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    Fashion: The Misguided Wishlist

    Fitted Denim Dress - £35
    Ribbed High Neck Jumper - £20
    Belted Khaki Shirt Dress - £30
    Contrast Lace Up Sandals - £35
    Floral Print Top - £15
    Faux Fur Rust Gilet - £55
    Grey Belted Waterfall Dress - £30
    Lace Pointed Flats - £20
    It's that time of the year when there's all the new gorgeous clothes coming in stock for Autumn/Winter and I'm loving so many bits of clothes at the moment! Missguided is a site that's killing it fashion wise right now and they're nailing all the latest trends.

    Essentials I think for A/W 2015 are a denim dress like this one which is perfect for layering for a casual look with trainers or wearing with a statement necklace and heels for a night out. Khaki is everywhere at the moment and i'm obsessed with this trend! I'm loving this shirt dress and think it's a great addition to any woman's wardrobe next season.

    Pointed shoes are another massive trend for the upcoming season and I recently picked up these from Next and I absolutely love them. They'll be getting a lot of wear out of them next season! One trend I'm so happy about being back is the gilet trend. I can't wait to dig out my black one and my cream one to wear this season. I've spotted this one is a great alternative to just a plain coloured gilet!

    What are you loving this season? Which is your favourite pick from Missguided?
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    Beauty: Birchbox Happy Birthday September Review

    September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    When you're not having the best of days and a beauty box turns up at your door that's a sure way of making yourself smile again. Who doesn't love a beauty delivery? This months Birchbox is a total treat and there's some gorgeous samples inside! September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    To celebrate the birthday of Birchbox this month you can pop into Selfridges and design your own Birchbox until the end of September. You can also pick up your own surprise from Birchbox here. The surprises includes money off discounts and savings on your first Birchbox which is well worth giving a go. My friend tried it and won 50% off her first Birchbox.

    September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    This months Birchbox includes a Birchbox tangle teezer which is going straight in my handbag! I hate carrying a hairbrush on the go as it always takes up so much space in my bag (girl problems!) and this tangle teezer is great as it's small and compact. September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    One product I'm really excited about trying is this Laura Mercier face polish. It's great because it's a sample size which will be perfect for when you go away for a weekend or on holiday as it's a small sample. I've heard so much about Laura Mercier products being great for your scan so I can't wait to try this. September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I've never tried any products from LAQA and CO but it reminds me a lot of Collection makeup. I think this is a great edition to my make-up bag in my handbag and it's a gorgeous colour. September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I'm a massive fan of the Beauty Works leave in conditioner so I'm looking forward to trying this. I'm yet to find the perfect body cleanser so i'm looking forward to giving this a try. With going to Amsterdam next weekend, I'm definitely going to be packing this in my make-up bag! September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    I've never heard of John Masters Organics before but after looking at this on the Birchbox shop, i've found out that this product helps nourish your hair in the shower and stop the knots while you're washing your hair. With having natural curly hair this is definitely a product for me!

    September Beauty Box - Birchbox

    Benefit is always a brand which I've wanted to buy into often as their products are amazing but the prices are just a little to out of my price range at the moment. I love all the benefit products I've tried and I've heard a lot about the porefessional. This is the perfect product if you suffer from oily skin once you've put your make-up on.

    Are you a fan of Beauty boxes? Have you tried a Birchbox Beauty Box?


    Gone Girl

    Hello! I would apologise for my absence on this blog but I have been posting pretty consistently over on my social media (all of them are @llymlrs) as well as on my Vlogging Channel as of late so I don't feel too guilty to be honest. But I am sorry Ive not updated my blog readers and addressed you all directly! I always worry about spreading myself too thick and then things getting lost in the mix but I think I owe it to the platform I started out on to keep you guys in the loop.

    So my house is getting nearer and nearer to becoming a functional place where I can properly make content so Im hoping by the beginning of next week I'll have the blog up and running on a daily basis again! Im really excited about this, I have a notebook full of ideas for content over the next few weeks as well as getting back into both outfit and beauty posts on the reg.

    Honestly I cant tell you how weird it is not blogging regularly. While I've still been posting vlogs pretty much daily I just haven't had the time or the inclination to just sit down and type. I dont know why but even typing this out is weirding me out to a degree as I just feel so out of practice. I feel like I've forgotten how to use my internet voice and how to just be LLYMLRS on the internet.

    I always tell people when they start blogging is to not stop as you will lose your momentum and find it hard to get back in to and thats exactly what Im feeling right now. However Im determined to get back to at least posting more than once in a month like I did last month. That was absolutely shameful as I've never in my whole blogging history posted so few times in a month!

    Anyway, like I said. Things are looking awesome in the new flat. I just want my sofa to arrive so I can finally finish off my living room, which is shaping up really nicely as well as start actually deciding on how I want my bedroom to look. Im still browsing through endless pins on Pinterest looking for the one photo that sparks off my imagination and gets my interior juices flowing! Maybe I'll share some of my favourite photos on here next week!

    See you then!

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    This Weeks High-Street Picks #54

    Eyelet Lace Up Cami Top - Missguided
    Brown Suedette Sleeveless Jacket - Miss Selfridge
    Box Sleeve Shift Dress - Pretty Little Thing
    Suedette Black Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
    Lace up Leopard Print Flats - Topshop
    Rust Brown V Neck Cami - River Island
    Plunge V Neck Cami - Topshop

    I am absolutely loving the high-street right now. About a month ago it was in that phase of in-between summer and autumn but now all that is on the high-street is clothing for Autumn/Winter. It's so good! I'm loving the suede trend which is around at the moment and how mustard, yellow and brown are huge colours for this season.

    I think if you do one thing this season you need to invest in a suedette piece. I'm loving this sleeveless jacket from Miss Selfridge. I think it would look amazing with a simple white tee and blue jeans or with a black polo neck and a denim skirt.

    My number one place to go when I'm wanting a new dress is Pretty Little Thing. They seem to get going out dresses completely right. I'm a little bit in love with this dress (and it comes in blue too!).

    What's your favourite item in this weeks wishlist? What are you loving on the high-street right now?
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    Beauty: Current Top 5 Beauty Favourites

    I had an idea for this post a few days ago. Some of my favourite posts on blogs to read are the blogger top make-up products as nothing beats a good recommendation. So for a constant update of products I've been loving at the moment I'm going to be summarising my top 5 products for you all about once a month. These are products I've used constantly all month and would 100% recommend these to you! Revolution Make-up Vivid Highlighter - Superdrug

    At only £3 this is an absolute bargain. Having only recently discovered Revolution make-up, I've been hooked to using this highlighter. It's so easy to use and makes sure my skin is looking dewy! Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Feel Unique

    The Naked 2 Palette is a recent rediscovery of mine. I probably use it about every other week as I always seem to reach for the Naked Palette but I've found myself reaching a lot for the Naked 2 at the moment. It's got such a good range of colours and I think this will be my most used palette this Autumn/Winter. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara - Look Fantastic

    This has been my favourite mascara for some time now. It's great at making my lashes look fuller and longer and it's got the drugstore price which is a total bonus! You can read the full review of the mascara here. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - Selfridges

    I've been using MAC products for a few years now. I swear by using MAC foundation and lipsticks but I've never really ventured into any other MAC products until a few months ago. I love using this to cover spots and dark circles and it lasts all day too. Lee Stafford Argon Oil Nourishing Mist - Boots

    I've been a fan of Lee Stafford products for a few years now and since meeting him at an event recently (he was so lovely!) I love the products even more. The hair growth treatment completely saved my hair. Having suffered from hair loss (you can read my post about it here) I discovered Lee Stafford products and loved them ever since. I've recently discovered the nourishing miracle mist and it's great to spray on your hair when it's feeling a bit dry and needs some hydration!

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    Lifestyle: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Friends

    As you have probably seen from my previous blog posts, I'm obsessed with watching Friends. I love creating content here on my blog about Friends as it seems to go down really well with you guys as they are some of my most read posts. I've been researching and researching the past hour or so and I thought I'd show you all 10 things you probably didn't know about Friends.


    1. When the show was first written, Monica and Joey were meant to be love interests.


    2. Chandler and Joey's big white dog was actually Jennifer Aniston's. It was given to her by a friend at the start of the show as a 'good luck' gift.


    3. Monica (Courtney Arquette) is actually older then Ross (David Schwimmer) despite playing his younger sister.


    4. Ross and Rachel's romance wasn't supposed to be the central romance in the series. Their love story developed due to Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer's chemistry.


    5. The story line of Phoebe giving birth to her brothers triplets was actually due to her being pregnant in real life.

    6. To celebrate Courtney Cox's marriage the episode called 'The One After Vegas' every cast member in the titles has Arquette at the end of his or her real name.


    7. Phoebe and Chandler were originally meant to be supporting characters.


    8. The Friends theme song 'I'll be there for you' by The Rembrandts was co-written by Friends co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane.

    9. Gunther didn't have a name until the middle of the second season of Friends.


    10. In the last episode of Friends, it's mentioned that all six characters have lived in Monica's apartment. They have actually all lived in Joey's too.

    I hope you've all enjoyed this post! Let me know if you'd like to see anymore Friends themed posts.

    Is there any points I've missed off?


    Fashion: The Kind of 70's Outfit

    Rust Polo Neck Top - Pretty Little Thing
    White Sleeveless Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing
    Striped Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
    White Heels - New Look

    It feels like ages since I last shot an outfit post! I've been so inspired by so many different fashion trends at the moment and one of those is the 70's. I've never been a fan of the fringing and bell sleeves so I thought I'd show you all how I like to wear this seasons 'IT' trend.
    Rust Polo Neck Top - Pretty Little Thing
    White Sleeveless Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing
    Striped Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
    White Heels - New Look

    I absolutely love the outfit. I love how the rust polo neck looks against the striped trousers. I think the colours are very 70's and it works perfectly into Autumn/Winter at the moment. I've teamed the top and trousers up with my favourite sleeveless duster coat and white heels and I think this makes the perfect look. This is the sort of outfit I'd wear to university (minus the heels) I'd swap them for some boots or trainers!
    Rust Polo Neck Top - Pretty Little Thing
    White Sleeveless Duster Coat - Pretty Little Thing
    Striped Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
    White Heels - New Look

    I think this is an outfit which can be easily worn for an evening out but also for a day at university wearing a pair of trainers or boots. Depending on the weather, I'd wear a coat instead of the duster coat as it'll be getting cold in the next few months!

    What do you think of this outfit? Have you been loving the 70's trend that's around lately?
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    H&M Home Haul

    As I've been in my new place for almost a month now (wow, thats flown by! Well overdue an update on that situation!) But I've been recently getting into gathering decor for my new flat recently and I've already done a small haul featuring Tiger, Primark and Urban Outfitters already but I just posted a brand new H&M home haul over on my Youtube Channel.

    Decor has really made me feel like my flat is coming together as Im finally getting past the stage that feels like Im not getting anywhere and things are starting to feel more homely! Hope you like what I picked up!

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    Welcome back

    Dress - Topshop, Jacket - similar Asos , Bag - similar Topshop, Sunglasses - Quay Australia

    Necklace - Topshop

    Okay, so a quickie old outfit post before we start a fresh with some new ones as of this week! This was from a shoot I did while working with a brand a while back that I found on a memory cards while trying to free some space up on my vlogging camera. I actually thought that Id lost all these files when my laptop broke and had to be wiped, but I did a mini fist pump when they showed up!

    As of today Im going to try and post on this blog at least 5 times a week. I dont really like setting targets or schedules out for myself as from experiance it can lead to failture but I spent some of last week working on a bunch of new content and ideas for this site so hopefully things will run pretty consitently for a while. Like i said I always worry about posting TOO much stuff, like at the moment Im vlogging everyday and then posting three videos a week. Which personally I think is way too much stuff and constantly fear about things getting lost on the shuffle, but hey ho. It keeps me busy and I do enjoy doing it so it doesnt bother me too much! As long as you guys are into it them Im pretty happy to keep going! Anyway, yeah Hi again!

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    Fashion: This Weeks High-Street Picks #55

    Contrast Lapel Duster Coat - Missguided
    Chiffon Tie Back Playsuit - Pretty Little Thing
    Plunge V Neck Cami Top - Topshop
    Stripe Insert Tee - Topshop
    Grey Floral Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
    Blue Box Sleeve Shift Dress - Pretty Little Thing

    I'm loving the high-street at the moment. It's well and truly that time of year where all the new items are coming in store and it's time to buy a few new pieces for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Firs thing to invest in is a new coat. At the moment, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing stock some gorgeous coats including this one from Misguided and my new coat which is this one from Pretty Little Thing.
    A simple camisole top is the perfect transitioning piece for your wardrobe this A/W you can layer it with a simple cardigan, under a jumper or wear it on a night out with a statement necklace and leather jacket.
    One thing I'm loving at the moment is statement trousers. I recently got a pair I love from Pretty Little Thing (you will have seen them in this outfit post) and next on my wish list is this pair.
    What are you loving on the high-street right now? Whats your favourite item from this weeks wish list?
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    Daisy Dreams Forever

    Good Ol' Mark Jacobs fragrances. A recent addition to the iconic perfume line up is Daisy Dreams Forever. Inspired by blue skies and day dreaming, this fragrance is youthful and fresh and although marketed as a summery scent I think it’s a really nice transitional fragrance.

    Similar to the original Daisy Dreams, the scent opens with a fruity mixture of blackberry, pear and grapefruit. The heart goes into flowers of blue wisteria, jasmine and fresh lychee, with the base following up with strong blond woods. It’s juicy, fresh while being warming and elegant at the same time. It reminds me a little bit of blueberry pies. The bottle is probably my favourite offering from Marc Jacobs for a long time, it’s colour is just beautiful and really striking.

    Much stronger and fruiter than the original version, so if you liked Daisy Dreams but wanted some more oopmh then give this a spritz next time you’re near a perfume counter! Daisy Dreams Forever just has way more character and punch!

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    Beauty: September Make-up Haul

    Do you ever have one of those days when you feel the need to splurge and treat yourself to something new? Well a few weeks ago I had one of those days. I was wondering around my local town centre and I thought I'd pop into Superdrug and you guessed it, I came out with some new bits of make-up to try. What I love about shopping in Superdrug is that you can use your NUS card for student discount (you get 10% off) and that with the beauty card if you have enough points you can take money off your purchases (it's a win win situation!).
    First up it's this Revolution make up highlighter in Golden Lights at only £3 it was an absolute bargain and who doesn't love finding a new highlighter to use? With the contouring trend being overtaken with strobing it's all about the dewy glowy sun kissed look. I've been loving using this highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and underneath my brow bone.
    From MUA I picked up brow mascara in dark brown. It was only £2 so I thought it was worth trialling out. I love brow mascaras and I've always been a massive fan of the Benefit Gimme Brow as it's such an amazing product. When mine ran out I was so upset as they're about £20 each! (which is a lot of money to spend on taming your brows) so I knew I had to find a cheaper alternative. I found one from Essence make-up (which I blogged about here) but with being a make-up brand found in Wilkinson's it's a little bit harder to find so I was over the moon when I found this dupe in Superdrug.
    You may have seen my post (here) about the Revolution Make-up Redemption Palettes in Iconic 1 and Iconic 2 . At only £4 these are amazing Naked Palette dupes and they don't break the bank either. Lastly I stocked up on my favourite primer which is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer which I've sworn by using for about a year now. It's great because it helps my make-up stay on all day and it's normally on offer to in Boots of Superdrug which is a bonus!
    What have you been buying from Boots and Superdrug lately? Are there any beauty products you'd recommend me to try?

    What I Ate Today 2

    I dont think I've even mentioned it on this blog yet but a couple of months ago I decided to go meat free, dairy free and basically cut all animal products from my diet. A while ago I posted a what I eat in a day video over on my channel and it got a really good reaction to it so I thought I’d do a round two.

    I absolutely love seeing what people eat in a day on Youtube. It's become one of my weird obsessions and I seem to find myself watching countless videos of all sorts of diets from veganism to body building. I think theres just something really interesting about seeing what others choose to eat on a day to day basis. Weirdly fascinating and slightly voyeuristic!

    Pre-Breakfast: I love starting my day off with some lemon water. I always thought it was a little bit pretentious and a faff but since adding it to my morning routine it's really helped with my digestion and getting ready for the day. Really hydrating and a great way to start the day off!

    Breakfast: For breakfast I normally have a fruit based meal because I never really feel like eating a heavy starchy breakfast, although I am partial to my new favourite recipe of chocolate oatmeal (recipe coming soon!) On this day I had two ripe mangos as well as two passionfruit just chopped up and plonked on a plate.

    Lunch: Sushi Bowls are my new favourite quick and effortless lunch.I was super lazy and just used long grain rice instead of sushi riche as I wasn’t planning on wrapping it in nori so regular rice is fine. Not ideal and Im sure sushi purists are shaking their fists at me but trust me it's super easy this way! Then I spiralised a cucumber, chopped some carrot and avocado, added it all to a bowl along with some sushi ginger and some black seasame seeds.

    Snack: Edamame beans are my current favourite obsession and a great source of protein in plant based diets! I eat so many of these at the moment I am a little bit worried about this latest snacking habit! At least it's pretty healthy though!

    Dinner: Comfort food time! I made some mash with some steamed broccoli. Super simple but really filling and so good on a cold evening. I didnt use and butter or milk in my mash as I didnt have any but I would recommend some dairy free butter or milk if you wanted it super creamy, however I liked it how it was!

    Admittedly I don't eat like this every single day, Somedays I do eat a whole bag of kettle chips with a tub of pitta or fries or a box of Oreos. Im also not a dietitian, so I'm not saying this is an ideal way of eating, but Im still alive and kicking so I

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    Fashion: The New A/W Dream Coat

    White Tee - ASOS
    Burgundy Coat - Pretty Little Thing* (sold out but similar here)
    Black High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    I can't believe that it's only just the start of September (well I suppose it's mid September now) and it already feel like it's about November as it's so cold in the UK. I've been living in roll neck jumpers for the past week or so as I've been feeling so cold!

    When it comes to A/W I love stocking up on a few coats for the coming months. As I like to wear quite plain outfits a colourful coat is a great way to update your outfit without standing out too much from the crowd. You can see my other new coat I have for this A/W in a blog post here.

    White Tee - ASOS
    Check Scarf - ASOS
    Burgundy Coat - Pretty Little Thing* (sold out but similar here)
    Black High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    I've teamed this coat with a simple white tee and black jeans. This is my go-to outfit when I want to look casual but still stylish. White goes so well with this coat and I think this coat is the perfect colour for this season.

    White Tee - ASOS
    Check Scarf - ASOS
    Burgundy Coat - Pretty Little Thing* (sold out but similar here)
    Black High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    A great way to make the outfit stand out that little bit more is by teaming the coat with a statement scarf. I'm in love with this scarf I recently got on ASOS. I think ASOS is great for scarves this season (you can check out the ASOS scarves here) and New Look have some absolutely gorgeous scarves in at the moment you can check them out here.

    What do you think of this outfit? Have you found your perfect Autumn/Winter coat?
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    Modern Mod

    Jumper: New Look, Skirt: ASOS, Waistcoat: Zara (similar), Hat: ASOS, Bag: ASOS (similar) Boots: Topshop (mega old!)

    Monday me and Jon spent the day shooting a bunch of a new outfit posts which Im super excited about as well as some really cute photos of me and Aerys for a post I have coming up in the next few weeks! Psst, check my Twitter feed for a sneaky peek!

    So here is the latest one, and hopefully the start of outfit posts being a thing on this blog again. In an attempt to avoid the 70's trend at all costs... A trend that I just cannot pull off no matter how hard I try to accomodate it. Trust me, I've tried everything from flares to floaty tops and nothing is working for me. I pulled back to my favourite trend the 60's and pulled out this monochromatic patched skirt with a high necked jumper for a bit of a twist on a mod inspired look! I really love the skirt as it's super flattering and has a really thick material which has a luxe feel to it. The pockets in a contrasting white add a little bit of extra detail to a really simple look.

    I paired the look with a fedora (obvz) and my houndstooth Topshop boots which I adore. I always get comments on them whenever I wear them but I've never found anything similar in shops to them even though I do keep my eye out for them! I think printed boots are really fun, I've recently bought these snake print ones, and although you might think they are a tad garish, if you're like me and have a full monochromatic wardrobe they add a pop of pattern without stepping out of a comfort zone!

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    Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker

    Beauty: Look Fantastic 1st Anniversary September Beauty Box

    Look Fantastic Beauty Box*
    It's that time of the month again when another box of beauty goodness has arrived at my door and yet again I'm in love. There's one thing I love about Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes is they're always surprising. I think they're great if you're wanting to explore new products especially skincare products! Look Fantastic Beauty Box*
    I've been a fan of Look Fantastic boxes since around March time and on the whole I love them! I think they're great value for money and there's always one or two products I absolutely adore in each box. This month's box is themed around Look Fantastic's 1st Beauty Box Birthday! So not only do you have the £55+ worth of Beauty Box goodness but you get £40 in vouchers too from sites such as All Sole, MyProtein, Coggles, GHD and MyBag. You also get a sneak peek into the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar which I am SO excited about. Caudalie Quenching Serum
    Caudalie is a brand I'm loving more and more at the moment. It's a brand that is a regular in beauty boxes and I'm always excited when I get another product from Caudalie to try. I'm going to try this before applying my moisturiser in the morning and at night. Tanworx Tan Maintainer
    This is product I won't be using for a little while actually! I am off to Amsterdam this weekend (yay!) but unfortunately it won't be sunny. I'll be digging this product out after my next sunny holiday though! Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo
    Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner
    These two products are going to be put in my travel make-up bag this weekend. I love mini versions of shampoo and conditioner and theres nothing worse then buying an expensive conditioner or shampoo and it not working on your hair. Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet

    It's been a real treat this months box as this is the second Caudalie product! I am so excited to test this out during my skincare routine in the mornings and evenings. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

    One sort of product I'm really loving at the moment is a face wash. I love using face wash everyday and in the shower and I find they really work well on my skin. I normally use the Soap and Glory one but I'm excited to give this one a whirl! Codage Paris Scrubbing Cream

    I've read a lot of reviews on Codage products. I think this is the brand which works really well on dry skin. When it comes to September/October time and through-out winter I find that my skin gets dryer and dryer and so I can't wait to try this out. Phyto Keratine Extreme Exceptional Cream

    Why is it that in summer your hair feels glossy, nourished and just great all the time and then when it gets to the colder months it's so dry and needs lots of TLC! This product couldn't have come at a better time. I've never heard of Phyto, but after googling the brand just I kept seeing great reviews about their products. I can't wait to use this in the shower to hopefully give my hair some more nourishment.

    What do you think of this month's beauty box? Which is your favourite product?
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    The Best Drugstore Foundation Routine

    Yesterday I posted a lil' recap of my Drugstore Foundation and contouring routine over on my Youtube Channel and I thought I'd share it on here and hit you up with some mini reviews of the products I used in the videos! You can watch the video above for my application and some tips or oer on my channel if you prefer!

    Maybelline Baby Skin Primer*:

    A nifty little apricot primer that smooths the skin out while adding a touch of radiance to tired, dull and sleepy skin! If you have a sallow skin-tone then this product is a must have as it's apricot tone counteract green's and greys in the skin to give a subtle lit from within glow.

    L'Oreal 24 Hour Infallible Matte Foundation
    I've raved about this foundation before and done a full review on this in the past but the long and short of it is... if you're in the market for a full coverage, matte foundation then this one is for you. Long lasting, cheap and effective this is probably the best drugstore foundation out there and I'd totally recommend giving it a go.

    Rimmel Good to Glow

    A cute little highlighter which I personally like to mix with my foundation to stop it from looking so flat and matte. While we want matte skin we dont want it to loose some of the natural luminosity and by adding a few drops of this it creates a lovely base. This would also work well if you're trying to "strobe" your face if you use it as primer before applying your foundation on top.

    Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
    A product that doesn't really need any introductions. It's probably the most hyped concealer on the UK drugstore market. If you're into high coverage or just want something to conceal those pesky spots then pick this up. It'll be the best £5 you've ever spent.

    Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

    I think this is one of those beauty products that I've used for as long as I can remember. The Rimmel Stay Matte powder is one of those things that seems to have been around forever and worked consistently. It's an affordable matte powder which helps set makeup, keep oil at bay and doesnt cake. Plus you wont feel guilty throwing it in your handbag as it's only £3.99!

    Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium*

    I've been using this recently in place of my usual contouring kit from Sleek and I think I've found a new favourite. I have the shade light/medium which is ideal for a natural contour but it does come in other shades if you want a stronger cheek look. The highlighter is so dreamy and applies very similarly to the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial powder for a glow without any glitter.

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    Fashion: Pretty Little Thing Wishlist #3

    Snake Print Shirt Dress - £25
    Khaki Suede Lace Up Dress - £25
    Black Denim Mini Skirt - £15
    Rust Waterfall Coat - £25
    Cut Out Neck Shift Dress - £25
    Khaki Long Line Shirt Dress - £20
    NYC Crop Sweater - £8
    Cropped Rust Mac - £20
    Pretty Little Thing is one of my favourite stores. They seem to get fashion trends just right and with a cool edge. The amount of times I'm wearing PLT and people think it's a lot more expensive then it is when they ask where my clothes are from.
    Some essentials I think everyone needs for this Autumn/Winter are a patterned shirt dress like this one. They're perfect for teaming with a pair of heels for a night out and with a tights and ankle boots during the day.
    You'll all probably know by now how much I love waterfall coats and this one is next on my wishlist. Rust orange is literally my favourite colour right now as you'll have probably seen from here and here. I have this coat in a couple of colours and it's so warm and comfy and a complete bargain at only £25.
    What are you loving from this weeks wish list? Are you loving Pretty Little Thing?

    Fashion: The Suedette Waistcoat

    White Tee - ASOS
    Suedette Waistcoat - Pretty Little Thing
    Bag - Ted Baker
    High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    As you'll be reading this post I'll currently be away in Amsterdam for a long weekend with my boyfriend which I'm so so excited about. If you want to check out what I'm up to on social media you can follow my Twitter here and follow me on Instagram here. But today I'm talking about dressing for when you go back to University. I'm so sad to be going back next week why can't the summer just last forever?
    White Tee - ASOS
    Suedette Waistcoat - Pretty Little Thing
    Bag - Ted Baker
    High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    When I'm at uni I like to dress quite casual. I tend to live in black skinny jeans and plain tees, so I thought the perfect way to jazz up a simple outfit is to add a bit of this seasons hottest trend, Suede. I picked up this suedette waistcoat on Pretty Little Thing and I absolutely love it. It's great for layering with tees and polo necks with jeans if you want to create a more stylish look.
    White Tee - ASOS
    Suedette Waistcoat - Pretty Little Thing
    Bag - Ted Baker
    High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
    Shoes - Primark (Similar Here)

    This is a typical outfit I'd wear to university and I love how this waistcoat goes so well with my handbag!

    What are you loving wearing at the moment? How are you styling the suede trend?

    Beauty: The £4 Naked Palette Dupes

    Revolution Make-up Redemption Palette Iconic 1 - Superdrug
    Revolution Make-up Redemption Palette Iconic 2 - Superdrug

    Now we all love a good dupe right? I'm one of those people which will read beauty blog after beauty blog to find the latest beauty dupes I can find in Superdrug and Boots. When I was in Superdrug a few days ago I came across Revolution make-up and I can safely say my life changed FOREVER.
    Revolution Make-up Redemption Palette Iconic 1 - Superdrug
    Revolution Make-up Redemption Palette Iconic 2 - Superdrug

    Why do you ask? well just have a cheeky browse around the store I came across Revolution make-up and I've never seen the brand before and then I saw the prices. This seems like such good quality make-up and being a student I was even more excited to see it doesn't break the bank! (yay!)
    Revolution Make-up Redemption Palette Iconic 1 - Superdrug
    Revolution Make-up Redemption Palette Iconic 2 - Superdrug

    I just had to pick these palettes up. They're were a measly £4 each too and the best thing about Superdrug is you can use your student discount to (with an NUS card) which is even more of an excuse to do some beauty shopping and treat yourself to something new.
    I actually own the Naked 1 & 2 Palette and I absolutely love them. I use them literally everyday and I take them everywhere with me. What I'd like though is to carry something not as bulky, have a back-up palette I can leave at uni house or my boyfriends house for those times where you're not as prepared for nights-out etc and you just need something quick and easy to use.
    I think what's so great is they're a good 'pick me up' item. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have arrived somewhere and forgotten an item of make-up! At only £4 you can repurchase it and still create that perfect make-up look.

    I've used these palettes a few times already and I think they're just as good as the Naked Palettes. I know you're all thinking they are not as good as the real thing but the only real difference I can tell with the eyeshadows is the pigmentation is not as good as the Naked Palettes but it's still amazing quality and value for money!

    I'll be definitely keeping my eyes pealed for new Revolution make-up releases and checking it out more in store at Superdrug as they have so many gorgeous eye palettes!

    Have you tried Revolution make-up? What pieces of make-up are you loving at the moment? Any products you'd recommend me to try?

    Hove Beach Huts

    Shirt - Topshop, Skirt - Zara (similar), Shoes - Office (similar) Bag- ASOS (similar), Gilet - Forever 21 (similar), Hat - ASOS

    I cant explain how much of a chore it was to shoot these photos down by the beach huts in Hove but since moving down to Brighton and Hove area I've always wanted to shoot down by the sea. I think we picked the windiest day ever though and I had to chase after my hat at one point! Not ideal but I think we styled it out in these images! Most evenings I go for a wander down on the beachfront. It's so lovely seeing the sunset over the sea and how the colours of the sky change each night. It's also pretty awesome seeing the pier at night, it's cheesey as hell but it does look so awesome.

    Im really digging denim at the moment, as someone who's not really into blue jeans my blue denim has been coming in the form of denim shirts and a denim dress. If you watch any of my vlogs then I'm sure you're familiar with the hat that Im wearing. I feel like it's barely left my head since I bought it. I had lost it when I was at V (another incident of it blowing away in the wind) but while I was there I was straight on the ASOS app and purchased another one on the spot. It's probably my favourite hat of all time and it's genuinely one of the nicest things I have in my wardrobe right now.

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    Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker

    Skincare for Spot Prone Skin

    Thought I would do a little updated video on some of my favourite skincare products that help spot prone skin. I rarely do product recommendation videos but in the intrest of trying to try some new things and styles of making videos and just generally seeing what works for me I thought I'd offer up some of my favourite products to the stage. Hope you enjoy!

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    Styling my Desk

    Desk - Ikea Micke, Print- Society 6, Antelope Head - Oliver Bonas, Pens - Tiger, Pen Pots - Tiger,

    Marble Clipboard - Tiger, Camera - Urban Outfitters, Notebooks - H&M, Marble Tray - H&M

    The first area of my house that I've really focused on is pulling together my desk area. It's the place I'll be spending most of my time (well apart from under my duvet watching Netflix!) at so I thought it would make the most sense to start off there.While it's still not at the point where I want to it be Im pretty happy with the direction the styling of the space is going! My number one priority in my work space is to have it looking fresh and fun at the same time. Something that ha my personal style down to a tee but also inspired and motivated me to work.

    My whole living room theme is black and white with lots of colour pops with lots of black to give a really deep contrast between the white and the black and make the colours even more vibrant. My desk is currently working a sort of green theme though that's come in the form of my pride and joy - my Oliver Bonas Antelope wireframe. It's my absolutely favourite thing I've purchased for my new place so far, it just is so quirky and unusual. Plus I just love the way it plays on the traditional taxidermy thing, all while being cruelty free and not crass!

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    Beauty: Look Fantastic Wishlist

    Cargo Cosmetics The Essentials Eyeshadow Palette - £35
    Bourjois Delice Poudre Bronzer Duo - £7.99
    Benefit High Brow Pencil - £16.50
    Benefit They're Real Brown Mascara - £19.50
    Cloud Nine Waving Wand - £89.50
    Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette - £25
    Wella Leave In Conditioner - £11.25
    Balance Me Moisturising Hand Cream - £14.50
    GHD Limited Edition Pink Styler in Vintage Pink - £165
    I thought I would introduce a new type of wish list to my blog. It's time for a beauty wish list! I love browsing online on beauty sites such as Look Fantastic. I have had some beauty items on my wish list for some time now and so I thought I'd share what I'm lusting after with you all.
    I've become a little bit obsessed with eyeshadow palettes lately. This one from Cargo Cosmetics is stunning! The colours look so pretty and perfect for a day-time make up look and an evening make-up look. I've heard loads about the make-up brand Stila and I really want to try out the In The Light Eyeshadow Palette.
    Benefit products have always been a massive favourite of mine and their mascaras are so good! Ever since they released the 'They're Real' mascara in different colours I've really wanted to try out the brown mascara.
    Now my hairs finally growing longer (yay!) I really want to invest in a new curling wand for my hair to create loose waves. This curler by Cloud Nine seems like the perfect investment!
    What do you think of this wish list? What are you lusting after in the beauty world right now?

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    School Girl-ish

    Dress - Topshop (similar), Shirt - Topshop, Shoes - Office (similar), Bag - New Look (old), Lipstick - Hourglass Riviera

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    Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker

    Fashion: This Weeks High-Street Picks #57

    Rust Sleeveless Waterfall Coat - Pretty Little Thing
    Rust Buckle Cigarette Trousers - Missguided
    High Neck Ribbed Top - Topshop
    Burgundy Leather-Look A-Line Skirt - New Look
    Tan Faux Suede Skater Skirt - Pretty Little Thing
    Lace up Boots - Pretty Little Thing
    Belted Shawl Collar Coat - Boohoo

    This time of year is my absolute favourite when it comes to fashion. I'm completely obsessed with Autumn fashion and wearing coats all the time. I never used to like coats but my coat collection seems to be forever growing! This Autumn it's all about suede, oranges, reds, khakis and browns.
    I'm absolutely in love with the colour rust at the moment. I love how it looks against my skin tone. You may have seen my new coat (which is rust) in this post. I think this waterfall coat from Pretty Little Thing is a perfect edition to any Autumn/Winter wardrobe. It'll look great with oversized jumpers or a black or grey polo neck.
    Burgundy is another popular colour for A/W. I'd team this skirt with a white polo neck and tights with chelsea boots for a simple 70's look. Suede is a massive trend for this next season. I think there's so many gorgeous faux suede pieces on the high-street at the moment and this skirt from Pretty Little Thing is only £15 which is a total bargain!
    This coat from Boohoo is my favourite style of coat at the moment and this one is next on my wishlist as I think I need a bit more khaki in my life!
    What do you think of this weeks high-street picks? What are you loving from the wishlist this month?

    EDIT: Oxblood Trend

    Oxblood is always one of my favourite autumn winter colours. It comes around pretty much every year as it's a universally flattering shade that slots really well into our everyday wardrobes. As one of the hottest hues of the 70's trend it's going to be all over the high street this autumn winter so it;s a colour to keep an eye on. Oxblood is a seasonal rich shade that feels way more cosy than shades of black or gray. For todays edit I've picked out and narrowed down some of my must-have oxblood pieces from fedoras, to jumpers to boots! Let me know what you think!

    (if you cant see shopping widget then try turning off your ad blocker or add this site to your whitelist)

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    Lifestyle: Student Healthy Meal Ideas #1

    One thing I’d love to get more into is food blogging. Being a university student it isn’t the easiest of things to keep healthy. Over the summer I seem to have become a little obsessed with fitness and healthy eating books and I even joined the gym at university! I joined last year but just for classes but now I’m forcing myself to do the gym (which basically means treadmills and exercise bikes)

    So as the year goes on I probably won’t have the most amount of free time in the world to blog but don’t worry I’m not giving up blogging! So you may see even more of a variety of posts.

    I thought today I’d delve into showing you all a simple (but easy student meal to make). I’ve recently moved into a new house as so I don’t have Internet at the moment, which is definitely not ideal. I normally spend hours making wish lists and posts but use the Internet as inspiration and now I have to change my blogging routine completely!

    First of all you'll need a fillet of salmon (or two) depending on how hungry you are. A lemon, sweet potato and a bag of florette salad (or any salad you have) but as you can see there's minimal ingredients needed for this meal! I decided on only having one sweet potato in the end and I washed it, peeled it and chopped it up and put it with sunflower oil onto the tray. I preheated the oven to 200 degrees (probably should have used 180) and seasoned the sweet potato fries. These will take between 40 mins-1 hour to cook. Next up was the salmon. I used some butter to grease the kitchen foil and placed the salmon on top. I seasoned the salmon with garlic powder, mixed herbs and sliced the lemon on top and squeezed lemon onto it for extra flavour. I then wrapped the salmon up like a parcel and popped it in the oven for 20 minutes. What I love about this meal is it requires very little washing up (win!) I managed to leave my sweet potato fries in for too long but they were still yummy. I added some florette salad with some balsamic vinegar for extra flavour. There we have it, seasoned salmon with sweet potato fries and salad yum!

    What do you love cooking at the moment? Have any healthy dinner ideas for me to try out?

    You can check out other ideas for low calorie meals on the Florette website.


    Fashion: The Return Of The Gilet

    Checkered Scarf - Dorothy Perkins
    Rust Poloneck Top - Pretty Little Thing*
    Black Faux Fur Gilet - Missguided but sold out (Similar here and here)
    Ripped Denim Jeans - River Island but sold out (Similar Here)
    Black Heels - New Look

    The faux fur gilet is well and truly back. I'm absolutely loving how it's made a come back on the high street and I've dug out my faux fur gilet from last year to show you how I would style it. These photos were taken about a week ago before I went to Amsterdam and typing this post right now I'm wearing this gilet with a cream polo neck from Topshop (similar here) and skinny black jeans.

    Checkered Scarf - Dorothy Perkins
    Rust Poloneck Top - Pretty Little Thing*
    Black Faux Fur Gilet - Missguided but sold out (Similar here and here)
    Ripped Denim Jeans - River Island but sold out (Similar Here)
    Black Heels - New Look

    I've teamed this black faux fur gilet with my current favourite polo neck top from Pretty Little Thing (it's a total bargain too!) and a pair of ripped denim jeans. I've added the heels for an extra girly touch to the outfit. I think this is a great look if you're going out for a meal out in the cold but you still want to wear a pair of heels and look stylish!
    What do you think of the gilet trend coming back? How would you wear a faux fur gilet?
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    Quick & Easy Vegan Pho

    Serves 2/3

    For the Broth:
    4 Cloves
    4 Star Anise
    4 Cardamon Pods
    2-3 Cloves of Garlic
    1 Onion, Chopped
    6-8 cups of vegetable broth (you can use a stock cube if you prefer)


    200g Rice Noodles (approx 100g cooked per person for main meal, 50g for a lighter one)
    4 Spring Onions Chopped
    2 Handfuls of Beansprouts
    Handful of Coriander
    1-2 Cloves of Garlic
    Fried Onions (these can be found near the salad dressing normally)
    1 Lime

    Fresh chopped Chilli
    Handful of Thai Basil
    Handful of Mint
    Hoisin Sauce

    How To:
    In a large pot slowly heat up and dry roast the spices until they are fragrant and aromatic, making sure not yo burn them. Then add the stock, onions, garlic and bring to a boil, then simmer for 30 minutes. Strain the broth using a sieve to get out all the onion, garlic and spices to be left with a fragrant soup broth.

    Cook rice noodles as per instructions on the packet and drain. Assemble bowls with cooked noodles, beansprouts, fried onions, coriander, garlic and scallions. When ready to eat, pour over hot broth and eat immediately. Add chilli, Sriracha or Hoisin as desired.

    (You can of course add meat if you choose to, or even things like mushrooms and tofu to bulk out the soup a little bit, but I personally just like it with the noodles!)

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    Beauty: The New Eyeshadow Palette YOU NEED

    Seventeen 'Easy On The Eye Palette' - Boots

    Lately I'm becoming more and more of a fan of Seventeen Make-up. I treated myself a few weeks ago to the 'Easy On The Eye' Palette with my Boots points and it certainly didn't disappoint.

    Seventeen 'Easy On The Eye Palette' - Boots

    Don't get me wrong I'm a massive Urban Decay fan and I always use them but I can't help but try out a new eye shadow palette when it comes on the high street. First of all how trendy is this packaging? When it comes to new make-up purchases packaging is something that really entices me. I love how it's very sleek and easy to fit in your make-up bag which is a total win!

    Seventeen 'Easy On The Eye Palette' - Boots

    When I first opened up the palette there was a voucher inside for the new Seventeen mascara and that's really tempted me to try it out and for all you make-up lovers out there it's a total bonus to find a voucher inside your latest make-up purchase (yay!). As you can see the mirror on the palette is absolutely huge and the colours of the palette are stunning.

    Seventeen 'Easy On The Eye Palette' - Boots

    They're super pigmented eyeshadows too. My favourite colours to use are the third on the left on the top row which is a rosy pink shade and the 2nd and 4th shades on the bottom row which are gorgeous gold and copper shades.

    Seventeen 'Easy On The Eye Palette' - Boots

    What's also a bonus to this palette is the brush is usable (no sponge applicator brush here!)

    It's great to carry this make-up palette on the go especially if you want to touch up your make-up as the mirror is super handy.

    What do you think of Seventeen make-up? What do you think about this eyeshadow palette?


    The Denim Dress

    Dress - ASOS, Hat - ASOS, Jacket - Forever 21 (similar)

    As I mentioned last week Im totally digging blue denim. This lil' shirt dress has been one of my favourite purchases as of late as Im so in love with it's relaxed style. It feels very structured and sort of industrial in a bit of a work wear type of way... I cant really explain what I mean by this at all though. I've honestly been wracking my brain for the right expression but it just isnt coming to me! Regardless, this is my current favourite outfit, just a simple pairing of leather and denim and that Fedora.

    Also kicking it old school with the white wall backgrounds. I thought it might just add a little bit of difference between some of the outdoor-sy type shots with some interior ones. Although Jon shot these ones I might start self shooting a few in my new flat as I actually have space to do it myself again!

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    Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker

    Bedroom Inspiration

    I put aside some time this weekend to get thinking about my bedroom and how I want it to look. I haven't really done anything to the room since I put my bed up a few days after I moved in. It currently just lacks everything I wanted from my bedroom and I thought doing some Pinterest based research might help me out and likewise sharing my findings with you guys.

    Im thinking of going for a super minimal vibe in my bedroom, and possibly omitting colour all together from the space. Sticking to a really soft palette of greys, white and maybe a neutral pale blue. Ive got to have a little bit of colour after all! I just want to keep it soft and cost with lots of texture and warmth. I really want a serene sort of vibe to the space.

    I'm so lucky to have have huge built in wardrobes in my room Ive got so much storage and I can hide all my clutter behind the screens! What I do need is a dresser though, I've had my eye on one from Habitat for a while but Im still not sure about it so I keep umming and ahhing over it. I like the mix of wood and white because it compliments my wardrobe doors really well as well as adding a nice scandi vibe to the room.... Im not sure but Im gonna keep thinking about this space before committing to anything!

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    Fashion: The Missguided Wishlist #1 & 25% Off

    I Can't Feel My Face Tee - £12
    Teal Sleeveless Duster Coat - £25
    Stripe Open Back Shirt - £25
    Front Split Cobalt Playsuit - £30
    Rust Culotte Jumpsuit - £30
    Khaki High-Waisted Trousers - £25
    Lace-up Grey Sweater - £20
    Belted Grey Waterfall Coat - £30
    It's that time of the year again, It's the start of term and this means new clothes! (I wish) I'll be dreaming of all the new clothes I'd like instead...
    With Autumn well and truly here it's time to invest in some new pieces to get you through Autumn/Winter and with 25% off Missguided right now I couldn't resist making you all a wish list of all the bits I've been lusting after right now!
    As you can see, everything in the wish list is under £30 which is a total bargain. I am still a little obsessed with the duster coat trend and this one is absolutely gorgeous. I think it would look amazing with a simple white blouse and black skinny jeans and heels for a date night.
    I'm loving stripes and I love how they never go out of fashion. I think this piece is perfect for all year round. You can tuck the shirt into high-waisted skirts or just leave it loose and wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and heels and it'll look ultra stylish.
    What are you loving from this wish list? Which item has caught your eye?
    Don't forget you can 25% off Missguided for students right now with your unidays code here.
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    Choosing a Blog Name

    Picking a blog name is probably the hardest task when you go about starting a new blog. Your blog name is going to be what defines you as a blogger and what people are going to address you as from now till the end of time... well sort of.

    Today I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on picking a blog name that sticks, stands out and defines your blog without restricting you or potentially embarrassing you down the line!

    So lets talk about me. My blog name is my name without any vowels in – It’d been my MySpace name for years and something I’d been using as a username for various websites and forums for as long as I could remember. I dont know where it came from, but it was something that just stuck. I didn’t really think too much about the name of my blog at the time as I had no idea where blogging would take me, I just mindlessly tapped it into Blogger when I registered and that was that.

    On reflection it was a silly idea in parts but one that I dont necessarily regret. While it’s recognisable nowadays and somewhat ~iconic~ (spawned a generation of copy cat blog names) so many people still don’t know what my blog’s really called or how to say it out loud. They know what it looks like but they don’t really say it out loud. I’ve been to press events where PRs have been “Oh you’re Lily from… uhh…” My housemate even thought it was the name of a Welsh town! I say phonetically as ELL ELL WHY EM ELL ARR ESS, it's easy for me to say as it's my name and Im used to it. But most of the time I tend to just refer to myself as “Lily Melrose” when introducing myself always and other people tend to do that too. While most people see LLYMLRS and know it’s me, it’s not easy to spell or say and if you didn’t know my name was Lily Melrose and it clicked it had no vowels you’d have no idea where to begin pronouncing it.

    Picking a name that’s simple and easy to remember is paramount. You want your readers to be able to find you with ease but you also want something distinctive and that sets you apart from the other bloggers or vloggers out there.

    I think two or three words are the best for blog names and domain urls. The reason why Zoella or Vlog Brothers are so easy to remember is because they are short, snappy and can easily be typed out. They stick in your mind and are simple but effective but also instantly recognisable. No one is questioning how to say them or what they mean.

    It’s also worth thinking about a timeless name. I know a lot of bloggers who started their blog around the same time as me with names that just didn’t stand the test of time. As you grow as a person you might not want a blog under that name or your personal hobby of the moment. Whilst it may seem like a good idea to call your blog something like ‘Sparkle Lipsticks’ when you are in your teens, you might come to regret it when you are in your twenties and cringe at telling others your blog name.

    Also avoid a name that ties you to a very particular subject, if you go for something more generic, but still memorable, you can shape and change the content later down the line. True, you can still rebrand further down the line, establishing a name from the beginning is the best way to go as you might not like being stuck with a name your readers call you! I can think of a few bloggers who have gone from blog nicknames to their real names yet people still call them by their old names. Essie Button for example!

    Additionally, although I’ve always used my full name online, on reflection, I wish I hadn’t. Although it's become very normal to do so, especially on Youtube. In the last few years a lot of big name video bloggers have transitioned into using their full names online rather than pseudonym. It’s not ideal when it comes to online privacy and it’s daunting that it’s going to be there in internet history tillthe ends of time! But que sera sera, and thats how it is. It's definitely something to consider avoiding if you're worried about the future though.

    Don’t underestimate the importance of your blog name. It’s really key to consider that special and unique name that will stick out from the crowd and make you memorable. So give it some thought, dont use the first name you come up with, ask around and most importantly choose something you feel comfortable with.

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    Lifestyle: 5 Student Money Saving Tips

    So it's the time of year where you loan has just come in and you feel the urge to treat yourself. Well when you're first years you've probably never had so much money before but if you're living away from home you need to make it last. You need to buy all your food, transport, clothes, books, printing, etc and christmas presents with that money and believe me it's not enough to last you.

    When you get to third year and if you're studying a course which consumes so much of your time that you can't really have a part time job at the same time as it will effect your studies (like me) you start finding other ways you can save money. My mum will probably laugh reading this as she thinks I'm a bit of spendaholic and I suppose when I have been working I have been, but at the moment I'm trying to stick to a budget and save money where ever I can. So I've teamed up with TSB who offer great rates on there student accounts page and put together a post about some of my tips to save money.

    1. When you're having to buy books for University use the Library or use the 'used books' on Amazon instead of buying the book brand new.

    At easily £20/£30 a book, buying books for your university course can become seriously expensive. If you're like me and you like to highlight things in books, use bookmarks to save the pages you probably find it easier buying the book but don't forget the university library! I'm lucky enough to go to a university where they have an absolutely humungous library and they have about 3 or 4 copies of each book and so when possible I'll loan out a book and if I really like the book and use it a lot i'll search for it in the Amazon 'used' section. Sometimes the top book when you click on the used section is brand new and cheaper then the Amazon price!

    2. Time your supermarket shopping just right and go in the evenings once they reduce food!

    If you're lucky enough to live next to a supermarket as university you'll probably know that the best time to go food shopping is in the evenings about 5.30pm. That's when they reduce food and you can always grab a bargain! One thing I love doing is heading to my local M&S food around 5pm (It shuts at 5.30) and picking up a M&S healthy ready meal on the cheap. Remember if you want something which is reduced but don't want to eat it that day check if it's freezable and save it for another day.

    3. If you have a savings account, once a week or every few days transfer money into it. For instance say you had £454.87 in your bank account, transfer the 0.87p into your savings to save money.

    This is a tip I learnt off another blogger (sorry I can't remember who) but if you're saving for something and you feel like it's beyond your means this is a great way to save money. I do this when I can at the moment and it's already made a difference to my savings account (When I say difference I mean it's only up to about £20 at the moment from doing this trick!)

    4. Cook your food in bulk and never throw what could be a full meals worth away.

    So you're cooking pasta for your dinner for just yourself, who actually manages to cook the right amount of pasta? I swear it's virtually impossible. Save your plastic boxes (you know the ones you get from curry and chinese places) and with any spare food from a meal put it into a box in the fridge for the next day or freeze it for another day when you don't have as much time to cook. This not only saves time but it saves money as you don't have to worry about having no food in.

    5. Make the most of your student discount and points cards.

    One thing I've noticed that a lot of my friends do is they don't have loyalty cards. My boyfriend for instance doesn't have a Boots card I'm like WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE WITHOUT A BOOTS CARD?! (This means more Boots points for me though!) You'll be surprised how quickly the points on loyalty cards add up. With offers delivered through your post box every month or so from loyalty cards like Tesco Clubcard, Sainsburys Nectar Card and Superdrug Beauty Card you'll be saving money off your food, make-up, petrol in no time.
    Another thing I don't think enough student do is join UNIDAYS. You can download the app on your phone and use the site online to get discounts off all your favourite stores and all you have to do is use your student email to prove you are a student.
    I really hope some of these tips help you! Have you got any money saving tips? Let me know in the comment!
    This post is in collaboration with TSB*

    October 1st

    Top - Topshop (similar), Hat - ASOS, Blazer - Next* (similar), Bag - & Other Stories (similar), Necklace - Monki (similar), Shoes - Office (similar)

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    Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker

    October 1st

    Top - Topshop (similar), Hat - ASOS, Blazer - Next* (similar), Bag - & Other Stories (similar), Necklace - Monki (similar), Shoes - Office (similar)

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    Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker

    Fashion: My Current Pretty Little Thing Picks & Win An Internship! #PLTStyleMajor

    Pinstripe Wide Leg Trousers - £25
    Aztec Print Playsuit - £15
    Denim Boiler Suit - £30
    Split Tunic Dress - £20
    Grey Shirt - £20
    Cross Over Bodysuit - £12
    Wrap Midi Skirt - £15
    Faux Suede Waistcoat - £22
    As you all know by now I'm a huge fan of Pretty Little Thing. I love creating wish lists on my blog about the brand and I'm also a massive fan of the brand and love their clothing. As I type this post I'm sat in my university student union (no internet in my new house yet struggles) in a Pretty Little Thing coat typing this post.
    At the moment I'm loving the colour burgundy and these trousers have caught my eye! I love a pair of striped trousers and these ones are gorgeous. I love how denim is making a real comeback at the moment and I'm loving re-wearing my denim shirt this season. I love this denim boiler suit it's definitely perfect for the season ahead!
    Here's the exciting part of this post and there's a chance to win an internship at the Pretty Little Thing offices where you can go behind the scenes in the studio, see the designs in the studio and experience life inside the brand.
    We're well and truly into the new term now and everywhere I look at uni, there's super stylish girls around (I'm sat here in my trainers comfort first fyi!) and Pretty Little Thing want you to showcase your style rocking the current Autumn/Winter trends with the hashtag '#PLTStyleMajor' and tagging @officialPLT on Twitter and Instagram. The user with the most votes will be the winner and there will be 5 runners up who will win a whole selection of Pretty Little Thing goodies!
    Voting for the competition ends on the 19th October so good luck!
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    My Shoe Collection 2015


    I thought it was about time that I did and updated shoe collection as I've finally got my wardrobe in order. I made one of these videos last year but really fancied doing a new one a couple a nights ago. So low and behold I set up my lights, popped on some music and recorded this little video! I really hope you like it! All the shoes (or similar ones) are linked in the bottom bar of the video over on my channel!

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    Fashion: 10 Reasons We Fell In Love With Rachel Green's Style

    You probably know by now that I'm a little bit obsessed with Friends. It was the first show that I really liked and I became obsessed with the fashion in it and no matter what the show always made me laugh and made me smile. Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green has had a big influence on some of my style choices and these posts always go down so well with you guys. You can check out some of my previous Rachel Green themed posts here and here.

    1. Rachel knew the power of a good turtleneck and how to wear it.

    2. She then became obsessed with turtlenecks and very rightly so. She seriously knew how to wear them and knew wearing a turtleneck could never look bad.

    3. Rachel knew the power of a simple outfit. There's nothing wrong with wearing a black top and black jeans. She managed to make it elegant and chic.

    4. She could even make a boob tube look good. Who can make a boob tube look good?!

    5. She wore oversized shirts super cool. Who needs buttons anyway?

    6. Rachel taught us that it's okay to wear ankle socks and ankle boots.

    7. She brought the 70's trend back in the 90's with graphic prints and denim skirts.

    8. She wasn't afraid to experiment with her style, especially when it came to prints and textures.

    9. She knew how to layer her clothes and how to pull off the ultimate monochrome outfit.

    10. She managed to pull off tights on a date night and make them look classy.
    Hope you all enjoyed this post! What do you think of Rachel Green's style in Friends?

    Lifestyle: 5 Things I Wish I Was Told Before Going To University

    Photo Credit

    I'm feeling well and truly inspired to write about student life and experiences especially due to the fact I'm currently in the third year myself and I seem to be spending all my time in the University Library (As I still don't have internet in my house!) Today I thought I'd write about the things I wish somebody had told me before I went off to University!

    1. It's okay not to go straight away to University at 18.
    Who knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives at 17/18 years old? I certainly didn't but I still went off to University at the age of 18 and I ended up changing courses and universities! If you want to take a gap year, take a gap year. I took a year out after I completed my first year at university and I went travelling to New Zealand and Australia and you can read some of my posts about it here, here, here and here.

    2. Get a Summer Job (before you go to University)
    Depending on the university you end up going to I first went to Birmingham and so that's quite an expensive city to live in, you'll need extra money before your student loan comes in. You tend to move into your student halls a week or two before university begins and you'll need those extra pennies for going out with all the new friends you'll make!

    3. Find a good student bank account deal
    When I first went to university I got a free railcard with my student bank account which was a total lifesaver. I used the train all the time so it must have saved me hundreds in the long run! You can get great deals for when you first start university with banks and TSB student accounts have a good deal for a £1,500 interest free overdraft (total win!) If you want to find out more information and some money saving tips check out the Savvy Students Guide.

    4. Budget for weekly expenses
    Okay so this may seem like a great idea but it's hard to stick to. I began trying to budget at university but then my social life took over and I was always going out. Now I'm in third year I'm trying to be a bit more savvy. I can't go out as much due to my deadlines and other commitments but I still enjoy going out and socialising. Remember you need to budget for things like food, phone bills, going out, clothes, alcohol, going home to see your family and friends as well as university expenses.

    5. Make the most of the opportunities available
    The freshers fair may sound super boring but at the fresher's fair it's your chance to join societies, try something new like a new sport and really see what your university has to offer. In my second year I was part of a Volleyball team and I loved it! Don't be afraid to join a society as you'll make tones of new friends once you are there. Being an Art & Design student they are very big on placement years at my university and some of the girls from my course are now on placement with companies from Missguided to Oxfam and Alexander McQueen. Some of these opportunities came from the university and there contacts. I would have loved to do a placement year but after already taking a year out and working I knew it wasn't right for me.

    What do you wish you were told before going to University?
    This post is in collaboration with TSB*

    Leopard Print Scarf


    I have a thing about leopard print, I dont know why or where it came from but it's one of my favourite prints. Part of me thinks it goes back to the Emo Days where I had this pair of leopard print Vans style shoes (I infact have proper Vans Leopard print skate shoes in my mid twenties) which I wore till the soles fell out. I also have a pair of leopard print flats which I wrote about years ago that I still wear on a regular basis. An eagle eyed viewer of my vlogs noticed that I still had them when I moved house recently!

    Anyway, I bought this scarf recently as I saw a girl on the street wearing one and made a mental note to pick one up as I thought it would be perfect to add to my A/W style. Y'all know I love a good scarf so it's slipped nicely into my wardrobw. A little bit rock n rock and a little bit soft. Love it.

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    Lifestyle: Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    If you know me pretty well you'll know I love nothing more than a good Eggs Benedict! It's my favourite meal ever and it just makes the day better! Since moving back to University I've been really into cooking healthy meals and that includes a healthy breakfast too.

    So I thought I'd show you all some of the ways I use eggs for breakfast (aside from poached eggs and eggs benedict!) Spinach Omelette I have only recently become an omelette fan. After trying to give up eating as much bread I've forced myself to like omelettes again and now I love them!
    Spinach and Egg Omelette

    I make it simply by adding a pea sized amount of coconut oil into a pan (just after you turn the gas on) and then cracking the eggs (I like using British Lion Eggs) straight in and mixing them around with a fork. I add salt and pepper and then after about 30 seconds I add a handful of spinach and just flip the omelette over until it's ready.

    Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon & Spinach

    This is the sort of easy breakfast I'll make with left overs I have in the fridge. I love using smoked salmon for lunch, dinner and I sometimes forget that it makes such a good edition to eggs at breakfast. I wasn't feeling too hungry on this morning so I squeezed some lemon juice onto the smoked salmon and spinach. Next I used a pea sized amount of coconut oil in a pan and cracked two eggs into it. I seasoned the eggs by adding salt and pepper and then used a fork to scramble them.
    That's pretty much it! I hope this post has inspired you to be a bit more daring with your breakfasts in the morning!
    If you love eggs (like me) you can check out loads more Egg Recipes here.
    What do you like eating for breakfast?

    Autumn Fashion Haul & New Denim

    Use LILY4AEO for 20% off online on

    AEO Double Zip Suede Boots, AEO Plaid Fringe Scarf, AEO Sateen X Extreme Legging

    AEO Sky High Jegging, Aerie Lace Bralette, AEO Tomgirl Jean, AEO Fringe Statement Necklace, AEO Leather Fringe Crossbody Purse, AEO Poncho Cardigan, AEO Flight Jacket, Don’t Ask Why Fitted Muscle T-Shirt, Don’t Ask Why Muscle Dress, AEO Wool Panama Hat , AEO Soft & Sexy Boxy V-Neck T-Shirt, AEO Lace Bralette, AEO Boho Bralette, AEO Tinted Aviator Sunglasses -

    I’ve teamed up with American Eagle Outfitters to do a sweet ol’ A/W inspired haul. You can watch it above or over on my Youtube channel if you fancied watching it in situ.Up to you how you watch my videos but give it a cheeky like while you're at it.

    American Eagle Outfitters style is a little bit different from my usual kinda thing. It’s very kinda Classic Americana (think check shirts and cowboy influences) come boho vibe (tassles, earth tones) with a heavy focus on the denim, specifically in the form of jeans.

    I picked out three styles of their denim jeans, two classic Lily Melrose and one wild card. You may have seen on my Instagram I've been obsessed with a pair of ripped knee Tom Girl jeans which not only win the award for the comfiest pair of jeans I own but the first pair of blue denim I've owned in at least a century. Wow that makes me feel old describing something as a century! Im also obsessed with the bralets. They feel so nice and comfy on while being a little bit sexy at the same time. Less diggy in compared to the average bra they give me some support without letting the girls hand loose.

    Also they are kindly giving you guys an exclusive 20% off code on their online store, so if you fancied picking things up then feel free to use my code. Remember that things are in US Sizes - Rough guide is that US sizes are 2 less than UK. So For example if you're a 12 you'll be an 8 in American Eagle Jeans. I wear 8 Short leg's for reference!

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    The video embedded in this post is SPONSORED by American Eagle Outfitters
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