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Audience Engagement and Education
Bayer Crop launched in September 2014 the
Farmers Dialogue website. The purpose of the project is to create a controlled environment where discuss controversial issue with the audience. Rather than chasing critics in the social networks, Bayer created a forum where they place threads of discussions and funnel the conversation toward their own experts. This is an example of a Forum

When they launched the website they organised a press conference that was covered in the live events section using ScribbleLive. It is possible to see how a lot of informative materials had been prepared before the conference, so that the coverage was very smooth. 

Even during the press conference it was possible to create slideshows of relevant tweets, uploading video, audio, pdf directly in the stream, creating an always accessible repository of materials. 

From a technical perspective, everything that you see here had been integrated using the ScribbleLive API.

Product reviews and presentations

  • ScribbleSample for travel and tech

This example in ScribbleLive demo website is built around the idea of creating an aggreation of product reviews published on different social networks or from the frontend of the website as well.  In this way clients get two advantages: 1) they reduce their efforts in the content creation related to products, benefiting from what is written by the end users 2) They can monitor and react also to negative reviews. 

  • Concierge Auctions -

Real Estate auction house. They have a separate live event for each of the auctions so that viewers can see uploaded content. And if you go into their UPCOMING AUCTIONS tab, you can see an event for each property: Juliana Farms, Vista Ridge, Punta Mita 

Social media aggretation

hnnie Walker and SportCheck offer two examples of how it is possible to aggreate social network content (contemporaneously from multiple sources) and display it in a Pinboard visualization very visually compelling.  It is a great way to both offer a plays to go for the audience, launch contests or  community engagement.

Reminder of the key actions that you need to perform when you start using your account

Account Set Up and Testing tools

At this url you have an overview of the entire help desk related to your kind of account:

It goes from how to the set up of your first event to how to get its embed code for the stream or for the pinboard)

You can explore the Knowledge Base as you like, as a suggestion I recommend you to always give a look to the social media integration section and the Scribble features

Some resources that might be particularly relevant for you might be:

How to set up the stream start time and get email addresses

How to use the app 

How to add a stream to a facebook page  (Example of a Livechat attached to a FB page

How to customize the default twitter sharing message 

Interact and Engage with the audience

There are two main ways to interact with the audience

Comments are content published by the audience that appears in the stream

Discussions are thread-based comments. If you allow them you are allowing your audience to publish their comment under a specific post in the stream. You moderate discussions in the same way how you moderate comments.

Understanding your audience and your content results

Scribblelive Enterprise Edition offers unique opportunities to analyse the audience and the content created in relationship with specific content and business goals.
Here you find an overview of the main analytics and their interpretation.

Problem Solving Department 

In case of problems during live event or if you need clarification about certain features and functionalities you have always two alternatives: 

  1. Access our Knowledge Base - ScribbleLive
  2. Contact our Support Team - web form -
    In this case, always mention the name of your event in the backend and send us the front end URL of your event. This will help us to be more effective

    If you have any problem outside business hours you can benefit of our Enhanced Support: file your request as "urgent" in the email subject and you will trigger our support team. 


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