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Examples of usage of ScribbleLive as a commenting tool

ARD - German Broadcaster

Radio Tatort -

They integrated a ScribbleLive embed (highly customized to perfectly integrate in the graphic elements of the website) to create a moderated space for discussion for the audiences.

Scribble Element for Comments
by Virginia Fiume

Using a twitter hashtag

In every single ScribbleLive stream you can automatize the insertion of content from twitter, instagram, and RSS Feed (blogs, for example). The one below is an example of a ScribbleLive enhanced experience which allows the integration of a social media stream to a specific product page.

Example of API Integration

Bayer Crop created a website to have  forum discussion with  their target audience. What you see  at the bottom of this page is ScribbleLive integrated with the API to create a native integration of the discussion element.

API Documentation


Interact and Engage with the audience

There are two main ways to let the audience interact

Comments are content published by the audience that appears in the stream

Discussions are thread-based comments. If you allow them you are allowing your audience to publish their comment under a specific post in the stream. You moderate discussions in the same way how you moderate comments.

Content Atoms- POLLS

Every single piece of content published in a ScribbleLive stream can be used autonomously in any other part of your website and platform: you can take a comment or a discussion and publish it in a blog post. If you want to have an interactive part in the profile of the movies but you do not have an engagement too high, you can decide to publish just a poll where the audience - for example - can rate the movie.

How to get a post for a content atom

How to create a poll


Reminder of the key actions that you need to perform when you start using your account

Account Set Up and Testing tools

At this url you have an overview of the entire help desk related to your kind of account: 

Have a look at the sources below after you have invited all your colleagues.

It goes from how to the set up of your first event to get the stream's embed.

You can explore the Knowledge Base as you like, as a suggestion I recommend you to always give a look to the social media integration section and the Scribble features


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