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How to prepare and cover a football match Live

Before the match

Editorial decision: Hype VS Engagement

  • You can create the stream some days before the match and publish it in the website using the Event Reminder Functionality.
    This will allow you to
    - have a countdown
    - start to promote the webpage some days before the coverage and notify the audience when the coverage starts
    - add an “opt in” option, so that readers interested in receiving email campaigns can leave their email address - this information will be stored in the audience profiling analytics as well.
    How to add an event reminder

  • You can create engagement for days before the kick off and have a stream open far before the actual kick off
    Open the liveblog a couple of days before the match
    This will allow you to:
    - start to promote the URL of the page
    - have the audience returning to the page and see the updates
    - launch contest or User Generated Content Campaigns
    - start to get audience information with customized profiling forms
    How to launch a stream
    Use case: this is what Juventus did for the Champions League Finale (Click on “il più vecchio” to see the stream from the beginning)
    Use Case: Radio Bremen hosted the fan “cabin sermon” using the interactivity features of Scribblelive (website and on facebook page)


  • Create the content icons that you want to use during the match coverage to highlight key moments, sponsored content or - with the API to give the audience the ability to filter the stream (based on the team? - long term decision)
    (Kick Off, Goal, Penalty, Corner, Change,...)
    How to create and use content icons

Valencia focuses on the quantity of the icons. They have icons for every single action. They use the custom options (colors, background, text and clickable link) to improve highlighs the key moments of the match.
by Virginia Fiume
Premier Boxing pushed further the use of the icons, customizing the CSS in the embed template so that icons are located in a specific part of the posts and changing the shape.
by Virginia Fiume
The German Regional newspaper NOZ customized the icons in the API and create - for example - a specific icon that triggers a sponsored banner every time that there is a goal. 
by Virginia Fiume

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  • Prepare the customized profiling forms. Adapt the questions that you want to ask to your audience to the context. The information that you will get will concurr in the advancement of the Audience Profile, but will also allow you to filter your analytics based on these pieces of information.

  • Decide how you want to use the in-stream ads
how to integrate HTML or JavaScript so that it appears with a specific frequency in your stream.

Boro Football Club in Uk used the in-stream ads feature to publish a recurrent clickable banner every 20 posts to share their season cards.
by Virginia Fiume
German publication, InFranke, preferred to use the in-stream ads for a call to action to push the download of their photographic app.
by Virginia Fiume
German Newspaper - Stimme - integrated ad server codes in the in-stream ads feature.
by Virginia Fiume

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  • Prepare the appropriate embed template so that the content of the live coverage fits the look and feel of your website. Default Embed Template: TorontoStar
Customized Embed: Juventus, Volleyball Federation, Stimme beside the customization of the CSS decided to add a banner on the top of the stream.

How you can create your customized embed template

  • You can prepare content in advance to have it ready when you want to use it during the coverage.
Raw Feeds are Scribblelive streams that you will not published on your website, but that you will simply keeps handy in the backend, so that during the appropriate moments of the match you just have to tick them.
Raw Feeds usually includes:
- Streams where you auto-follow a specific list of twitter users
- Trivia facts and statistics about the match
- Pictures of the football players
- infographics and statistics
- photogalleries and slideshows
- call to action
- streams for the reporters on the field, so that someone else will decide when is the most appropriate moment to publish their content in the official live and published stream

This article shows you how to prepare the raw feeds and how to easily integrate the content in your live coverage

  • Prepare the profiling forms that you might want to use to get information from your audience.The information that you will get will be stored in the Analytics Audience Profile.

Before the kick off and during the half time break


- Use the raw feed to curate content from social networks
- Have one person that goes around the stadium taking exclusive pictures of fan, tunnel, curoisity using the Scribblelive APP that all the users within your account can download for Android and Apple Store. This content can be funneled in a raw feed and then re-use it
- Publish trivia facts
and stats
- Ask specific questions to the fans
and have them answer as "discussions"
- Launch contest among the fans or specific call to actions (show your rituals, wave your family from the stadium, …)

- Prepare a slideshow of the team that will kick off the match

Half time

You need a break, but don’t forget to
- Schedule some content, for example some polls and a comments every two minutes (trivia, pictures, comments) that can appear in the stream so that the audience stays there.
- Consider having someone who does a bit of community management
- Have an expert/journalist available for video comments or for a summary

You can also use the Article feature to:

- Create a slideshow of the best tweets of the match
so that once it is published the Twitter users will be notified
- Write an Article that is a summary of the key moment of the first half and attach it to the stream or pubish it on the website

Post match

Make sure you don’t abandon the coverage: you might even have a peak of audience of those who wants to know the results. So it is a great moment to keep the coverage going.

- Do the transcript of the press conference directly in the stream, one piece after the other, even with the Quick Editor.
- Ask specific questions to the audience

- Launch the man of the match poll (this might be a great sponsored content highlighed with an icon)

- Publish all the stats and the infographics in the stream to make it the “place to go”. It is easy to republish that somewhere else in other parts of your website as content atoms

The day after the match

- use “content atoms” from the stream to enrich the articles published in the website
- Use Scribblelive Article to publish the of the single match


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