my lashes!
    Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist
    After cleansing and toning at night I love using a facial mist. I've just been googling reviews online and it's got some great reviews so i'm looking forward to trying it. It's a sample size too which makes it perfect for on the go!
    Bella Pierre Cosmetics Shimmer Eyeshadow
    I've recently become obsessed with Bella Pierre cosmetics. I've found some of these eyeshadow colours in my beauty stash and I love wearing them as an eyeshadow or a highlighter (depending on the colour).

    Beauty Works 10 in 1 Miracle Spray

    Beauty Works is a brand I keep hearing more and more about. Being completely obsessed with discovering new hair products I was so excited to see that the miracle spray was included in this months beauty box! This is a multi-tasking hair treatment that works to nourish, repair and protect your locks during heat styling.

    Caviar CC Cream Leave-In Hair Protector
    This is a product I'm so excited about trying. I'm going to test this later on tonight and see how it works on my hair. This is a leave-in treatment that aims to moisture, shine, smoothes, softens and protects your hair from anti-breakage and gives you UV protection. So basically this product is a complete all rounder!

    I'm so excited to try all these products from this months beauty box. I feel like the Look Fantastic beauty boxes just get better and better each month and i'm so excited for the anniversary box next month!

    You can sign up to the Look Fantastic beauty box here.
    What do you think of Look Fantastic? Do you love beauty boxes?
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  • This Weeks High-Street Picks #49

    D-ring Wrap Jumpsuit - Missguided
    Tie Front Top - Topshop
    Indigo Blue Denim Skirt - Topshop
    Lace Front Bodysuit - Missguided
    Wine Faux Suede Jumpsuit - Pretty Little Thing
    Stripe Button Dress - New Look
    Khaki Strap Heels - New Look

    It's that time of the year when the shops on the high-street don't really know what is going on fashion wise. When I've walked in shops some are really summery still but a lot of them are already launching their Autumn stock. Right now I feel like it's all about dressing for the weather. I love wearing jumpsuits and this one from Missguided. Khaki green is a massive trend right now and I think for a simple summery day look you can team this up with a kimono.
    Denim skirts have been a trend I always thought I'd hate but now I'm a little bit in love with the trend. I have a white denim skirt which I love and this one from Topshop would look gorgeous with a printed blouse and chelsea boots.
    New Look is a store i'm really loving right now. I feel like they have the best clothing bits in at the moment. They have so many striped items, waistcoats and the heels are absolutely gorgeous! This pair are so gorgeous, they're super easy to walk in and I already have them in black and white (oops!)
    What are you loving on the high-street right now? Which is your favourite item from the wish list?
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  • Fashion: Ways To Wear A Culotte Jumpsuit

    Lipstick - Lady Danger by MAC
    Sleeveless Duster Coat - Miss Selfridge*
    Culotte Jumpsuit - New Look*
    White Heels - New Look

    Culotte jumpsuits are a massive trend this summer. I loved wearing this jumpsuit on holiday as it was light-weight, kept me nice and cool and I could wear it during the day with sandals and at night with a red lipstick and a pair of heels which made it such a versatile piece.
    Lipstick - Lady Danger by MAC
    Sleeveless Duster Coat - Miss Selfridge*
    Culotte Jumpsuit - New Look*
    White Heels - New Look

    I love this outfit as it's simple but stylish. I love a simple monochrome outfit and teamed with a waistcoat this culotte jumpsuit is perfect for a night out/evening out. These photos were taken a few weeks ago and it's making me want to book another holiday again!
    Lipstick - Lady Danger by MAC
    Sleeveless Duster Coat - Miss Selfridge*
    Culotte Jumpsuit - New Look*
    White Heels - New Look

    To add a bit of colour to this outfit I've worn my favourite lipstick which is Lady Danger by MAC. I think this lipstick really adds that extra bit of glam to my outfit which was perfect for an evening out in Crete.

    Are you loving the culotte trend? What do you think of this outfit?
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  • Fashion: 5 Fashion Trends Rachel Green Rocked Before We Did

    Whilst being off university, I've got back into watching Friends. Friends is my favourite TV show and I don't think I'll ever get bored of watching it! I've always loved Rachel Green's style on Friends and the amount of times when I've watched an episode and thought Rachel's outfits are so on trend is ridiculous. So here are 5 fashion trends Rachel Green rocked before we did.

    1. The Button Down Denim Skirt

    Button Down denim skirts are a massive trend right now. They're all over the high-street and online and I think they look great with so many outfits. You can wear a denim skirt with a crop top, simple blouse and with an oversized shirt and a pair of boots. Here are some of my favourite denim skirts right now available on the high-street.
    Indigo Denim Skirt - Topshop
    White Denim Skirt - Topshop
    Button Down A-Line Denim Skirt - New Look

    2. The Off The Shoulder Crop Top

    Off The Shoulder Crop Tops are perfect for all year round. I love wearing them with jeans, high-waisted skirts and patterned trousers. I love how they are so versatile and easy to wear.
    White Off The Shoulder Crop Top - ASOS
    Off The Shoulder Gypsy Top - New Look via ASOS
    Off The Shoulder Crop Top - ASOS
    Cream Stripe Bardot Top - River Island

    3. The Denim Shirt

    A denim shirt is an ultimate style staple. I think every woman has at least a couple of denim shirts in there wardrobes! Rachel loved a denim shirt on friends and always wore it so well. Denim shirts look great with a pair of trousers, high-waisted skirts or even with a pair of denim jeans!
    Oversized Denim Shirt - Topshop
    Denim Shirt - Pretty Little Thing
    Dark Wash Denim Skirt - River Island

    4. The Oversized Denim Jeans

    You can't go wrong with an oversized pair of jeans. Rachel rocked oversized jeans all the time and wore them so well!

    Washed Black MOM Jeans - Topshop

    Vintage Wash Denim Jeans - Topshop

    Washed Ripped Mom Jeans - Pretty Little Thing

    Blue Extreme Rip Jeans - Pretty Little Thing

    5. The Checkered Shirt

    You can't go wrong with a checkered shirt. Checkered shirts look good all year round. They look great with a pair of jeans, leggings and tucked into a high-waisted skirt.

    Wine Checked Shirt - Pretty Little Thing
    Green Checked Skirt - Pretty Little Thing
    Grey Checked Shirt - River Island

    What do you think of Rachel's style?
  • Fashion: The Camel Waistcoat

    Lipstick - Faux by MAC

    Black V Neck Cami - New Look

    Camel Sleeveless Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing

    Striped Trousers - New Look (Similar here and here)

    Black Heels - New Look

    I've fallen a little bit in love with this duster coat. Duster coats have been a massive love of mine these past few months and they go with everything. I love wearing them with simple cami tops, striped tops and with blouses underneath. I think with the weather at the moment duster coats are a great way to update your wardrobe.

    Lipstick - Faux by MAC

    Black V Neck Cami - New Look

    Camel Sleeveless Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing

    Striped Trousers - New Look (Similar here and here)

    Black Heels - New Look

    I've teamed this duster coat with a simple black cami top and my favourite striped trousers. I love this outfit as it's quite casual but still stylish. I'd wear this during the day with a pair of boots and at night with heels for an evening out with friends or a meal out.

    Lipstick - Faux by MAC

    Black V Neck Cami - New Look

    Camel Sleeveless Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing

    Striped Trousers - New Look (Similar here and here)

    Black Heels - New Look

    I'm a little bit in love with this outfit. I can't wait to wear it more and wear this duster coat!
    I think it's a perfect edition to my summer/autumn wardrobe!

    What do you think of duster coats? Are you loving the duster coat trend?

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  • This Weeks High-Street Picks #50

    White Stripe Sleeveless Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
    Sleeveless Stripe Drape Front Blouse - Topshop
    Zip Front Denim Skirt - Topshop
    Khaki Culotte Jumpsuit - Pretty Little Thing
    High Neck Cami Top - Missguided
    Striped Culottes - Missguided
    Cowl Neck Sleeveless Top - New Look
    Cropped Leg Stripe Trousers - New Look

    I absolutely love putting these posts together but hate doing them at the same time as I just want to buy everything! I have been falling more and more in love with all things striped at the moment and this jacket from Pretty Little Thing has stolen my heart! I think this would look amazing with a simple black tee and jeans or with a cami top and high-waisted trousers and heels for a night out.
    Denim Skirts are a massive trend right now and this one from Topshop is gorgeous. I think it's a real style staple for any women's wardrobe this season as denim skirts are so versatile. I've been obsessed with culotte jumpsuits and culottes at the moment and I think they're great for days where you don't want to show too much flesh. This one from Pretty Little Thing is great for a night out with a pair of heels and would look fab during the day with a pair of trainers and a leather jacket.
    What do you think of this weeks high-street picks? What are you loving on the high-street at the moment?
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  • Fashion: The Pretty Little Thing Edit and 20% off

    Smart Khaki Joggers - £20
    Black Sequin Playsuit - £30
    Blue Printed Shift Dress - £15
    Beige Faux Suede Culottes - £18
    Rust Sleeveless Duster Jacket - £25
    Nude Crepe Jumpsuit - £20
    Khaki Cord Button Down Skirt - £20
    Front Crepe Swing Dress - £20

    I'm always a little guilty of an online splurge, especially when it come to Pretty Little Thing! I've really been loving this brand recently as they seem to get what's on trend just right. I love how there pieces are more alternative from the high-street, how the clothes are gorgeous and how they don't break the bank!
    I've noticed online and in shops that khaki is making a big come back. I think these khaki joggers would look great with a baggy white tee and a pair of trainers for a casual look. When it comes to going out PLT ace it in that category too. I have my eye on this sequin playsuit. I think it would look amazing all year round and you could team it with bright heels for a perfect night out look.
    I've fallen in love with duster jackets big time. I think they're so versatile and easy to wear no matter what outfit you've put together. I've fallen a little bit in love with this rust coloured sleeveless jacket and think it would amazing with a striped tee and black jeans.
    There's a massive 20% off everything on Pretty Little Thing with the code 'MEGA20' which last till midnight tonight too! so what are you waiting for? Treat yourself! ;)
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  • Fashion: Staying Stylish On The Beach

    Kimono - New Look*
    Bikini - ASOS*
    Now it's every girls love and nightmare going to the beach. I think every girl dreads showing off their body on the beach when they have insecurities. I have always had bigger legs and going to the beach in a bikini has always knocked my body confidence when I see so many girls which are stick thin and look gorgeous in anything.
    Kimono - New Look*
    Bikini - ASOS*
    This year I've been working to help my confidence in a bikini. I spent hours looking online for the perfect bikini (you can check out my bikini edit here) and I wanted to have a stylish cover up while I was on the beach too. Unfortunately for me, I was burnt on my shoulders and so wearing a kimono seemed like the perfect option.
    Kimono - New Look*
    Bikini - ASOS*
    These photos were taken on Balos Beach during a day trip me and Ben took. It was an absolutely beautiful beach and a few hours before we had taken a boat to Gramvousa Island (you can read the post about it here). Staying on this beach was like being on a tropical island.
    Kimono - New Look*
    Bikini - ASOS*
    I loved wearing a kimono with this bikini as it covered my legs and made me look slimmer. This kimono even stopped me from burning even further too. I think you can feel more confident on the beach by wearing a patterned bikini, covering up with a maxi skirt like this one when you want to stay stylish and comfortable and by investing in a few cover ups and kimonos.
    What are your tips for staying stylish on the beach?
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  • Beauty: Love Me Beauty August Box Review and 20% off Code!

    I've become a bit obsessed with beauty boxes lately. I love how you always forget one is coming in the post and when you get home it's like a present to yourself (sad I know) but it's so good! One beauty box I've been loving is the Love Me Beauty Box. You can check out last months Love Me Beauty box here. What I love about this box is that each month there are such good products inside. This month's beauty box is an absolute treat!

    Each month this box arrives on around the 15th and it's a perfect mid month treat! This month there's products from Models Co, Carmex, Talika, Ark Skincare and Nude.

    Ark Age Aware Skincare Skin Vitality Moisturiser

    I'm still on the search for the perfect moisturiser and i'm really looking forward to trying out this one from Ark Skincare. What's so great about these beauty boxes is the products are all under 100ml and if you're a bit of a traveller like me it's perfect for when you go away!

    Models Co Shadow Sticks

    I've heard so much about about Models Co. I've read so many beauty reviews online about the brand and so I was so excited to see that Models Co were in this months box. The shadow sticks are small and easy to use and my favourite colour so far is 03 Portofino.

    Love Me Beauty Nail File and Drawstring Bag

    Love Me Beauty always surprise me each month with an extra gift. Last month it was a pair of tweezers and this month it's a nail file. I love how each surprise is perfect for your handbag and on the go.

    Nu Nude Treatment Oil

    I'm excited to try out this treatment oil as sometimes after cleansing my skin just needs that extra bit of moisture. This oil is for normal to dry skin too which is perfect for me!

    Talika Bio Enzymes After Sun Mask

    I've never been much of a fan of face masks and I haven't spent much time in the sun lately so I don't think this is for me. But if you're about to go on holiday/coming back from holiday this could be a mask for you to try out!

    Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

    Carmex is an absolute life saver of mine. At one point I carried one in pretty much every handbag I had especially in the winter time. I'm so happy there was a Carmex in this months box and it'll be perfect for me during the winter months.

    If you want to purchase a Love Me Beauty Box you can use the code 'BECCA20' to get 20% off your order!

    What do you think of this beauty box? What's your favourite product in this months box?

  • I'm MOVING! - Interior Inspiration pt 1

    Apologies for the extended absence on this blog… but I do have an excuse! Kinda! IM MOVING! If you follow me on Twitter then Im sure you know about this already but yeah… IVE GOT MY OWN FLAT. It all happened very quickly and I basically saw some flats one day and then ended up taking one and then before I knew it Im packing my life up and moving on Monday. Im nervous but excited to be living on my own! I cant believe me and Aerys have our own little place though!

    I’ve spent the week thinking about the overall design of my flat and how I want it to look. I have two bedrooms as well as a huge living room which I hope to convert into my office as well as my living space. I also have this absolutely amazing entrance hall which is so so so nice! I genuinely cant wait to get decorating things!

    My basic idea is to keep it a similar theme to my current room. White with bright pops of super bright colour, mixed with fun prints and lots of texture. While I know people seem to be loving the all white and minimal thing at the moment it isn’t really me and I really want my first home to have a real “me” feel to it. I want a mixture of kitsch accents with traditional furniture but with lots of bright colours to set it all off. Im planning to have a lot of black in my flat to add lots of contrast to my decor.

    One thing I know for sure is that I want a full print wall. I’ve had some art pieces in mind for my walls for so long and I cant wait to purchase them. I've bookmarked a few that are already on my hit list but Im trying not to buy anything until I move in as I really want to make sure what I get works with the space I have. I

    My only problem with this flat right now is that I have super limited funds (nature of being freelance!) and although I want everything perfect asap I know that Im going to have to slowly build up my rooms as time goes on. Ive never really bought my own furniture as I've only lived in furnished places and some of the prices of things are tripping me out! I’ve decided to focus on my bedroom first, then living room then my second bedroom with the kitchen and bathroom being a bit of an after thought as they arent going to be the spaces that I spend my time.

    Im really excited to see what comes from my new flat and I cant wait to show you guys! I am going to be doing moving vlogs over on my second channel so subscribe to that for updates as I go along! I will post a before photo on here though when I move in.

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  • Fashion: Falling In Love With New Look

    Lipstick - Russian Red by MAC
    Cami Top - New Look
    Floral Waistcoat - New Look
    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Heels - New Look
    Bag - Ted Baker

    Over the past few months I've loved visiting New Look more and more. I feel like the items they have in stock are completely on point and the price range is even better! I love how a lot of the pieces look more expensive then they are.

    Lipstick - Russian Red by MAC
    Cami Top - New Look
    Floral Waistcoat - New Look
    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Heels - New Look
    Bag - Ted Baker

    For the past couple of years I've layered cami tops with my outfits pretty much everyday. I swear I have one in pretty much every colour now! I wear them with shirts on top, with waistcoats and they're great just to throw on for a night out with a statement necklace.

    Lipstick - Russian Red by MAC
    Cami Top - New Look
    Floral Waistcoat - New Look
    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Heels - New Look
    Bag - Ted Baker

    I have fallen back in love with white jeans at the moment. I love wearing them with pretty much any outfit and I feel like they're a great summer staple. I think white jeans can be dressed up easily for a night out with a pair of heels like these ones! This is my first outfit post featuring my new bag which my boyfriend got me for my 21st! I haven't stopped wearing it everyday since and I absolutely love it.

    I think it's such a good size for a bag and it's perfect for me because I always seem to be carrying a million and one things! I'm really loving this bag as well as it's my first bag I've probably ever had which isn't black. I think it's such a nice change and I can't wait to wear this bag more!

    What do you think of this outfit? Are you loving New Look at the moment?
  • Fashion: Ways To Wear A Duster Coat - Casual in Camel

    Lipstick - Russian Red by MAC
    Cami Top - Primark
    Camel Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing*
    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Heels - New Look
    Bag - Ted Baker
    I think one of my favourite colours to wear at the moment is Camel. I've been obsessed with the colour ever since I got my new bag! I feel like I need to match every outfit with my bag at the moment I love it that much! I think this duster coat looks perfect with white jeans and heels for an alternative look.

    Lipstick - Russian Red by MAC
    Cami Top - Primark
    Camel Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing*
    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Heels - New Look
    Bag - Ted Baker
    I'd wear this outfit on a sunny day with a pair of grey sandals or for an evening out with these heels. I think the red lipstick gives the outfit a pop of colour and the blue cami top teams well with the camel duster coat.
    What do you think of this outfit? Are you loving wearing camel lately?
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  • This Weeks High-Street Picks #51

    Grey Maxi Duster Coat - Missguided
    Suedette Khaki Blazer - Boohoo
    Floral Crop Top - Boohoo
    Navy Slogan Tee - Pretty Little Thing
    Beige Faux Suede Culottes - Pretty Little Thing
    Scarf Print Camisole Top - Topshop
    Tie Front Top - Topshop

    I've been obsessed with putting together these wish list's for nearly a year now. I can't believe it's the 51st time I've put this sort of a post together. I've been obsessed with searching the high-street stores and looking online on clothing sites for as long as I can remember!
    It's the time of the year where it's time to pick up a few new things for the Autumn/Winter seasons as it's probably the end of summer now (well in Britain anyway!) I think right now it's all about investing in a coat. It's due to rain for pretty much the whole of next week and probably the next few weeks so it's time to invest in a coat a few weeks early. I've been loving duster coats and blazers at the moment and this one from Boohoo is absolutely gorgeous!
    I've been seeing so many slogan t-shirts around at the moment. I love this one from Pretty Little Thing and this one from ASOS is so nice too. I'm still obsessed with the culotte trend and I recently got a culotte jumpsuit which i'm loving wearing! Pretty Little Thing are doing the culotte trend SO well and these ones are next on my wishlist!
    What do you think of this weeks wish list? What are you loving on the high-street right now?
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  • 25 Unique Blog Post Ideas For When You're Having Bloggers Block

    We all have those days where we don't know what to blog about. I have a notebook I keep in my bag for when I have ideas for my blog on the go and it really helps me come up with content. I just thought I'd put this post together to help inspire you when you're stuck in a blogging rut. Here are 25 blog post ideas to get those creative juices flowing!
    1. Blogging debate (chose a topic and keep the blog post open to discussion)
    2. 10 Things I've learnt from Blogging
    3. 10 things you'd like to do in your 20's
    4. Blog about a personal experience/ health related in the hope to help others with a similar condition or issue
    5. Lessons learnt from University
    6. Reasons why you should travel while you're young
    7. 5 things you'd change about blogging
    8. The future of blogging
    9. Blog your favourite recipe
    10. Weekly food diary
    11. Tips for working with PR's / lessons learnt
    12. Holiday tips for going abroad
    13. Fitness journey
    14. Changing your lifestyle
    15. Blogging about mental health
    16. Tips to enhance your career
    17. Tips for saving money
    18. Tips for saving for your first house
    19. What to do with your summer when you're a student
    20. Tips to leading a healthier lifestyle
    21. Healthy breakfast ideas
    22. Tips about how to be happy
    23. How to stay positive when you're feeling negative
    24. Your favourite outfits you've worn from the month
    25. What you've been up to through Instagram posts.
    I hope these blog post ideas have given you some inspiration when you're next going through a bit of a blogging rut!
    Do you have any posts you'd like to see on my blog? What are you loving blogging about lately?
  • I MOVED!

    So. It's all done! Im moved in to my new flat and I've finally let the cat out the bag on where Im going to be living in my latest vlog. Which you can check out over on my channel and above in this very post. I'll be posting daily vlogs on my vlogging channel for a while just so I have someone to talk to so I dont slowly go insane and I quite like the fact it's documenting my journey into solo living.

    To be honest Im really scared and excited in equal parts. Scared because Im worried Ill miss having people around me all the time and the comforting feeling of not being alone in your house. But excited for the fact I can keep my space clean, store all my things and generally have space to live and work without the two being sat right on top of each other.

    Now I've spent my first night alone I cant say this. I can totally see this being a challenge for me. I've basically left my whole life behind and dropped everything I've known for the past 4 years in London to move to somewhere completely new where I don't really know anyone. Starting again is bloody terrifying BUT Im so motivated to try something new and experience something else for a bit. Im a very spur of the moment person and although I've been talking about leaving London for the past few years, But now that I actually have I feel like maybe I'll regret it so to spite myself Im determined to prove myself wrong. Im so bloody stubborn!

    Tonight at 5pm Im uploading my empty flat tour and I might post some of my vlogs as posts on here. Im really hoping to get normal programming resumed soon but Im also going to V at the Weekend so it's going to be a bit of a hectic one!

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  • Beauty: Gloww Box August 'USA All Stars' Edition Review

    Glowwbox August Box*

    Glowwbox is a new beauty box and it's tailored to women with darker skin. If you're make up and hair and beauty obsessed this box is ideal for you. When you have darker skin it's so hard to find make up that suits you on the high-street unless you go to expensive high-end brands such as NARS or MAC. When it comes to trying out hair products it's so expensive when you have frizz/afro/curly hair and so I think the Gloww Box is an amazing concept.

    Glowwbox August Box*

    I love finding out beauty treats and remedies and each box comes with a mini magazine with loads of tips on how to wear the latest beauty trends. As you can see this months beauty box is full of treats. I am so excited to try all these products out!

    Smooth Hydration Argon Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (£6.99 each)

    I've heard so much about Smooth Hydrations Shampoo and Conditioners and have always wanted to try these out. They're about £6.99 each in the shops I think so they're well worth the value in this box! I love using Shea Butter products on my hair and Argan Oil products on my hair as they work really well especially on curly hair!

    Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner (full size product is 300ml and £16.99)

    Leave In Conditioners are my favourite type of hair products to use, especially when my hair is feeling a little bit more dry at the ends. I'm looking forward to trying this out and seeing how it works on my hair.

    Design Essential Hydrience Argan Moisture Replenishing Mist

    Arian Oil is a godsend on black hair. I swear by using moisturising mists and Argan oil mists work so well on my hair. This travel size version is perfect for on the go and so I'm going to be packing this in my luggage when I go away to Amsterdam in a months time!

    Revlon Photo Ready Palette in 515 (£8.99)

    Revlon is a make-up brand I haven't tried many products from. This palette has an eyeshadow primer which makes it perfect for being on the go and you can easily through this in your make-up bag when you're running out of time in the morning!

    Revlon Coral Nail Polish (£6)

    I've always been a massive fan of coral red coloured nail polish. I love how it stands out so well against my skin tone. I'm excited to try this one out as it looks like such a gorgeous colour.

    I'm so impressed with Glowwbox. I love the concept of the box and I think this box would work so well for fellow curly haired girls and make-up obsessives. I love how the box is more tailored to my skin tone and my hair type and it makes it 100% more appealing to me as some beauty box products I hand over to my friends as they simply don't so my hair or skin tone.

    You can pick up a Glowwbox for £18.95 normally but you can get £5 off your first Glowwbox by entering the code 'FASHIONT' at the checkout here.

  • Fashion: Pretty Little Thing Wishlist #1

    Black Striped Dress - £25
    Chunky Knit Jumper - £28
    Rust Trousers - £15
    Black Lace-up Bodysuit - £20
    Black Frill Lace Detail Top - £12
    Faux Suede Jumpsuit - £35
    Rust Belted Jacket - £15
    Beige Faux Suede Culottes - £18

    Oh my god. I'm absolutely loving Pretty Little Thing at the moment. Every time I go online they've got so many gorgeous clothes in stock. I just had to put another wish list together to show you all!
    I'm so over summer right now and for me it's all now about jumpers, layering and staying stylish for Autumn/Winter it may be August here in the UK but it certainly isn't summer anymore with the amount of rain we're having and this jumper is next on my wish list!

    Rust is my favourite colour at the moment. I just want to wear this colour all the time! I'm a little bit in love with these trousers I think these would look amazing with a bralet and heels on a night out.
    I've been obsessed with the culottes trend for so long now.

    I love the faux suede trend right now and these beige faux suede culottes are amazing. They'll look great dressed down during the day and would look amazing at night with a blouse and a pair of heels!

    What do you think of this wish list? What are you loving at the moment from Pretty Little Thing?
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  • Fashion: What To Wear To V Festival #FashionFreedom

    Lace-up Playsuit - ASOS*
    Hunter Wellies - Cloggs (Similar Here)
    I'm so excited for this weekend because me and my boyfriend are off to V festival with Collect Plus and I can't wait as Calvin Harris is headlining and Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne and Sam Smith are there! It will probably rain all weekend but i'm super excited to go!

    Collect Plus challenged me to find my festival wardrobe from the retailers they work with. I used the service to collect my parcels and It all went so smoothly. I'd recommend Collect Plus if you're out during the day and you have a Collect Plus location nearby. You can use the Collect Plus service with so many retailers from River Island, to ASOS to Very.

    This is my first outfit (I swapped my original shoes as the weather says it'll be raining all weekend) and I adore this playsuit from ASOS and it's perfect for a festival. I've teamed it up with my red hunter wellies and I'm either going to wear it with my new leather look jacket from ASOS, or I'm going to have to dig out my parka rain jacket as the weather isn't looking too good this weekend!

    Lace-up Playsuit - ASOS*
    Hunter Wellies - Cloggs (Similar Here)
    I think wellies are 100% essential for festivals in the UK. Especially seems as it seems to be forecast rain pretty much all the time! I really want to go to a festival abroad one day as It'll be guaranteed sun! If it doesn't rain too much tomorrow I'll wear this playsuit with my new boots from River Island.

    Lace-up Playsuit - ASOS*
    Hunter Wellies - Cloggs (Similar Here)
    I'm so excited to be off to V festival tomorrow. I've never actually been to V festival before despite living quite close to it! I'll be tweeting/instagramming during the weekend and i'll be hopefully doing another festival fashion themed post in a few days and a photo diary from V fest!
    What are you wearing to V fest? Are you going to any festivals before the summer is over?

    This post is in collaboration with Collect Plus*
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  • Advice: Dealing With Hair Loss & Tips To Help Your Hair Grow

    (photos pre opperation 2012-2013)
    This is a topic that's affected me for the past 2 years everyday. I don't know why i've never written about it on my blog. It's something I was embarrassed about for so long and i'd always wake up thinking why is this happening to me?! Before I had my thyroid surgery I had glossy, lovely long hair and since my surgery two years ago my haircare routine changed forever.

    (photos after my operation 2013)

    In December 2012 I had my thyroid gland removed as there was several tumours inside it and since this operation I've been on life long medication. One of the symptoms I've suffered (still do suffer) from is hair loss. If you read about hypothyroidism online a symptom is hair loss or dry/brittle damaged hair. I was unfortunate enough to have this. I've gone from someone who loves their hair to someone who was scared of even touching it in case it fell out. I'm writing this post today because there is hope for those of you going through a similar thing and I thought I'd share my tips with you all.

    (photos from now 2015 and having healthy hair again!!)
    Once I had my surgery and began the recovery process I noticed my hair become much dryer and brittle and broke off really easily. Since I was about 12/13 years olds I've always straightened my hair and so this I knew was down to my surgery. Over the months my hair came out in clumps in the shower and when I brushed it and it got to the point that I was scared to brush my hair. I knew I had to do something about it. I went through various stages, I dyed my hair to make myself feel better and give my hair a new lease of life (but this ended up making it worse) and in the end I felt so down about my hair loss that I started wearing hair extensions.
    Hair extensions gave me a new wave of confidence, something I hadn't felt in so long and it felt great. For nights out with my friends, blog posts and events I wore hair extensions. It really hard to go from long hair to short hair and it made me feel normal again!
    It's only in the past year I've become more confident not wearing hair extensions and that I have really made an effort to help my hair get better and become nourished and healthy again. In the past few months my hair has been better than ever and that's down to using Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment. I use the matching shampoo in the range and then use this hair growth treatment while I'm in the shower and use a bit of conditioner on the ends and this treatment has saved my hair.
    If you try out this treatment don't expect your hair to begin growing over night but in the past month or so (after about 2 months of using it) I've noticed really good results. I've gone from having comments about people saying how dry my hair looks to my friends and boyfriend telling me how great my hair looks! It's expensive to keep on using the product as it's £8.49 a tub (aah!) but it's 100% worth it and I make sure I pick up a few when It's on offer! (thank goodness for Boots points!)
    Other tips to help save your hair are...
    1. Have regular hair cuts - This sounds mad considering I've been talking about hair loss but it really helps. Now I'm trying to remember to book myself in for a hair cut at least every 2 months to help keep my dead ends at bay and in the past few months my hair has actually grown for the first time in years and it's noticeable!
    2. Don't use heat as much on your hair - This is something I need to stick to more of as It's so easy to straighten your hair every day. I've cut down straightening my hair when I don't necessarily need to and this has really helped.
    3. Use GOOD Heat Protectant - For years I've used VO5 and relatively cheaper products as heat protectants and this doesn't work best on dry hair. I've found that this Lee Stafford Flat Iron Spray is a really good one to use. I currently use the Toni and Guy one on my hair and this works so well!
    4. When shopping for shampoo and conditioner make sure it's nourishing and hydrating - This is a tip i've learnt from my hairdresser and it's worked so well. I love using the Lee Stafford range but also the Umberto Gianni range is perfect for dry/damaged hair which needs so extra TLC!
    5. Invest in a nourishing oil - I know a lot of people swear by the Moroccan Oil nourishing treatments but I've found this doesn't work too well for me. Nourishing oils I'd recommend using are the Lee Stafford Argon Oil, Kerastase Elixir Ultime and L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil.
    What are your tips for hair loss? Have you had a problem with dry hair? Any products you would recommend using?
  • Lifestyle: V Festival Photo Diary #FashionFreedom

    This weekend I went to V Festival thanks to the lovely people over at CollectPlus. If you don't know what CollectPlus is they are a convenient and easy way to use parcel and delivery return service. They're great tot use when you know you won't be in to collect a parcel and therefore you can just head to your local CollectPlus location and pick your parcel up at a time which suits you. There's so many retailers signed up to the CollectPlus service including River Island, Mango, Pull and Bear, ASOS, Superdry and House of Fraser.

    CollectPlus were great for me in the run up to V Festival as I was worried about my parcels arriving when I wasn't in! You may have seen some of what I've been up to on Instagram and on Twitter. I had the best time at V Festival and I went with my boyfriend and in-between the rain, lightening and thunderstorms I managed to snap a few photos so I thought I'd share them with you all!

    Lace-up Playsuit - ASOS* (ordered with CollectPlus Click + Collect service)

    This photo was taken when it was sunny and I bumped into some of my friends also at V Festival! I never managed to get photos of my outfit on Day Two as It rained for 3 hours as soon as we got there and by the time the rain stopped it was dark! I wore a off the shoulder top and a denim skirt with wellies which worked well as festival attire.

    Me and Ben both tried to see as many artists as we could as there was so many we both liked. I loved seeing Duke Dumont, Sam Smith, Jess Glynne, Clean Bandit and Mark Ronson! Calvin Harris was good and we saw Tom Jones too!

    Last night Ben made me watch Kasabian. I've never been much of a Kasabian fan but they were so good live!

    Thank you so much to CollectPlus for inviting me to V Festival. I had the best time and it was so nice to just do something a little bit different for the weekend!

    Are you off to any Festivals in the next few weeks? I'd love to know if you guys want me to put any more festival fashion/ festival themed posts together!

    This post is in collaboration with CollectPlus*

  • Fashion: This Weeks High-Street Picks #52

    Sleeveless Belted Nude Trench Coat - Missguided

    Khaki Sleeveless Blazer - Pretty Little Thing

    Stripe Wrap Front Blouse - River Island

    Rust Orange Sleeveless Top - New Look

    Khaki Ribbed Polo Top - Pretty Little Thing

    Drop Collar Necklace - Topshop

    Chain and Facet Drop Necklace - Topshop

    It's that time of the year where I just want to pick up a whole new wardrobe in my favourite high-street stores. You can catch up on my last high-street picks post here. I'm still a little bit obsessed with the sleeveless jacket trend at the moment. I love wearing them with simple t-shirts, long sleeved tees and cami tops.

    I'm loving the colour rust at the moment and all things orange! I've just picked up a new coat from ASOS which is rust orange (you can see what my coat looks like here) If you're obsessed with the coat I'd recommend getting it in a size up because it's quite a tight fit.

    One thing I'm so glad about Autumn/Winter coming is polo neck tops. I think they are so versatile and this one from Pretty Little Thing is next on my wish list!

    What are you loving on the high-street at the moment? Which is your favourite from this weeks wish list?

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  • Beauty: Birchbox #BeautyJunkie August Review

    #BeautyJunkie Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I've never been one to jump on the Beauty Box band wagon after reading just a couple of reviews but this months Birchbox caught my eye. I loved the theme idea of the box, who doesn't love emojis?! #BeautyJunkie Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I really like how inside the Birchbox there's a mini magazine full of info and how to use the goodies inside. There's some really well known brands in this months box including Benefit and Lord and Berry. I have been obsessed with body scrubs for so long. I love using them in the shower and they make me feel so fresh and clean! I love using them when I want to have a bit of a pamper session. Lord and Berry is a brand I've really loved for a long time. They do such good quality make-up and they always seem to be in beauty boxes! I am trying to get into using blushes and so I'm excited to try this one out. Beauty Protector is a brand I've tried a few times before and I was so happy to see that one of there best selling products was in this months box! I've tried this before and it works so well. I love it when there's face scrubs inside beauty boxes. When I'm away travelling they come in so handy! I will definitely be packing this face scrub to try out for when I go to Amsterdam in a few weeks. As much as I love Benefit products, they are so expensive! I think samples like this are a great way to save loads of money especially if you end up not liking the product. I have always wanted to try out Benefit High Beam and I'm excited to give this a try. I've noticed a lot of different types of hair bobbles around at the moment. I think there's a lot of alternatives now including the invisible bobble, the spiral bobbles and ones which don't show up in your hair. So I'll be carrying in my handbag when I need a hair bobble on the go! #BeautyJunkie Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I loved how in this months box there was emoji stickers too. It was a great added extra to the box and perfect for fellow emoji lovers out there!

    Overall I probably wouldn't buy this box again. I only picked this one up as I'd found a £5 off code your first box online! The sizes of the samples are really small whereas other boxes for the same price you'd receive the full size. I think Birchbox's are probably worth it if you see what's in the box before hand but for me I like knowing I will get better value for money in other beauty boxes.

    What do you think of Birchbox Beauty Boxes?

  • Ghost Girl - Dare to be You!

    This post is SPONSORED by Ghost Girl

    GHOST fragrances have been on a bold journey of self-discovery and unveil their edgy side presenting a brand new feminist floral that is complimented by a brand new look and feel. The scent, like the campaign is bursting with attitude for the strong, daring and fun-loving girl of today. Their most fearless fragrance to date, this intoxicating scent marks a change of direction for the brand adding a young, mischievous edge to the existing classical collection. Ghost Girl. DARE TO BE YOU.

    Ghost are just about the release a fresh and youthful new fragrance, Ghost girl. Unlike previous Ghost offering has a much younger appeal point with its fruity floral notes and graffiti inspired bottle. The fragrance has notes of pear, bergamot and raspberry before opening up floral notes like Tuberose, Almond blossom and Orange blossom. The base notes provide some warmth in the form of a cosy blend of Amber and Sandlewood. It aims to inspire the spirit of individuality, while being strong, playful and fun loving at all time.

    Inspired by the fragrances motto "Dare to Be You" I decided to channel my inner emo kid and Gerad Way and go for a makeup look that was totally out of my comfort zone but a look I've always dreamed of being able to pull off. Red eyes is something I experimented with in my teens but thought I'd never be able to pull off in my mid twenties (wow, I think thats the first time I've acknowledged Im MID twenties). I used the red from the Urban Decay Electric palette and packed it on to my eyes. Weird but it felt the red really complimented the green tones in my eyes and really made them pop. For lips I used the Jefree Star Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin which is a odd nude brown grey type shade which oddly seems to work.

    Big fan of this makeup look as it's unapologetically me.

    Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Ghost via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Ghost.
  • Fashion: What To Wear To A Casino

    Khaki Halterneck Dress - Pretty Little Thing
    Black V Neck Cami Top - River Island
    Stripe Wrap Pencil Skirt - River Island
    Cross Front Swing Dress - Pretty Little Thing
    Burgundy Wide Leg Trousers - Missguided
    Gold Tone Double Coin Necklace - River Island
    Gold Tone Spiral Ring - River Island

    I want to do a series of different posts on my blog. 'What To Wear' posts will be what I'll call them. I'm talking what to wear on a first date, what to wear for a wedding, what to wear for pretty much any occasion. Today's post is what to wear to a casino. I know in the past few years gambling and online betting on sites like has become more popular and a lot of people will spend a Friday night in a casino or just a night out with friends at casinos.

    I think for a casino evening wearing a simple dress and heels is a great option. Khaki is a really on trend colour at the moment and I'm loving this dress from Pretty Little Thing. I think it looks great with a pair of cream heels and matching clutch bag.

    If you're not much of a 'dress' person a simple pencil skirt like this one from River Island is perfect with a simple camisole top.

    What 'What To Wear' posts would you like to see?
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  • Fashion: Updating A Monochrome Outfit

    Faux Suede Cami Top - New Look

    Camel Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing

    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop

    White Heels - New Look

    I've been a little behind on my outfit posts lately but you'll be glad to know there's going to be a lot more of them now! I'm loving the faux suede trend at the moment and I think New Look are doing this trend SO well. I'm in love with this cami top and it's so easy to wear and so versatile and they have it in so many other colours and I want them all!

    Faux Suede Cami Top - New Look

    Camel Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing

    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop

    White Heels - New Look

    I think in a few outfit posts back I talked about my new found love for white jeans and they've become a real style staple in my wardrobe at the moment. I love teaming them with plain cami tops, striped tops and even with jumpers as it's a bit colder at the moment!

    What I love about this outfit is is that it's quite a simple monochrome outfit but the duster waistcoat has given the outfit a real pop of colour. I think it's giving this outfit a great but stylish update. If you're into wearing black and white clothes all the time I think a simple item like a duster coat is a great way to add colour into your wardrobe.

    What do you think of this outfit? How would you update a simple monochrome look?

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  • Beauty: 15 Alternative Uses for Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil - MyProtein

    I'm trying to jump on the healthy food bandwagon (I say try here) and recently after interning I was introduced to coconut oil. I have a cookbook (Madeleine Shaw's Get The Glow) and she raves about coconut oil in this book and uses it a lot for the recipes. One of my friends has always use coconut oil on her hair so I thought I'd research into a few other ways you can use coconut oil!

    1. Use it as an eye make up remover - Rub coconut oil into your skin and wipe it off with a warm cloth.

    2. Add coconut oil to food and drinks for daily energy

    3. Use it on your lips as a lip balm

    4. As a natural hair mask (one of my friends does this and swears by it!) you rub it into your hands and smooth it through the ends of your hair to prevent breakage.

    5. Use it as a nail treatment - You can rub it on your nails to help your cuticles grow.

    6. Use it as a hair mask - Mix Coconut Oil and Honey for a hydrating face mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse.

    7. Use it as a daily moisturiser - Use coconut oil as a moisturiser for your skin. It sinks in really quickly and leaves your skin feeling super smooth.

    8. Use Coconut Oil as a shaving cream - This one seems like a strange one but it actually works. Use coconut oil as a shaving cream for a close shave and it's great for if you have quite sensitive skin.

    9. Use Coconut Oil for cooking - Probably one of it's more well known for uses. Loads of healthy food/cooking bloggers swear by this stuff as an alternative to oil and to add flavour to meals.

    10. Use it as a make-up cleaner - It's proven that coconut oil can help clean your make-up brushes. Use a formula that is 2 parts anti bacterial and 1 part coconut oil to leave your brushes feeling smooth.

    11. Use it as a leave-in conditioner - If you have dry and dehydrated hair this is a great one for you! Apply a small amount to wet strands to seal in moisture once you've got out the shower.

    12. Use it to tame flyaway hairs - Ever just finish doing your hair in the morning and then notice you have a few flyaways? well rub a penny sized amount into your hands and smooth onto your flyaway for frizz-free hair.

    13. Use it as a cream for stretch marks - a lot of pregnant women swear by coconut oil for the use of stretch marks but anyone can use it for this purpose or scars to help smooth them.

    14. Use Coconut Oil as an eye cream - I always hate how eye creams are so expensive so this is a great alternative. Use a penny sized amount of coconut oil on under-eye bags and fine lines.

    15. Use it on bites as a soothing treatment - Just got back from holiday? well another use for coconut oil is to sooth bug bites.

    Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you got any other uses for coconut oil?
  • Fashion: The Rust Orange Waistcoat

    First of all I'd like to show you all my new coat (I'm in love!) I thought I'd go a bit different with this seasons Autumn/Winter coat and get a rust orange coat and I'm obsessed with it! It's perfect for autumn/winter and I love how the colour looks against my skin tone. It'll be great on those days when I'm not feeling too stylish and all I need to do is pop my coat on to completely update my outfit.

    I'd like to introduce you all to a new site you need to add to your bookmarks, Fashiola. If you don't know what Fashiola is you need to log onto the site! One thing I love about the site is you can type in what you're looking for e.g 'blue denim jeans' it'll narrow down all the blue denim jeans from your favourite sites and brands.

    The site analyses 94 shops and a whopping 1781 brands (it's like ASOS when you type into the search bar but on a much bigger scale) so this is definitely my new favourite site. It definitely saves a lot of time when you end up searching on all your favourite fashion sites when you could just look at Fashiola. You can narrow the search down to brand, sale, colour, size and price which will make your search a lot easier! and you can create wish lists too.

    When using Fashiola once you've found your product it will send you directly to the brands site which means you can still use student discount or any other codes you can find online such as 10% off, free delivery etc. They even have a page on the site which has all the latest discount codes from brands on here.

    It's a pretty handy site if you're looking to save some time and lots of energy you'd normally do searching hours online for that new perfect outfit. I'm definitely a fan of this site and i'll be using it more often!

    This post is in collaboration with Fashiola*
  • Fashion: The Pretty Little Olive Green Culotte Jumpsuit

    Lipstick - Faux by MAC Cosmetics

    Culotte Jumpsuit - Pretty Little Thing

    White Sleeveless Duster coat - Pretty Little Thing (Similar Here)

    White Heels - New Look

    About 2 weeks ago (I've been meaning to shoot this outfit for a while but it's always rained when I've tried!) me and my boyfriend celebrated our year anniversary and this is the outfit I wore. I fell in love with this culotte jumpsuit as soon as it came through my postbox. This jumpsuit is 100% me! It's a great piece to wear during the day with a pair of boots or a leather jacket and looks amazing with heels and a sleeveless waistcoat for a night out.

    Lipstick - Faux by MAC Cosmetics

    Culotte Jumpsuit - Pretty Little Thing

    White Sleeveless Duster coat - Pretty Little Thing (Similar Here)

    White Heels - New Look

    I think teaming up this olive green jumpsuit with white is the perfect combination. I really love how dark green looks against white. I think for an evening out for a meal or a night out this outfit is perfect. I think with a par of heels and a matching clutch bag would be ideal and heels always make your legs longer (which is a seriously good thing!)

    Lipstick - Faux by MAC Cosmetics

    Culotte Jumpsuit - Pretty Little Thing

    White Sleeveless Duster coat - Pretty Little Thing (Similar Here)

    White Heels - New Look

    I'm completely obsessed with wearing this culotte jumpsuit and I definitely feel like I need to add a few more of these to my wardrobe for the coming months. I think a culotte jumpsuit is great (especially if you don't like your legs) as it hides them a bit but you still look stylish!

    What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of culotte jumpsuits?

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  • Fashion: The ASOS Wishlist

    It's time to spend a bit more money on a few investment pieces for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I've been looking for a few new pieces online to help spruce up my wardrobe for the coming months. ASOS always hits the spot perfectly. They offer such gorgeous pieces at very affordable prices and so here's what I'm loving from ASOS right now!

    What are you loving from my ASOS wishlist? What are you loving online at the moment?

  • This Weeks High-Street Picks #53

    Tan Sleeveless Faux Suede Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
    Wrap Front Peplum Blouse - River Island
    Grey Check Wrap Front Shirt - River Island
    Mauve Hem Mini Skirt - Pretty Little Thing
    Wrap Over Midi Skirt - Boohoo
    Stone Faux Fur Gilet - New Look
    High-Neck Sleeve Striped Top - New Look

    It's that time of the year where it's time to add a few new pieces into your wardrobe for the coming season. Autumn is actually my favourite time of year and I have already wanted to add a few new blouses and coats to my wardrobe for next season.

    I think this season it's all about suede. I love fake suede as it is so affordable. I love this jacket from Pretty Little Thing as the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I think this will be great to team with a black polo neck and skinny jeans and boots for a casual look or with a cami top and printed trousers and heels for a going out look.

    I think at the moment on the high-street River Island are absolutely killing it! There's so many gorgeous pieces in stock at the moment including this blouse and this blouse.
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  • Fashion: The Rust Orange Waistcoat

    Rust Orange Waistcoat - Pretty Little Thing (Similar Here)
    Faux Suede Cami Top - New Look
    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    I've been having a bit of a moment with waistcoats at the moment. As a lot of the outfits I wear are quite simple it's been great to add a coloured waistcoat to give my outfits a pop of colour. My colour obsession for Autumn/Winter is definitely rust orange. I think the colour looks great with my skin tone and it's a great alternative to just wearing quite plain colours all the time!

    Rust Orange Waistcoat - Pretty Little Thing (Similar Here)
    Faux Suede Cami Top - New Look
    White High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    I think teaming rust orange with black and white and grey is the best way to wear this colour. I think my suede cami top from New Look works perfectly with my waistcoat and it's great to style the 70's trend in a different way. I'm loving white jeans more and more and I think they look amazing with this outfit.

    What do you think of the rust orange trend? Are you loving white jeans again?

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  • The Best Places In The World To Study Fashion

    Photo Credit - We Heart It

    While browsing the internet the other night, I happened to notice an article from the Business of Fashion folks, who gave a list of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world. I thought it would be interesting to share the top three (two of which are in the UK!) for undergraduate courses and have a bit of info on each one. The schools were ranked on global influence, learning experience and long-term value.

    I know that it’s important and often very hard to find the perfect University, but if you take the time to do some research and are even willing to study overseas, you could become the next high-profile designer. Imagine having the whole world talking about your designs and why they love them, such as this Prada collection on the Peter Hahn blog, called: New: get the designer look. Today: PRADA

    So without much ado, here are the top ranking Universities for fashion undergraduate courses:

    No. 3 - Kingston University, UK

    Founded in 1899, but officially becoming a University in 1992, Kingston University has made huge leaps in the fashion world for around 20 years. In the perfect Goldilocks area, in that it is away from all the big smoke and traffic jams, yet still not too far from central London, Kingston upon Thames is a fun city with a bustling nightlife.

    No. 2 - Bunka Fashion College, Japan

    A big step to take if you’re interested in studying fashion, but it wouldn’t have made the list if it wasn’t great! Bunka was founded in 1923 originally as a small dressmaking school, and specialised in Western styles at a time in Japan when this kind of clothing was considered a privilege reserved for the rich. The campus is a 21-story tall building, with masses of resources such as libraries and museums about fashion and design. A lot of fashion shows and events are held in the city, which is modern and caters for English speakers. Have a look for more info on Bunka Fashion College here.

    No. 1 - Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK

    The number one University for undergraduate fashion courses just had to be in the UK didn’t it? CSM has a global reputation and has seen famous graduates such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano walk through their doors. In fact, many designer superstars have taken a course here! Keep in mind, you’ve got to be the best of the best to get into CSM, as a MA for fashion receives around 600 applications…for 50 places. But if you’ve got the ambition and talent, then send off that application and hopefully you’ll see your name on a list of CSM’s Hall of Fame one day!

    I only talked about undergraduate courses, but FYI, here are the top three Universities for graduation courses:

    1. Royal College of Art – London, UK
    2. Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK (again!)
    3. Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

    I hope you found this list inspirational, but I’m sure wherever you end up wanting to study will be the right choice for you. Let me know in the comments which University you’d love to study in!

  • Lifestyle: Back To University Homeware Wishlist

    'B' Letter Lamp - Urban Outfitters
    Light Sleeper Heavy Dreamer Pillow Case - Urban Outfitters
    'Do What You Love' Print - Not On The High Street
    Copper Pencil Holder - Urban Outfitters
    Letter Holder - Urban Outfitters
    Carrie Bradshaw Print - FleurtPrintables via Etsy
    Gold Towel Rack - Urban Outfitters
    Accent Multi Frame - Urban Outfitters

    It's that time of year again! It feels like a life time ago since I was last in University (not May!) but here I am starting to pack my things for my 3rd year and moving into my new university house. I couldn't help but look at all the gorgeous homeware bits available online at the moment as I want to make my new room look quite quirky but also stylish.
    I've fallen a bit in love with Urban Outfitters homeware at the moment! I'm obsessed with this Gold Towel Rack and think it would be perfect for my new room. They're so handy and come in so useful for towels, coats, jackets etc!

    As you've probably seen all over Pinterest/Etsy/Interior Blogs prints are having a moment online right now. I love prints of quotes and sayings and I think a motivational one would be a great edition to my desk but I also love this one from Etsy.

    After being away a few times this year I really want to get some more photos printed. I've picked up some frames recently in IKEA but I also love these ones from Urban Outfitters!
    Are you loving homeware at the moment? Are you ready to go back to University?
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  • Fashion: Pretty Little Thing Wishlist #2

    You guys know by now I'm a little bit obsessed with Pretty Little Thing. I just think as a brand they get my style completely and so I can't help but check their new in section every day! So here's what I'm loving online at the moment!

    From simple basic tees to party dresses for a night out Pretty Little Thing is my go-to site at the moment. I feel that as a student as well they are bank balance friendly! I'm loving polo neck tops at the moment. They're great for layering or just wearing with a pair of jeans for a casual day. I think as well for Autumn/Winter you need to invest in a good jacket, a stylish pair of heels and a pair of culottes which will transfer your outfit from day time to night time so easily.
    What are you loving at the moment from Pretty Little Thing?
  • Lifestyle: 25 Blog Post Ideas

    Sometimes I have these days where I'm full of blogging ideas and inspiration but after 6 years of blogging these seem more of a rarity now. So when I have those days where I'm full of ideas I'll jot them down/draft them as blog posts and when I'm not feeling motivated about blogging I'll use them as posts! Well today is one of those days. So here's 25 blog post ideas for when you're stuck for ideas.

    1. Share your favourite Instagram accounts

    2. Share your favourite blogs

    3. Share your favourite apps you use for blogging

    4. Share your photography tips

    5. Share your blogging tips and tricks

    6. Write about the lessons you would teach your teenage self

    7. Share your tips about travelling

    8. Share your tips about surviving university

    9. Blog about your favourite food or a recipe you love

    10. Make a day in the life post

    11. Round up all your favourite outfits of the month and blog about them

    12. Write a review about a gig or festival you've been to

    13. Write about good places to visit in your local city

    14. Write about cities you'd love to discover

    15. Write about your blogging essentials (e.g phone, tablet, laptop, camera)

    16. Create a wishlist post on your blog about things you're loving on the high street at the moment

    17. Create a 'get the look' post about your favourite celebrity

    18. Share your favourite beauty brands

    19. Share your top 5 favourite lipsticks

    20. Share your top 5 make-up items right now

    21. Weekly/Monthly favourites

    22. Share your advice about blogging and things you've learnt

    23. Write a review about your favourite brand

    24. Share your latest fashion purchases in a fashion haul

    25. Write a post sharing your favourite youtubers

    I hope you'll find these ideas helpful for when you're next stuck for ideas on what to blog about!

  • Fashion: The Misguided Wishlist

    Fitted Denim Dress - £35
    Ribbed High Neck Jumper - £20
    Belted Khaki Shirt Dress - £30
    Contrast Lace Up Sandals - £35
    Floral Print Top - £15
    Faux Fur Rust Gilet - £55
    Grey Belted Waterfall Dress - £30
    Lace Pointed Flats - £20
    It's that time of the year when there's all the new gorgeous clothes coming in stock for Autumn/Winter and I'm loving so many bits of clothes at the moment! Missguided is a site that's killing it fashion wise right now and they're nailing all the latest trends.

    Essentials I think for A/W 2015 are a denim dress like this one which is perfect for layering for a casual look with trainers or wearing with a statement necklace and heels for a night out. Khaki is everywhere at the moment and i'm obsessed with this trend! I'm loving this shirt dress and think it's a great addition to any woman's wardrobe next season.

    Pointed shoes are another massive trend for the upcoming season and I recently picked up these from Next and I absolutely love them. They'll be getting a lot of wear out of them next season! One trend I'm so happy about being back is the gilet trend. I can't wait to dig out my black one and my cream one to wear this season. I've spotted this one is a great alternative to just a plain coloured gilet!

    What are you loving this season? Which is your favourite pick from Missguided?
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  • Beauty: Birchbox Happy Birthday September Review

    September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    When you're not having the best of days and a beauty box turns up at your door that's a sure way of making yourself smile again. Who doesn't love a beauty delivery? This months Birchbox is a total treat and there's some gorgeous samples inside! September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    To celebrate the birthday of Birchbox this month you can pop into Selfridges and design your own Birchbox until the end of September. You can also pick up your own surprise from Birchbox here. The surprises includes money off discounts and savings on your first Birchbox which is well worth giving a go. My friend tried it and won 50% off her first Birchbox.

    September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    This months Birchbox includes a Birchbox tangle teezer which is going straight in my handbag! I hate carrying a hairbrush on the go as it always takes up so much space in my bag (girl problems!) and this tangle teezer is great as it's small and compact. September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    One product I'm really excited about trying is this Laura Mercier face polish. It's great because it's a sample size which will be perfect for when you go away for a weekend or on holiday as it's a small sample. I've heard so much about Laura Mercier products being great for your scan so I can't wait to try this. September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I've never tried any products from LAQA and CO but it reminds me a lot of Collection makeup. I think this is a great edition to my make-up bag in my handbag and it's a gorgeous colour. September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I'm a massive fan of the Beauty Works leave in conditioner so I'm looking forward to trying this. I'm yet to find the perfect body cleanser so i'm looking forward to giving this a try. With going to Amsterdam next weekend, I'm definitely going to be packing this in my make-up bag! September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I've never heard of John Masters Organics before but after looking at this on the Birchbox shop, i've found out that this product helps nourish your hair in the shower and stop the knots while you're washing your hair. With having natural curly hair this is definitely a product for me!

    September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    Benefit is always a brand which I've wanted to buy into often as their products are amazing but the prices are just a little to out of my price range at the moment. I love all the benefit products I've tried and I've heard a lot about the porefessional. This is the perfect product if you suffer from oily skin once you've put your make-up on.

    Are you a fan of Beauty boxes? Have you tried a Birchbox Beauty Box?

  • Gone Girl

    Hello! I would apologise for my absence on this blog but I have been posting pretty consistently over on my social media (all of them are @llymlrs) as well as on my Vlogging Channel as of late so I don't feel too guilty to be honest. But I am sorry Ive not updated my blog readers and addressed you all directly! I always worry about spreading myself too thick and then things getting lost in the mix but I think I owe it to the platform I started out on to keep you guys in the loop.

    So my house is getting nearer and nearer to becoming a functional place where I can properly make content so Im hoping by the beginning of next week I'll have the blog up and running on a daily basis again! Im really excited about this, I have a notebook full of ideas for content over the next few weeks as well as getting back into both outfit and beauty posts on the reg.

    Honestly I cant tell you how weird it is not blogging regularly. While I've still been posting vlogs pretty much daily I just haven't had the time or the inclination to just sit down and type. I dont know why but even typing this out is weirding me out to a degree as I just feel so out of practice. I feel like I've forgotten how to use my internet voice and how to just be LLYMLRS on the internet.

    I always tell people when they start blogging is to not stop as you will lose your momentum and find it hard to get back in to and thats exactly what Im feeling right now. However Im determined to get back to at least posting more than once in a month like I did last month. That was absolutely shameful as I've never in my whole blogging history posted so few times in a month!

    Anyway, like I said. Things are looking awesome in the new flat. I just want my sofa to arrive so I can finally finish off my living room, which is shaping up really nicely as well as start actually deciding on how I want my bedroom to look. Im still browsing through endless pins on Pinterest looking for the one photo that sparks off my imagination and gets my interior juices flowing! Maybe I'll share some of my favourite photos on here next week!

    See you then!

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  • This Weeks High-Street Picks #54

    Eyelet Lace Up Cami Top - Missguided
    Brown Suedette Sleeveless Jacket - Miss Selfridge
    Box Sleeve Shift Dress - Pretty Little Thing
    Suedette Black Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
    Lace up Leopard Print Flats - Topshop
    Rust Brown V Neck Cami - River Island
    Plunge V Neck Cami - Topshop

    I am absolutely loving the high-street right now. About a month ago it was in that phase of in-between summer and autumn but now all that is on the high-street is clothing for Autumn/Winter. It's so good! I'm loving the suede trend which is around at the moment and how mustard, yellow and brown are huge colours for this season.

    I think if you do one thing this season you need to invest in a suedette piece. I'm loving this sleeveless jacket from Miss Selfridge. I think it would look amazing with a simple white tee and blue jeans or with a black polo neck and a denim skirt.

    My number one place to go when I'm wanting a new dress is Pretty Little Thing. They seem to get going out dresses completely right. I'm a little bit in love with this dress (and it comes in blue too!).

    What's your favourite item in this weeks wishlist? What are you loving on the high-street right now?
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  • Beauty: Current Top 5 Beauty Favourites

    I had an idea for this post a few days ago. Some of my favourite posts on blogs to read are the blogger top make-up products as nothing beats a good recommendation. So for a constant update of products I've been loving at the moment I'm going to be summarising my top 5 products for you all about once a month. These are products I've used constantly all month and would 100% recommend these to you! Revolution Make-up Vivid Highlighter - Superdrug

    At only £3 this is an absolute bargain. Having only recently discovered Revolution make-up, I've been hooked to using this highlighter. It's so easy to use and makes sure my skin is looking dewy! Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Feel Unique

    The Naked 2 Palette is a recent rediscovery of mine. I probably use it about every other week as I always seem to reach for the Naked Palette but I've found myself reaching a lot for the Naked 2 at the moment. It's got such a good range of colours and I think this will be my most used palette this Autumn/Winter. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara - Look Fantastic

    This has been my favourite mascara for some time now. It's great at making my lashes look fuller and longer and it's got the drugstore price which is a total bonus! You can read the full review of the mascara here. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - Selfridges

    I've been using MAC products for a few years now. I swear by using MAC foundation and lipsticks but I've never really ventured into any other MAC products until a few months ago. I love using this to cover spots and dark circles and it lasts all day too. Lee Stafford Argon Oil Nourishing Mist - Boots

    I've been a fan of Lee Stafford products for a few years now and since meeting him at an event recently (he was so lovely!) I love the products even more. The hair growth treatment completely saved my hair. Having suffered from hair loss (you can read my post about it here) I discovered Lee Stafford products and loved them ever since. I've recently discovered the nourishing miracle mist and it's great to spray on your hair when it's feeling a bit dry and needs some hydration!

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  • Lifestyle: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Friends

    As you have probably seen from my previous blog posts, I'm obsessed with watching Friends. I love creating content here on my blog about Friends as it seems to go down really well with you guys as they are some of my most read posts. I've been researching and researching the past hour or so and I thought I'd show you all 10 things you probably didn't know about Friends.


    1. When the show was first written, Monica and Joey were meant to be love interests.


    2. Chandler and Joey's big white dog was actually Jennifer Aniston's. It was given to her by a friend at the start of the show as a 'good luck' gift.


    3. Monica (Courtney Arquette) is actually older then Ross (David Schwimmer) despite playing his younger sister.


    4. Ross and Rachel's romance wasn't supposed to be the central romance in the series. Their love story developed due to Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer's chemistry.


    5. The story line of Phoebe giving birth to her brothers triplets was actually due to her being pregnant in real life.

    6. To celebrate Courtney Cox's marriage the episode called 'The One After Vegas' every cast member in the titles has Arquette at the end of his or her real name.


    7. Phoebe and Chandler were originally meant to be supporting characters.


    8. The Friends theme song 'I'll be there for you' by The Rembrandts was co-written by Friends co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane.

    9. Gunther didn't have a name until the middle of the second season of Friends.


    10. In the last episode of Friends, it's mentioned that all six characters have lived in Monica's apartment. They have actually all lived in Joey's too.

    I hope you've all enjoyed this post! Let me know if you'd like to see anymore Friends themed posts.

    Is there any points I've missed off?

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