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Reminder of the key actions that you need to perform when you start using your account

Account Set Up and Testing tools

At this url you have an overview of the entire help desk related to your kind of account:

You can explore the Knowledge Base as you like, as a suggestion I recommend you to always give a look to the social media integration section and the Scribble features

Some resources that might be particularly relevant for you might be: 

How to use the app 

How to add a stream to a facebook page  (Example of a Livechat attached to a FB page

How to customize the default twitter sharing message 

Scheduling and preparing content 

Covering an event in real time doesn't mean that you have to write like crazy. You can schedule your content ( and you can also rely on our raw feed. Clicking on the ScribbleLive Icon you can access all the streams that are live in your stream, even if they are unpublished: it is very helpful if you want to prepare content before the actual event, such as bios, reports, featured articles. 

How to access your raw feed 

Problem Solving Department 

In case of problems during live event or if you need clarification about certain features and functionalities you have always two alternatives: 

  1. Access our Knowledge Base - ScribbleLive Pro Edition
  2. Contact our Support Team - web form -
    In this case, always mention the name of your event in the backend and send us the front end URL of your event. This will help us to be more effective

    If you have any problem outside business hours you can benefit of our Enhanced Support: file your request as "urgent" in the email subject and you will trigger our support team. 


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