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Stand Out with ScribbleLive's Data-Driven Content Marketing Software Platform
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ScribbleLive is the leading data-driven content marketing platform. We help our clients to:

  • Manage the entire content engagement lifecycle from planning through to measurement. 
  • Create and distribute content that encourages interaction and increases engagement on any website and chanel via embed, micro-sites, API and integration with third party platforms
  • Measure the performance of content and audience's behaviours in real-time
  • Optimize content planning using an iterative, data-driven content engagement process
  • Solve the Top of The Funnel Challenge
    by Virginia Fiume
    Control collaboratively your content since the development of the content strategy

    through to its measurement
    by Virginia Fiume

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Examples of ScribbleLive in action

With more than 1000 clients between media organizations  and corporations  ScribbleLive had been used in multiple creative ways. Here there is a selection of examples and case studies.

Media relations

Born as a liveblogging platform ScribbleLive is the leading technology for the creation, the distribution and the syndication of real rime content.

Bayer Crop Science Bayer Crop launched in September 2014 the Farmers Dialogue website. The purpose of the project is to create a controlled environment where discuss controversial issue with the audience.
Bayer CropScience Annual Conference - 2014
by Virginia Fiume

When they launched the website they organised a press conference that was covered in the live events section using ScribbleLive. The major part of the collateral material had been prepared before the conference. This made the content team able to focus on the reactive actions during the press conference.

ScribbleMarket and Syndication  The ScribbleLive marketplace
let our clients amplify the audience that sees their content with a minimum of effort. It gives the potential to put their work and their site’s brand in front of thousands of people they  might never otherwise reach. It lets them broadcast to people who have never visited their site and provides ample opportunity to prove to them why their websites are a must-visit destination.

It can bring you more views, more awareness and more audience.

Internal communication

by Virginia Fiume

Thanks to a password protected whitelabel BBC employees can submit their questions/opinions
 to the HR and Management Departments. Incoming questions and opinions are moderated and answered 
via ScribbleLive backend

Events venue social wall

Thanks to the Pinboard visualization ScribbleLive streams can become a visually compelling social wall during live events such as conferences, concerts, stadiums, ...

European Festival Awards - SnackMedia 
by Virginia Fiume
London Digital Media 2015 - Financial Times Events 
by Virginia Fiume
European Council Open Doors 
by Virginia Fiume

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Positioning

Over 500 academics, policy makers and business leaders gathered in Rotterdam in May 2013.
The purpose of the conference was to boost the position of Shell in the energy market. For nearly 8 hours a team from Shell, ScribbleLive and Edelman covered the event live online. Thanks to the ScribbleLive technology it was possible to prepare presentations, images, set up rules of engagement and prepare responses, prepare over 160 individual posts. 

Shell also organizes periodical chat with experts of specific vertical or industry. This recurrent events are called Shell Dialogue. The purpose is to offer a unique and useful content that is relevant for specific target audiences. This usually happens under the form of Q&A sessions and livechat.
Shell Dialogue - Real Time Q&A
by Virginia Fiume

 Measuring the influence of content and PR strategies

Thanks to our brand new product, Appinion, it is possible to analyse the influence and the impact of every single communication strategy. This is an example of an influence report, Autonomous Cars Influence Study.

Educating existing audience to create recognition for the brand or the organization 

  • CIBC - Financial advices 
Canadian Bank CIBC created a page focused on  livechats that offer tips for entrepreneurs and  small investors: business tipsinvestment advice and funding opportunity. The content varies from live Q&A panels 

Interactive Q&A with presentations and visual content 
by Virginia Fiume

Q&A, conferences coverages, educational streams created by the World Bank to educate its audience and integrate social content with feature stories and video streaming.

HR and talent management

PWC uses the platform to create discussion and  interest around their own recruiting processes.

Product reviews and presentations

  • ScribbleSample for travel and tech

This example in ScribbleLive demo website is built around the idea of creating an aggreation of product reviews published on different social networks or from the frontend of the website as well.  In this way our clients get two advantages: 1) they reduce their efforts in the content creation related to products, benefiting from what is written by the end users 2) They can monitor and react also to negative reviews.

  • Concierge Auctions -

Real Estate auction house. They have a separate live event for each of the auctions so that viewers can see uploaded content. And if you go into their UPCOMING AUCTIONS tab, you can see an event for each property: Juliana Farms, Vista Ridge

, Punta Mita

A Recap Slideshow

by Virginia Fiume
by Virginia Fiume
by Virginia Fiume
by Virginia Fiume

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